Winning Eleven 2010

Winning Eleven 2010 Achievement Guide

Guide By: shilbo assassin
There are 28 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

First Glory10
Awarded for your first win.   
The first achievement you should get. Just win one game. Play on Beginner with England or Chelsea against Thailand. If you REALLY struggle edit all settings of the opposition to as low as they go in the edit menu.
Winning Streak25
Awarded for winning 10 consecutive matches.   
Again, the simplest way is to set the difficulty to beginner or easy and win 10 games in a league or Master League with a good side like Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona. After each win, save so that you can go back if you don't win a game.
Come From Behind15
A title awarded when you come from behind and win.   
Just score an own goal from kick-off or let the CPU get an early goal to go 1-0 up then come back and win, if you can manage to score the winner in the final minute or injury time you will also unlock Last-minute Win.
Last-minute Win10
A title awarded when you score the winning goal in extra time.   
This goal must be scored in injury time once the full 90 minutes of the game has elapsed. If you struggle with this all I can suggest is that you make sure the ball spends a lot of time out of play to increase injury time. So kick it out for throw or goal kick and hope the referee adds plenty of injury time to give you more time at 90:00 mins +. This also works if you score in injury time in Extra Time (120:00 mins +).
World Tour20
Awarded for playing at all the stadiums.    
There are 22 stadiums. You need to have played in all of them to get this. I suggest you make a list and cross each one off as you go.

Official Stadia
1. El Monumental
2. Wembley Stadium
3. Olimpico Stadium
4. Old Trafford
5. Anfield
6. Nou Camp
7. Santiago Bernabéu
8. San Siro (Milan Version)
9. Giuseppe Meazza (Inter version of the San Siro)
10.Estádio do Dragão
11.Saitama Stadium 2002
12.Estádio José Alvalade
13.Amsterdam Arena
14.Estádio da Luz
15.Stade de France
16.Stade Louis II

Unofficial Stadia
1. Konami Stadium
2. Estádio Amazonas
3. Bristol Mary Stadium
4. Estadio De Pelenque
5. Mohamed Lewis Stadium
6. Ville Marie Stadium
Awarded for an average foul rate of less than 1 per match in your 10 most recent matches.   
This can be tricky as I think off-sides actually count as fouls, so the easiest way is to play 10 games in league mode, 5 minute matches (on easy) and just keep the ball and pass it amongst your defenders. The reason for this is that you could try play normally, but it increases your chances of fouling an opponent or being off-side. This is also the easiest way in which to get the Possession Play achievement.

Again, this is not possible to unlock in online matches.
Possession Play25
Awarded for achieving a possession rate of 60% or higher in your 10 most recent matches.   
For 10 games just keep the ball, pass it around between your defenders and just make sure you have 60% possession in each of your last 10 games. I think it is the average, I had about 45% possession in the 5th game before I got the acheivement and about 88% in another game later on so I would think it is 60% in the total possession over 10 games.
Hat-trick Hero35
Awarded for scoring 5 hat-tricks.   
You just need to score a hat-trick (3 goals with the same player in the same game) 5 times. I did it with 5 different players, but I’m pretty sure you can get it with the same player. Again if you are struggling then increase the game length to 10 or even 15 minutes and play on Beginner.
Ace Striker40
Awarded for playing 20 matches, scoring in recent 5, averaging 2 goals per match.   
You will need to have played 20 matches to get this, so when you come to play your 16th game make sure you score at least 10 goals in total over your next 5 games and at least 2 a game. This is straightforward if you play on Beginner or Easy. If you struggle then play with Manchester United against Liverpool with Gary Neville up front and you'll score about 23 a game.
FK specialist40
A title awarded when you score 5 direct free-kicks.   
Apparently this doesn't work online. This is not easy. I only have 1 from the first couple of hours playing it. I use Del Piero (Juventus) who has always been my favourite FK taker on these games. It is fairly straightforward with a little practise to entice a foul about 20-25 yards out. Just play on Beginner or Easy and get the ball with a big player then try to get into a position where you want to shoot from. Just stop while making sure you still have control of the ball. If the defender is behind you then 8 times out of 10 they will foul you by barging you off the ball. This worked a treat on PES 09 and seems to be working fine for me now on PES 2010. But make sure you use a biggish player as defenders won’t foul a small player, they’ll just easily knock them off the ball. As for shooting, my technique has always been to curl it in the near post while pressing down to take power off the shot and pressing left to curl it away from the goalkeeper. I’m still tryin to master Free-Kicks on this, but I think I usually aim to go between 50-60% on the power bar. I would have thought there are better Free-Kick takers on the game, so try Beckham or Ronaldo maybe. If you want, you can even just edit the stats of someone like Ronaldo to 99 and a keeper's stats all the way down.
Long Ranger50
A title awarded when you score from 35m or more.   
The easiest way is to change the settings of a side and put their keeper on corner taking duties, then play a match against them and concede corners until you get a chance to break upfield . Use England, they’re full of decent players on the game and Rooney will score from the half-way easily enough – just try get it to him and let him shoot from the half-way line while the keeper is trying to get back. The achievement will pop up at the END of the game.
League Title15
A title awarded for winning one of the top leagues in [Master League]   
Win a league in Master League mode to get this. This is very easy to do with a good side on Easy or Beginner. Make sure to use auto save so that if for any reason your 360 crashes or something, you don't lose all your hard work.
European Elite 1620
A title awarded for making the Knockout Stage of the UEFA Champions League in [Master League] .   
Qualify for the Champions League by finishing in a qualifying position. The exact position depends on the league. First is guaranteed as is second in most leagues. Third and fourth may mean you have to qualify though. Once in the Champions League, just make sure you finish in the top two positions in the group to reach the Knockout stage. This pops up when the draw is made for the last 16 which is about 1 or 2 weeks after the last group game.
Conquered Europe30
A title awarded when you win the Master League UEFA Champions League.   
Win the Champions League. This is easy enough on Easy or Beginner with a top ranked side. You can sim too, but be careful not to advance past the results. If you lose a simmed game and have auto-save ON, it'll autosave and the result will stand.
World Champions80
Awarded for winning the Konami Cup in Master League.   
You need to win everything in the season to qualify for this in Master League mode. In the pre-season you will be invited to it. Again, you can sim to it and then of course sim the game. The actual Konami Cup game (A kind of one-off World Club Championship game against a South American side) is in December of the next season. You will see the game in the calendar.
Perfect Season90
Awarded for an undefeated season in Master League winning League, Cup and UEFA Champions League.   
You need to win EVERY game, no draws unfortunately. You can sim but you must win every game and win the 38 league games, all Cup games and Champions League games. I suggest playing with auto-save, sticking it on easy and if you lose just go to dashboard. Top class sides will win more than poor ones in simmed games, so I would choose a good team like Barcelona, Chelsea or Manchester United. The achievement unlocks when you go into the next season - not immediately after the last win.
No.1 Club 50
Awarded for topping the Club Ranking in Master League.   
If you pick a top ranked side to start with, it will make it a lot easier. By winning everything with Manchester United, you will get it though you probably don't need to win everything. I'd imagine the League and Champions League would suffice. It pops up at the END of the final week in the calendar. Again, you can sim and then just quit out to dashboard if you sim a defeat. Make sure to have auto-save on if using this technique.
European Footballer of the Year70
Awarded if a member of your team wins the European Footballer of the Year in Master League.   
I got this after winning everything with Manchester United in Season 1 through mostly simming, if I lost, I quit to dashboard then just played the game as if you sim again it'll be the same result. I then simmed the whole of Season 2 until about the middle of December (the Awards Ceremony) and got it for Rooney. This isn't scientific in the exact reason why Rooney won it, but he was in a Treble winning side, so he either got it for his contribution - goals etc or for being in a side that won the major trophies, BUT you can sim for this so sim away.
10 years of Service50
A title to honour 10 years of service in Master League.   
Finish 10 seasons with one master league side. This can be simmed, saving a lot of time.
Pro Debut10
A title awarded when you make your Become a Legend pro debut.   
You get this at the end of your first appearance for the first team even if you come on as a sub. Put it on easy and it's easy to play well and score for 4 or 5 reserve games before you get your chance and win a place on the bench.
International Cup Debut15
A title awarded when you play in the Become a Legend International Cup.   

