Wing Commander Arena

Wing Commander Arena Achievement Guide

Guide By: Vasilisssk (RUS)
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Hot Dog20
Complete each Ring Game difficulty level    (1) 

It is not hard achievement at all. Just say to one of your friends to create the BearPit match for 4 people. (It is can be "Player" or "Ranked"), and to the other to join it.
When you will connect to match, your friends will be inside "Arena" and you outside it, so it give you enough time to complete each Ring Game difficulty level.
Just find and grab special blue power-up to start Ring Game. This is have 3 levels of difficulty: 1st - extremely easy and 3rd - hard, because you have very liitle time to complete it.
I recomend you to take a "F-44 Cavalier", or another "F-44" type ship for it, because high speed not always good.

Earned ULF Commando Tattoo (15 frags in a Melee match)    

Very easy achievement. Just play "Single Player" - "Melee" and score 15 frags.
It is "Free-For-All" match with bots and 10 minutes limit of time. AI of the enemys is pure, so you easely can score about 50 frags.

Shot down first pilot in a Xbox LIVE match    (1) 

Another easy achievement. Connect to any online match, and score 1 frag to get it.

Defeat 5 ships in a Ranked Xbox LIVE match without respawning    (1) 

For this achievement you need to kill 5 enemys in a row.
You can do this with friend in FFA or Duel matches, but it is also not so hard to make it legal. Note that match must be Ranked!

Reach wave 10 in Gauntlet without ever taking damage to your hull    (1) 

It is not easy achievement. Some advice for it:

1) Grab F-44 "Cavalier", because you need ship with good speed, and shield.
2) Dont worry about capital ship. It is very hard to destroy in 10 waves.
3) Kill enemys as fast after their spawn, as you can. Do not let them make a big group, because it is hard to destroy without taking damage.
4) If you see that power of shield of your hull is low, fly away and wait for the power-ups, and only your shield and weapons will be refilled, come back to the fight.

TCS Tiger's Claw10
Compete a 16 player Capital Ship game    (1) 

Easy. Just connect to "Capital Ship" game with 10-15 players and if it will be 16 players in the game, avhievement will be unlocked.

Reach a streak of 5 in a Bearpit game   (1) 

Create a "Player" "BearPit" match for 2 players and invite your friend to it.
Kill him 5 times in a row and achievement is yours.
If you also want to get "Ace" achievement, create "Ranked" match.

Win a Ranked Duel with each ship type    (1) 

It is glitched achievement. You have to win a ranked match with each ship several times to unlock it. My friend got it on his third run through.

Travel through every gold jump gate in the game      (1) 

Easy achievement, that is what you should to do:
1) Start "Melee" mode game and fly through every jump gate on this map.
2) Start "Proving Ground" mode game and fly through every jump gate on this map.
3) Create online "Free-For-All" mode game on Boneyard map fly through final jump gate on this map.
After this steps, achievement will be unlocked.

Reach wave 20 in Meteor Storm   (1) 

It is really not so hard how it seems.
Again use "F-44 Cavalier".
Your mission is simple - destroy all asteroids on each level, before they destroy all your bases.
After each mission your weapon will be refilled, so as soon, as level start shoot all your bulletsrocketslasersmissles.
And one more advise: dont kill the enemys hull when it spawn, because if you kill him, he will spawn with much better hull then before.

Shoot down 1000 pilots on Xbox LIVE   (1) 

Well, it is just like Dogfight achievement, but you need to shot down 999 more pilots. It is nothing to say here.
If you like this game, you get it after the week, or, maybe, two.
You can play any game mode, but sure that you playing online!

Finish in first place in any Ranked Free For All match   (1) 

This is easy. Play Ranked "Free-For-All", and win it. (Ranked game is up to 25 frags.)
If you are really bad in this game, do it with friend.

Game Info
Gaia Industries
Electronic Arts


Players: 1
Online Players : 2-16
ESRB: Everyone
HDD Space Required : 42.03 MB
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