Wolfenstein Achievement Guide

Guide By: Steve50013
There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline 24 (500)
- Online 23 (500)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 50+ hours (without boosting)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (+ Replaying Mission(s))
- Are there any achievements that can be missed? Yes
- Glitched Achievements/Game? Yes
- Does difficulty affect achievements? No

Singleplayer portion:

We'll start things off by saying firstly, this game has a major freeze bug in the single player portion of the game. Some people seem to have different ways to prevent it from happening, all I did was NEVER USE THE LOAD GAME OPTION in the main menu. You can replay missions from the in-game journal (select mission, press Y to replay), but again, don't ever load up a mission from the main menu. I obviously can't guarantee this will work for you, just because it worked for me. Raven is currently working on a patch, if you feel you should wait.

This games difficulty variations aren't very different from each other. You die almost as fast on Easy as you do on Uber, there are the same amount of enemies, the only thing different might be some of the boss' you fight; thus, I've given it a 3/10 for difficulty. Find help for those here.

Preparation: Gold, Tomes, and Intel
You will have to collect all the Gold, Tomes, and Intel through out the single player for Gold Digger, Librarian, Master Spy, and Monitor Tan. They are located in all nine primary story missions, five secondary missions, and three main sections of town. Follow the video guides located in this thread for the locations of all the Gold, Tomes, and Intel for all the Primary and Secondary missions. Secondary missions are marked as green and say "Mission Giver" in the map Key. Radio Station isn't given until after you complete Castle in Downtown.

I would recommend not collecting any collectibles in Midtown East, Midtown West, or Downtown until after you completed Castle and before you start Airfield.

Preparation: Enemies and Weapons
For Game Hunter and Gun Nut you will need to kill one of each enemy, and collect every weapon. The Gun Nut will come naturally as long as you pick up your enemies weapons regularly, as there aren't that many to find. Game Hunter is a bit more tough, so grab the enemy list from the guide and check off each enemy you kill, after you've killed it. Be sure to make note of the big monster-type enemy in Castle when you are going through the main hall, most people miss that enemy.

Shoot Red Barrels and throw grenades whenever possible to help you along with Buster.

Uber Playthrough:
Right when you start the game, start following your Gold, Tomes, Intel guide. I completed the game on Uber, did all the collectibles, and everything else in under 9 hours, so you shouldn't have a problem, but just in case be sure to press Back or Start so the timer doesn't run, for Blitzkrieg. Another thing to worry about is dying less than 3 times. If you do happen to die on Uber, and you will, it will have two options: Load Last Checkpoint, and Main Menu. Always choose Main Menu, and just select CONTINUE GAME, never select LOAD GAME, ever.

During the first mission Train Station, kill 3 floating enemies and pick up Enemies in a Barrel. Complete the mission and you'll unlock Newbie.

You'll soon receive the Mire ability, and you'll need to use it for one hour for Time Out. Use it every time you get the chance, it also counts towards Honorary Geist because you are using both abilities at once. Later on, when you receive more abilities, do the same for Bubble Boy, and Rampage. If you don't have these achievements before you play Hospital, when you get to the end of the level (after you kill the beast that comes out of the portal) stand around and you can easily get these achievements as your Veil never drains.

The first chance you get to buy the bayonet in the black market, do so. Then go for Beatdown; and if you're going for the Gold, once you have enough and all the upgrades are unlocked purchase them for the MP43 as it's one of the best guns and has a scope for Gadget Freak

You should get Warchest around this time for 30,000 gold. If you've been shooting Red Barrels and throwing grenades often, you should get Buster for 1000 broken objects, right after Slumming for completing all the Midtown Missions, also.

The last weapon is in Castle, the Leichenfaust 44, so after you grab it you'll get Gun Nut. Now complete the last secondary mission Radio Tower and you should get Librarian.

Now is the time to finish all the town collectibles for Downtown/Midtown. If you don't have Time Out, or Honorary Geist now it probably your last chance to farm the time for the achievement. If you are worried about time, get a checkpoint, get the achievement, then just quit to dash and continue game from main menu, do not load game.

