Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are Achievement Guide

Guide By: Y0UNIK0RN
There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 48 (1000 )
-Online: 0
-Approximate time for 1000 : 8-10 hours
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: None

Welcome to Where the Wild Things Are. A game based in the imagination of a child. This game is based off the movie which was based partially on the book by Maurice Sendak. The game is an easy 1000 and is actually not as boring as one might think.

Step#1: Story Mode
The game has 11 chapters all exploring different parts of the island where you play as Max and adventure with the Wild Things. All the difficulty achievements can be stacked so don't worry about playing on anything but hard. The game will start you off with the Kings weapon. Pretty much destroy every single thing you can see and of course actually destroy. The game has eight different collectibles and at the start of each chapter it will tell you how many are in each chapter. Really go out of your way checking every single area for these. You can always come back later and collect them but it's good to find them in one go because you can unlock cheats.

Step#2: The Village
The Village is an area for you to kill enemies, acquire collectibles, and get other random achievements. Here you will find everything you do throughout the game in one small area. There's a lot to explore, but to explore it all you need more collectibles. There is a tent located here that is used to access the main storyline.

Step#3: Mop Up
After you finish the game you are given the option to go back and replay any chapters or visit the village. So if you missed anything it's ok, just go back and mop up what's left, which should be easier if you have some of the cheats. The most helpful one is collecting all the Geodes. That will unlock a cheat that helps locate other hidden items by pressing back on the controller.

Hope you enjoy the game. I sure did even though it might be boring to others it can bring a lot of nostalgia if you ever read the book. Hope you enjoy the guide & I also hope you go see the awesome movie that this game is based off!

Collecting all of the collectibles next to the cheat shown is how to unlock it.

Skulls: Invulnerable - Can't be hurt my enemy attacks.
Eggs: Boat Cheat - Boat can't be damaged.
Houses: Riding Carol Cheat - Auto crashes threw bushes.
Honeycombs: No Eating - Wild things will not eat you.
Turtles: Instant Defeat - 1 kit kills.
Seeds: Full Lanterns - Lanterns fully heal you.
Geodes: Treasure Hunter - Shows location of hidden items.