With my first legend I chose an English player. In the first season, I played roughly about 60% of the games until the January transfer window and simmed the other 40%, then hardly played at all for my second side that I transferred to for the second half of the first season, I just simmed until the end of the season. I was surprised to be called up for the World Cup, but I managed it. You will get this achievement at the end of the game once you make your debut. I think I came on as sub in all of the seven games at the WC.

International Cup MVP30
A title awarded when you receive the Become a Legend International Cup Player of the Tournament.   
Make sure you play on easy or beginner as the chances are you may only have limited time if coming on as a sub to score or get assists to get a rating of 8.0 or 7.5. Make separate saves after each game so you can go back if you failed to get a decent match rating. The most important thing is to try and get MVP in each game as it's the player with the highest average rating who gets this.
A title awarded when you have played for 10 clubs in total in 4 countries in Become a Legend.   
This counts across all Legends that you have, so all you have to do is play with 10 different sides across the 4 divisons. The easiest way is to skip games and transfer every transfer window until you have done that 9 times and been at 10 clubs. I don't think you have to have actually played.
The Super Hero50
Won both World Footballer of the Year and European Footballer of the Year titles in Become a Legend.   

The awards are not actually possible to get until season three and four, so no matter now many goals and assists that you rack up, it will be season three and four before they they are not 'fixed'. To get these awards you need the highest average rating in the season. To do this play in easy and score as many goals as possible and also try to top the assists chart.
It takes until Year 3 to win the European Player of the Year Award no matter how many goals and assists you get.
It takes until Year 4 to win the World of the Year Award no matter how many goals and assists you get.

It seems that winning both awards in the same season will not happen, so you will need to do two consecutive seasons WITHOUT a simmed game. I can confirm this as I experimented and simmed the last three games and got no award at all. I then went back to the game save before the simmed games played the games and got the Euro Award but no World Award. DO NOT SIM if you want this achievement.

Winning Streak(Online)20
Awarded when you have 5 successive Ranked match wins in the Online.  

The easiest way is to boost unless you are really good. Quitting to the dashboard for the first 4 games and then playing the fifth game to the end (and winning of course) will unlock it. If you need someone to boost with, you can find a partner in the achievement trading thread HERE.

High Win Ratio(Online)30
Awarded when you achieve a win ratio of above 75% in Last 20 results of Online.  
What you can do is boost by getting someone to quit out AFTER the game has kicked off then the win will count towards the achievement. They will need to this 14 times then you must play the 15th game to the end. THEN you do the same for them if trading as you need to have played 20 games.

OR, you can get someone to score 3 own goals as the game ends immediately if this happens giving the win - this sends you both back to the lobby so you can start the next game and this technique is quicker apparently instead of quitting out and having to load up and find each other on the servers.
Made the Knockout Stage40
A title awarded for making the Knockout Stage of the UEFA Champions League.   
I did this in Champions League Mode. It unlocked for me once I progressed to the Knockout stage - you have to finish all six group games first then in the menus go into the last 16 and it'll unlock.
European Champions70
A title awarded when you win the UEFA Champions League.   
I did this in Champions League Mode, again. It unlocked for me after the game when I returned to the menu.

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