Once you complete Airfield you will have Gold Digger. Then the last of the Intel are in the Zeppelin mission for Master Spy, which will also get you Monitor Tan, and Man About Town for completing the mission.

Black Sun, the last mission, is where you will get the rest of the achievements, except one. After beating the final boss' you'll pick up Endgame, Single Quarter, Super Soldier, Nerd Rage, Blitzkrieg, and Game Hunter.

Once you are back at the main menu, select Continue Game again and go to your journal and press Y on the current Black Sun mission to abort, then press Y on Train Station to start up that mission and get Conservationist.


Multiplayer portion:

Let me start by saying that a road map is designed so that the reader can obtain the maximum pionts in the shortest amount of time so do not flame this guide for boosting.

So at the time of writing there is a major bug in the MP that will take your rank and gold away from you after you finish a map, The way to get it back is to go to quit to your dashboard and re-load the game, Once you get into the game lobby or game your stats will be back.

Lets Begin.

So... The easiest way to obtain these achievements are to boost them, There is a really good method that will allow you to get to rank 50 in 20-25 hours and the Kill/objective achievements will take around 2-3 hours (Shorter if you or you know somebody with another 360 and 2 copys of the game) Below i will lay-out the best way to obtain all the achievements.

First lets start of by getting all the Map achievements, These are for playing a certain map and being on the winning team for 1 minute, Start up a Private MP match set it the map you want the achievement for, Set it to 5 miniutes and the person needing the achievement only needs to get 1 kill and then you can just sit back and wait for the game to end. If you sit in a Viel pool you can also get Ley-Vacum and Veilophile.

Please note that these are the only achievements that can be gotten in Private matches.

Part 2, Ranks.
Theres 2 ways you can go about this next section, You can straight onto getting rank 50 or you can go and grind out the kill achievements, Its up to you but i recommend you go grind out the rank 50 achievement, if not then move onto part 3.

Right this the best and fastest way for leveling up in this game and will net you the Rank 50 achievement in 15-20 hours (12 hours if you have another 360) for this method you need 3 players, No more no less. What you want to do is create a match on any map, (I sugest hospital) set the time limit to 30minutes and the gametype to TDM or Objective. Now 2 people will be getting pionts and 1 person will be dieing, Alternate who does what each round, Now what you want to do is have 2 people on Axis (one needs to be a Medic) and 1 on resistance.

Now for the boosting set yourself's up so that the guy who is dieing is facing the medic and the guy on the resistance is on the side that the dieing player drops his ammo (Normally the left side) Now all you have to do is the player who is dieing needs to tape down his right trigger so he's constanly shooting), The shooter needs to equip the Mp40 with surpresser and aim just above where the dieing player will get up and now he can tape down his right trigger, Now the player who is the medic must be host as he is the only person that needs to be at his pad as he needs to keep pressing Y, So he can kick intruders. (Unless you have a turbo pad). Thats bassicly it, You will just keep picking up the guy till the end of the round, The other guys can go off and do what ever they want.

The medic will get 32,000 - 35,000 gold per game.
The shooter will get 22,000 - 24,000 gold per game.
The dead guy will get nothing.

It takes 150,000 Gold for rank 25 and 613,000 gold to get rank 50, Although people have reported to get it earlier and later the majority get it at 613,000. Whilst getting these ranks you will get the achievements, Unholy life line, Qaurtermaster. You can also get Focal piont, Run-gineer and Med school if you position yourself in a viel pool and activate the power when your viel fills up.

Alternate Method: Player satchel method.

Ok so for this method you only need 2 players to boost and is alot quicker than above method but the only achievements you will earn doing this is the 200 kills with the Flamethrower and the rank achievements.

So what you want to do is start up a TDM on the map Hospital, 30 minutes long. The player getting gold goes on Axis, both players pick the solider class and the flamethrower. Do not equip the flak jacket.  Once in game meet in the middle of the map. When you're together look for the staircase that has cabinets and desks underneath it. Once you've have found it have the player not getting the achievement stand inbetween the desks and stairs.  The player getting achievement will throw his satchel at the foot of other player and the other player also throws his satchel at his feet. Flame him untill he goes down then hit Y to blow yours and his satchel up This will net you over $600 per kill.