x360a would like to thank Y0UNIK0RN for this Road Map


Complete the game on Easy or higher     
See King
Complete the game on Normal or higher      
See King
Complete the game on Hard      
To earn these three achievements you must simply play the game one time on Hard. The game even on hard is absolutely simple. You don't need to be scared because this is about as easy as games come these days, with only 11 chapters you will finish this game in no time.
Friend of Alexander5
Collect 25 Turtles    
See Veterinarian
Friend of Ira5
Collect 25 Geodes    
See Geologist
Friend of Judith5
Collect 25 Seeds    
See Green Thumb
Friend of Douglas5
Collect 25 Honeycombs    
See Bee Keeper
Friend of Bull5
Collect 25 Skulls    
See Hamlet
Friend of KW5
Collect 25 Owl Eggs    
See Incubator
Friend of Carol5
Collect 25 Houses    
See Real Estate Mogul
Collect all Turtles    
First 15 are found on "The Cave"
Next 30 are found on "Below the Roots"
Last 15 are found on "A Trip to the Moon"
Collect all Geodes    
First 15 are found on "Seasick"
Next 5 are found on "Crumbling Island"
Another 25 are found on "Setting Sail"
Last 15 can be found in the "Village"
Green Thumb10
Collect all Seeds    
First 30 are found on "Rebellion"
Last 30 are located in the "Village"
Collect all Honeycombs    
First 15 are found on "The Cave"
Next 10 are found on "Rebellion"
Again 10 are located on "Crumbling Island"
Another 20 are located in "The Old Willow"
Last 5 are located on "Setting Sail"
Collect all Skulls    
First 30 are located on "Arrival"
Next 10 are found in "The Cave"
Another 5 are found on "Canyon River"
Last 15 are located on "A Trip to the Moon"
Collect all Owl Eggs    
First 15 are found on "Seasick"
Next 15 are found on "Crumbling Island"
Another 15 are found in "The Old Willow"
Last 15 are located on "A Trip to the Moon"
Real Estate Mogul10
Collect all Houses    
irst 30 are found on "Road to Nowhere"
Next 15 are found in "Canyon River"
Last 15 are located on "A Trip to the Moon"
Find 5 Stars    
See Universe
Find 20 Stars    
See Universe
Star Cluster10
Find 40 Stars    
See Universe
Find 65 Stars    
See Universe
Find 95 Stars    
Throughout the game you will find shiny stars. They are located on every single level in the game even the village. They are not that difficult to find, but are usually out of the way of the main path in the game. Some require tiny puzzles why others are just hidden behind other objects. They are hard to miss but a few of them will require a little patience and timing. The most difficult ones for me to find were on the level called "The Old Willow" during the riding sequence you will have to choose between two different path ways two different times. So, no matter what you will have to restart the level or go back later to collect all the stars. Other than that these are very easy to find so enjoy the hunt.
On Fire10
Defeat 250 Fireflies   
This is the easiest achievement in the game because you have to kill this many no matter what. Even if you don't want to you still must so don't sweat trying to stay back by hives. You will have plenty to kill. Anything that is flying is a firefly so pretty much everything you kill counts towards this.
Greased Lightning15
Defeat 25 Lightning Bugs   
During the game to get past certain parts and to collect certain items you will be forced to kill the big shocking Beatles. You will earn this before you finish, and if you don't you can replay levels to kill more. The way to kill them is to charge up your rod hit them and when they are turned over smash away.
The Cleaner20
Defeat 100 Shadow Creatures   
This achievement will be unlocked before you finish the game as it's required that you kill this many Shadow Creatures so don't worry about it. You will earn this by at least the 7th mission or 8th. If your wondering what they are, they are the tiny black creatures you kill during the parts where your saving the Wild Things from Oblivion.
Jack of Hearts10
Earn 4 Hearts    
See Ace of Hearts
King of Hearts15
Earn 7 Hearts    
See Ace of Hearts
Ace of Hearts30
Earn 10 Hearts    
During the course of the game you will see little white orbs. You get these by collecting, smashing, and killing things.  Obtaining these orbs fills up a heart meter. When it's full, it'll add another heart to your total. By the end of the game you should have about 8 or 9 hearts. Don't worry about not having all the hearts before finishing the game because after you can replay chapters over again. The easiest level to gain white orbs in is "A Trip to the Moon".
Three Square Meals20
Be eaten by three different Wild Things   
This is very easy. When in the Village walk up to any of the Wild Things, when your next to them punch them and then they will attack you. Wait till they get your health all the way down. Once they do they will eat you. Now do this with two other Wild Things and you will unlock the achievement.
Worst King Ever10
Allow three different Wild Things to fade into oblivion   
Throughout the game you will be forced to fight the darkness off the Wild Things. You will know this when they are being sucked into a black goo. When you see this happening simply let them get sucked completely in. Don't worry because there is always a checkpoint right before each part so you can redo it over again. Just do this with three different Wild Things and the achievement will unlock.
Cause three different Wild Things to sneeze   
This can be done throughout the game at any section where your provided pollen, but the easiest way is eventually after collecting enough of the Seed collectibles the garden in the Village will grow a Pollen plant. Once it's there just run around and throw Pollen at three different Wild Things.
Power-swing from three bars    