It is very important that you dont blow up your satchel until you see the players body hit the floor when you flame him down.  If you do blow it up early you will only get $200-300. What I did was when I flamed him down I counted to 3 then blew the satchels up.

In a 30 minute game you can get somewhere between 50,000 and 55,000 gold.

Part 3, Kill achievements Etc.
Now thats out the way it time to finish up the other achievements, All of these can be boosted with 2 players (Apart from Jonny on the spot and Basic training which need 3), I will list the methods below on how to get them:

Always set the game type to TDM, 30minutes on Hospital. Unless instructed to do otherwise.

Sneaky Pete, Heavy Handed, Surgical Strike.
Very simple just keep running to the center of the map and kill your buddy with whatever it requires you to to get the achievement, You can get on average 70+ kills per game each.

Boot camp:
Very simple again, Both players can get this in 1 match, Just get a kill with Viel strike, Kar98,Panzershrek,Flamethower,Mp40,Mp43, and the Satchel charge.

Basic training and Jonny on the spot:
Start up a game on Rooftops, Gametype must be Objective and the player getting the achievement needs to be on Resistance as does one of his buddys, Ok so just give an ammo pack to your buddy, Turn on Viel run and complete a primary objective, Simple will take you around 3 minutes. After you have done this switch the game to TDM to get Jonny on the spot, Just get your buddy to shoot his gun while you throw ammo packs at him.

Engineering corps:
Start up an Objective match on rooftops and just complete the objectives, Can be done with 2 players and takes around 3 minutes a round and about 10-15 games.

There we go if you followed the above you will now have the 500G from the MP side of the game.

[x360a would like to thank Apple & Genesis x360a for this road map]

Safe Keeping10
Finish a match on Bank, spending the majority of your time on the winning team. (1 min minimum)   (10) 

For this map you have three game types to choose from-Objective, Stopwatch, Team Deathmatch. The fastest way to unlock this is host a team deathmatch and make the time limit 5 minuets, and win. This can be done in a private match.

Route Canal10
Finish a match on Canals, spending the majority of your time on the winning team. (1 min minimum)   

See "Safe Keeping"

Chemical Burn10
Finish a match on Chemical, spending the majority of your time on the winning team. (1 min minimum)   

See "Safe Keeping"

Finish a match on Facility, spending the majority of your time on the winning team. (1 min minimum)   

See "Safe Keeping"

Finish a match on Hospital, spending the majority of your time on the winning team. (1 min minimum)   

See "Safe Keeping"

Mind your Manors10
Finish a match on Manor, spending the majority of your time on the winning team. (1 min minimum)   

See "Safe Keeping"

Pirate Radio10
Finish a match on Rooftops, spending the majority of your time on the winning team. (1 min minimum)   

See "Safe Keeping"

Shock and Awe10
Finish a match on Tesla, spending the majority of your time on the winning team. (1 min minimum)   

See "Safe Keeping"

Test Subject10
Use every Veil ability once in multiplayer.   

The three abilities in mutiplayer are Speed (Engineer), Aura (Medic), and Veil Strike (Soldier). You must first unlock each ability before you are able to use them in the game. To unlock each ability go to the unlock menu, either on the Multiplayer main page or by pressing back in game. While in a multiplayer game just use each power once, once you use one power change your class to the next and use it again. In order to activate each power press .

Spend 5 minutes in the Veil in multiplayer.   (1) 

The veil makes it easier to see enemies so if you want to unlock this quickly simply play some multiplayer games in the veil. If you play in the veil constantly this should be a fast unlock if not, just play a team Death Match or a Death Match and keep the veil active until the end of the game.

Ley Vacuum10
Suck up 5 Veil Pools' worth of Veil energy in multiplayer.   (1) 

In mutiplayer you start with the basic veil ability, but as you earn money you can upgrade and unlock other veil abilities. Activate your veil ability, use it all up and go stand in a viel pool to replenish five times.

Surgical Striker30
Kill 200 enemy players using the Veil Strike in multiplayer.  (19) 

In order to use the Veil Strike you need to play as the Soldier class, and you must have unlocked the Veil Strike ability. In order to unlock the ability go to the unlock screen and select Veil Strike to unlock it. An easy way to get kills is to play a mission that is close quarters like Radio. Simply run up to an area where the enemy seems to converge and press you will throw down a canister and a few seconds later the Veil Strike will commence killing everything in the mediate area. You can track your progress by checking the leader boards.

Sneaky Pete30
Kill 100 enemy players with the Satchel Charge in multiplayer.   (5) 

As the Soldier class you don't have med packs or ammo packs but you do have a special little back pack known as a satchel charge. In order to use your satchel charge press to throw it down and to detonate press again. A good strategy to use is to place a charge next to an objective and once the enemy activates the objective set off the charge. This can also be done in private matches. You can track your progress by checking the leader boards.

Unholy Lifeline30
Revive 250 teammates, including 10 revives in a single match in multiplayer.   (26) 

While playing as a Medic you can pick up downed allies by running up to them and pressing . Since this is a game where you shoot each other, so your teammates will go down very frequently. Team deathmatches are perfect for attempting this achievement for your entire objective is here is a gun shoot them. Just keep reviving your teammates, this won't take very long. This can also be done in private matches. You can track your progress by checking the leader boards.

Focal Point30
Restore 5000 points of health to teammates using the Healing Aura in multiplayer.   (3) 

In order to use the Healing Aura ability you must play as a Medic, and you must have unlocked the Healing Aura ability. In order to unlock the ability go to the unlock screen by either pressing in a game, or by going to the unlock screen in the multiplayer main menu. Select medic and choose Healing Aura. A good game type to play is team deathmatch for the entire game type is here is a gun go get 'em tiger. Simply activate Healing Aura, while around a teammate in a fire fight and he will start to heal. You can track your progress by checking the leader boards.

Give 100 Health Packs to teammates in multiplayer.   (2) 

In order to use health packs you must play as a Medic. You drop health packs by pressing , simply go to an area where fire fights have been known to happen and drop Health Packs your teammates will see them and run into them, but you could also approach a team mate and throw one at them directly. You can track your progress by checking the leader boards.

Use Veil Speed for 30 minutes in multiplayer.   (3) 

In order to use the Veil Speed ability you need to play as an Engineer, and you must have unlocked the Veil Speed ability. In order to unlock the ability go to the unlock screen by either pressing in a game, or by going to the unlock screen in the multiplayer main menu. Select engineer and choose Veil Speed. This isn't terribly hard to accomplish, by playing stopwatch games it is a good idea to use veil speed every chance you get for it helps you get to the objective faster.

Engineering Corps30
Complete 30 primary objectives and 50 secondary objectives in multiplayer.   (3) 

There are only two game types with objectives they are, Objective and Stopwatch, and in order to complete a majority of the objectives you need to play as a Engineer. During the course of playing multiplayer there are numerous primary and secondary objectives. A primary objective is one that is needed in order to win the round. A secondary objective can be anything from construct a ladder to build a machine gun nest. Chances are you are going to complete 50 secondary objectives long before you complete 30 primary objectives. You can track your progress by checking the leader boards.

Kill 50 enemies with melee attacks in a single player campaign.   

To melee just press in the   and you will commence a melee attack. Some enemies might not die in one hit so you may have to hit them more than once. Just beat down fifty and this one is yours. The easiest way to get an instant kill is to use the bayonet upgrade on the Kar98.

Bubble Boy20
Block 1000 shots with Shield power in a single player campaign.   (2) 

You first unlock the shield power in the mission Farm. Once you unlock it your Veil ability won't drain and about 10 enemies will charge in the room and start shooting away. Just sit there for about thirty seconds and this one will unlock.

Destroy 1000 breakable objects in a single player campaign.   

This is very simple and won't take much time at all. There are many things that break throughout the campaign, boxes, barrels, crates, most of which you will destroy in fire fights. To track your progress press back and then go to statistics, under "Enemies Killed" there is a brief section on how many Breakables Destroyed.