You will unlock this on the very first level that you play. You will be required to cross 3 branches by swinging across them. Once across all three the achievement will unlock.
Defeat five enemies with one firefly bomb   
This one is a tad bit annoying but an easy place to obtain it is on the level called "Rebellion". Once you make your way around the first part of the game where you are getting dirt clods thrown at you by the Wild Things you will enter your first cave. In the cave you can find a ton of firefly hives. Walk to the one in the back an the instant explode firefly will appear wait for them to pile around then hit the instant exploder and the achievement will unlock.
Complete a ride with Carol without crashing   (1) 
This is easily done on the first mission where your required to ride on the back of Carol. While riding just avoid trees and duck under & jump over trees. Once you are finished with the riding section the achievement will pop.
Complete a Sailing mission without crashing   (1) 
This is easily done on the first mission where you are found in a sailboat. Simply avoid all the sides of the canyon and when you get attacked by the darkness or get caught in a whirl pool simply go Left & Right on the Right Joy Stick. But if you do happen to get the boat hit don't worry because as long as you don't destroy the entire boat & kill yourself then it will unlock.
Glass Houses10
Start a Dirt Clod Fight with multiple Wild Things   
When your in the Village you can find a pile of rocks that are laying around. Pick one up and toss it at any of the Wild Things. Once done they will start to throw things at you. Now just run behind another Wild Thing that's not throwing anything and once it's hit by the rock of the other Wild Thing the achievement will unlock.
Wild Rumpus!10
Defeat 15 enemies in a row in melee without being hit   
This is easily done on the first level. You will have to kill a ton of firefly's on the first level and as long as you press the block button which is the Left Trigger you will earn this. Just kill 15.
Secret Achievements
Follow the Bull20
Complete 'Arrival'    
This is the first chapter in the game and is very straight forward. It's basically a training level where you will learn the ropes of the game. Your objective is to follow Bull to the Wild Thing hideout. Once done enjoy the first cinematic of the game!
Explore the Island20
Complete 'Road to Nowhere'    
In this level you will be following Carol around while he try's to test you to see if you're wild enough to become a Wild Thing. It's a simple level with some new things in it. The end of the level is located when you see a portal. This is also the first level that you get to ride Carol on. So go for the achievement requiring you to not crash on Carol's back, on this level.
Escape the Cave20
Complete 'The Cave'    
In this level Douglas and Alexander will trick you into entering a cave which is filled with the Shadow Creatures. The level is long and has your first flying sections.
Plug the Rifts20
Complete 'Canyon River'    
This is the first level you are able to sail in. You start off sailing so play smart if you want the achievement for not crashing. You can break pieces of the boat off, but don't destroy the whole thing. Once that section is done you will follow Carol to a huge chunk of darkness flowing in the river. It's your job to take it out.
Rescue Ira30
Complete 'Seasick'    
Not much to say about this level except that it is very short but your job is to rescue Ira from the darkness. Follow KW to him and have fun fighting the darkness!
Go to Nowhere30
Complete 'Rebellion'    
On this level you will attacked by Judith and Douglas. You and KW will run through while she try's to protect you. There's a lot of Clod dodging and fighting Beatles along with Flying parts so enjoy. It is very easy, but once at the end be ready to face a double Shadow battle to save Judith and Douglas.
Survive the Destruction30
Complete 'Crumbling Island'   
After the last level you are made King of the Wild Things due to you saving everyone, but it does not last long when you find that the world is being consumed by darkness and that the moon is closing in on earth. It's your job to get home safely after finding this out.
Find a New Island40
Complete 'Old Willow'   
This level starts you on the back of Carol. At the start you are given the option of choosing a path while on Carol either way you choose you will again come up to a second split pathway either way you have to redo this part later. Once the ride is over you will climb a mountain and enter the giant Firefly hive. It's your duty to get to the top and find another island!
Reach the Ocean40
Complete 'Setting Sail'   
This level starts you off on foot. Just continue you through the level looking for an area to set sail because your job is to get to the other island. Once you are on the boat get ready for an awesome sailing sequence and be sure not to crash.
Find Alexander50
Complete 'Below the Roots'   
Second to last level. This level will require you to follow Alexander to try and figure out what he is up too. The level is over all pretty easy with a ton of caves and a lot of firefly's. Once this level is over with enjoy the scene with Alexander where you get to see part of Max's room.
Leap to the Moon50
Complete 'A Trip to the Moon'    
Last level of the game and it's the hardest one, which still means nothing considering the game is pretty easy. This one has a lot of weird vine climbing and a ton of Shadow Creature killing. Your Wild Things will get caught in a ton of oblivion traps so remember to block a lot and lanterns are always there to help. Once done you will watch a scene and complete the game congratulations!

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US October 13, 2009

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