Complete a story mission in the single player campaign without reloading a gun.   (2) 

This is a lot easier than you would think at first look. Once you unlock the mire ability and bought the bayonet for the Kar98k. Press and then go to objectives, select the mission Train Yard, since it is the easiest and fastest level to complete. While going for this achievement you have one goal, don't reload. You can switch between various weapons and waste out your ammo, but DON'T RELOAD. One trick that seems to work is to use the mire ability to slow down time run up your enemies and stab them, an instant death suitable for anyone standing in your way. Once you exit the train yard and once the cinematic finishes it will unlock. This can only be done on any primary mission.

Finish the single player campaign on any difficulty.    

Just finish the game on any difficulty. See "Super Soldier."

Gadget Freak20
Purchase all the upgrades for one of your weapons in the single player campaign.   

This is very easy and can be done quickly. Some upgrades are not available until you complete a certain mission and it will be stated on the upgrade which one you need to finish before the upgrade is available. The first two weapons you can fully upgrade are the MP40 and the Kar98k, once you finish the missions Church and Farm.


  • Recoil Compression
  • Silencer
  • Drum Magazine
  • Big Bore
  • Improved Rifling


  • Improved Rifling
  • Silencer
  • Stripper Clip
  • Big Bore
  • Sniper Scope
  • Bayonet

Mdl. 24 Grenade

  • High Explosives
  • Ammo Satchel
  • Fragmentation


  • Improved Rifling
  • Drum Magazine
  • Ammo Pouch
  • Big Bore
  • Tactical Scope
  • Recoil Compensator

Particle Cannon

  • Particle Lens
  • Veil Catalyst
  • Improved Veil Capacitor
  • Beam Intensifier
  • Flux Arc


  • Light Weight Build
  • High Explosives
  • Ammo Pouch
  • Stabilized Rockets
  • Magazine
  • Seeker Crystal

Tesla Gun

  • Upgraded Battery
  • Step Transformer
  • Mk2 Generator
  • Arc Nodes
  • Coil Upgrade
  • Current Induction


  • Improved Fuel Pump
  • Expanded Tank
  • Carburetion
  • Pump Overdrive

Leichenfaust 44

  • Gallium Transformer
  • Nacrite Resonator
  • Planck Refractor
  • Iridium Canister
Game Hunter10
Kill an enemy of every type in a single player campaign.   (2) 

There are 24 different types of enemies throughout the game, they are:

Grunt Number 1 - Wears a helmet and wields a MP40
Grunt Number 2 - Wears a military cap and wields a Kar98k
Cultist - First encountered in the Dig Site, they use the veil to attack you.
Geist - Seen throughout the Veil.
German Officer - First encountered at the dig site right before you unlock the veil. They wear an officers cap, and wield a MP40. (Directly to the right of the cultist.)
Particle Cannon Nazi - Wears a big pack on his back that explodes when killed. (First seen in Church)
Green Veil Nazi - Faced IN the Church.
SS - Wears full black with red swastika arm band. First encountered in the mission Farm.
SS Officer - Same as SS but with officers cap. Seen in the bunker under the farm house in Farm.
German Scientist - Wearing a lab coat. Seen in the test labs in the mission Farm.
The Creatures - The experiments you run into on the mission Farm, after you get the Veil Shield Ability.
The Assassin - Encountered in the mission Hospital.
Abomination - Faced at the end of the mission Church.
Dominatrix - First seen around town, they run very fast and are the only opposing females in the game.
Flamethrower Nazi - Found in the beginning of Cannery.
General Zetta - At the end of the mission Cannery.
German Officer - There is only 1 of this type and he is in the Officer's House mission.
Jetpack - They fly and shoot an explosive at you, seen in Castle.
Queen Geist - Boss at the end of Castle.
Panzer Tank - First seen after starting the mission Airfield.
Uber Dominatrix - Faught in Airfield.
Red Veil Nazi - Faught in the same room as the Uber Dominatrix.
Luftwaffe - Right after running into the Black Market in Airfield walk forward about 2 feet and turn right. One is sitting down in front of a box and the other is leaning against a fence.
Hans - Last boss of the game.

Gold Digger30
Collect all the valuables in a single player campaign.    

See "Monitor Tan"

Gun Nut10
Collect all the weapons in a single player campaign.    

There are various Weapons throughout the game. All you have to do is pick them up along the way.

MP40 - Very first gun you pickup.
Model 24 Grenade - Picked up when you get the mp40. "AKA the Stick Grenade"
Kar98k - Second gun you will pick up right after blowing up the door.
MP43 - Acquired during the Dig Site Mission, Once you reach the portal.
Particle Cannon - Once you destroy the German super soldier it will be on the ground during the mission Church.
Panzerschreck - Obtained in the mission Farm.
Tesla Gun - Obtained in the mission Hospital.
Flammenwerfer - Obtained at the beginning of Cannery.
Leichenfaust 44 - Obtained in Castle.

Honorary Geist20
Spend two hours in the Veil in a single player campaign.   

This acheivement is easy and can be done in a single play though of the game, but the game does go by quickly so, some people might miss it. If you would like to speed up the process you could activate the veil shoot all the Geists and just stand there for two hours.

Nerd Rage20
Complete the single player campaign on Hard or Über difficulty.      (1) 

Complete the game on Hard or Über difficulty. This will stack with Super Soldier so it is advised to skip playing the game on Hard and just play it on Über. See "Super Soldier."

Collect all the Tomes of Power in a single player campaign.    

See "Monitor Tan"

Man About Town20
Complete all the Downtown missions in a single player campaign.    
  • Castle
  • Airfield
  • Zeppelin
  • Radio Station (You don't need to destroy the little towers)
Complete the single player campaign in under 12 hours.    (2) 

If you just focus on completing the missions and ignore finding all of the collectables you can complete the game in about five hours.

Master Spy20
Collect all the Intel in a single player campaign.    (2) 

See "Monitor Tan"

Monitor Tan30
Collect every collectible in a single player campaign.    

That means you must collect, all of the Tomes, Intel and Gold in the single player campaign.

For a complete list visit this thread: See this thread for a complete list of all the valuables.

Intel Locations

Complete the Train Station mission in a single player campaign.    

Story Related - This is the first level of the campaign. All you have to do is exit the train station at the end of the level.

Kill 200 enemies with Empower in a single player campaign.   

You first unlock Empower in the level Hospital, at that time you will also have unlimited amount of veil energy so you can just sit there and shoot Geists until the acheivement unlocks.

Single Quarter30
Complete the single player campaign with less than three deaths.    

Play the game on easy and if you do die, instead of reverting back to previous checkpoint, go back to main menu and reload the game.

Complete all the Midtown missions in a single player campaign.    

These are the first set of missions available after exiting the train station they are as fallows:

  • Train Station
  • Dig Site
  • Church
  • Farm
  • Hospital
  • SS Headquarters
  • Cannery
  • Paranormal Base
  • Warehouse
  • Officer's House
Super Soldier30
Complete the single player campaign on Über difficulty.      

Über aka "I Am Death Incarnate!" is the hardest difficulty in the game, and is unlocked right off the back. Even though it may seem like it is difficult, it really isn't. You shouldn't have too much trouble until you run into a boss fight. Ammo is everywhere since you are using German weapons, and you have regenerating health so just get to cover until you heal fully. Use the veil to your advantage and use it almost every chance you get. Be careful though the enemies seem to throw grenades more than they change their underwear. This DOES stack with "Endgame" and "Nerd Rage."

Time Out20
Use the Mire power for more than an hour in a single player campaign.   (3) 

This achievement is accumulative, and can be a pain if you don't actually use the mire ability that often. For some people this will just come naturally as you progress through the story, for others you will have to force yourself to use the mire ability. in order to use the mire ability you have to press. If you want to hurry up and get this achievement out of the way you could just stand around when you first unlock the mire since your energy doesn't drain when you first unlock it.

Collect more than $30,000 in a single player campaign.   

Unlike most games you actually don't need all $30,000 sitting in your wallet. You can actually go and spend the money as you go and it will still unlock once you actually hit the $30,000 mark.

Enemies in a Barrel20
Kill 3 floating enemies.   

During your escape from the train station you will come to a part where you and the enemies around you will start floating, simply kill three. If you miss your opportunnity during the Train station you will have a chance throughout the campaign. There will be barrels that glow blue simply blow one up near an enemy and they will begin to float like before.

Career Soldier15
Reach Rank 25 in multiplayer.   (1) 

Total needed $150,000 for rank 25. See "Das Big Man"

Das Big Man15
Reach Rank 50 in multiplayer.   (30) 

Ranking up is dependent on how much money you make throughout your multiplayer career. In order to get rank 50 you need to earn $610,000, on average most players make about $1,000 every 10 min. With that being said, if you average $1,000 a match it will take you 101 hours to complete, which comes out to about 4 days. So if you are dedicated you could reach rank fifty in the span of about a week, if you play constantly.

To earn the most money play the StopWatch game type. In stop watch you complete objects on both the attacking and defending side. When ever an objective is destroyed or complete the entire team earns money. You also earn money when you kill people, dropped ammo and health is used, completing objectives, or combat awareness. Combat awareness is determined by a number of factors - How long you stay alive with people on the other team, getting away from a grenade before it blows, or simply entering an area with enemies and attacking them from behind.

Boot Camp30
Get a kill with each Soldier weapon, the Satchel Charge and Veil Strike in multiplayer.   (1) 

You must get a kill with each weapon that the soldier can carry. They are: MP40, Kar98, MP43, Panzerschreck, and the Flammenwerfer. Along side of that you must also kill an enemy with the Satchel Charge and a Veil Strike. You instantly spawn with a Satchel Charge so all you have to do it press and wait for an unexpected victim to walk over it and hit again to blow it up. A good place to put it is right next to an objective in an Objective or Stopwatch match. You also need to use a Veil Strike, in order to use the Veil Strike you need to unlock it by either pressing back in game or going to the unlock menu from the spawn screen. Once in game just find yourself a nice place where enemies seem to congregate and lay down a Veil Strike by pressing .

Kill 200 enemy players with either the Panzerschreck or the Flammenwerfer in multiplayer.   (1) 

In order to use the Panzerschreck or the Flammenwerfer, you need to play as a Soldier. This can be a pain due to the fact that most people don't like to die by these weapons and call them "cheap" so they are willing to kick out people who use them. This is accumulative and will unlock once you reach your 200th kill, so a good gametype to play is Team Death Match, and letting it loose. You can track your progress by checking the leader boards.

Med School30
Revive a player, supply a Health Pack, and heal someone using Healing Aura in multiplayer.   (2) 

During the course of your multiplayer career teammates will die, its the fact of an fps. When they are down they are not out of the battle yet, unless they get gibed. As long as a triangle is above them while they are down you can revive them, simply walk up to them press and they will be up and able to fight once again. Along side of people dying people are going to get hurt, go to where the fire fights are happening and heal some team mates, by throwing down a health pack with . A neat trick is if your ally is down, throw a pack on them first then revive them, As they begin to rise they will grab the health pack. The Healing Aura is the medics Veil ability. Simply unlock it by going into the unlocks menu, and in the heat of battle hit up on the D-Pad to begin using the Healing Aura, if there are allies nearby they will automatically begin to heal from your Aura. If done correctly it will unlock at the end of the round.

Basic Training30
Complete a primary objective, supply an Ammo Pack, and use Veil Speed once in multiplayer.   (2) 

A primary objective is the objective that you must complete to win the round. In order to complete this you must play as the engineer, since he is the only one who can supply ammo and use the Veil Speed ability. In order to have the Veil Speed ability you must first unlock it by going into the spawn menu by pressing and going down and buying it. Once you have everything start up an objective or stopwatch game give someone some ammo by pressing , use your veil speed by pressing , and completing a primary object. The objective varies from map to map. It could be grabbing ammo and supplying the tank, to stealing the documents and escaping with them, either way you need to be the one who does this. If done correctly this will unlock at the end of the round.

Give 100 Ammo Packs to teammates in multiplayer.    (4) 

As an Engineer you are able to give out ammo packs by pressing the Y button. Ammo is scare so you will have plenty of opportunities to give out ammo. When an ally needs ammo you will see three bullets over top of their head, walk up to them and throw down a box.

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US August 18, 2009
Europe August 21, 2009

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