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Word Puzzle Achievement Guide

Guide By: DutchHooligan
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
Offline: 9 (145)
Online: 3 (55)
Approximate amount of time to 200: 3-5 hours
Number of missable achievements: None
Glitched achievements: None

Word Puzzle is a game that just about anybody can play. The game is a virtual word search game. The game will give you several words to find on the screen and you will need to find them. There are 12 achievements in this game worth a total of 200. These achievements overall are pretty easy except for the fact you'll need 4 people to get the online achievements.

Step 1:
I would suggest playing Free Mode first so you can go ahead and get the "Peak Performer" achievement. The game will never end so just keep finding words until you have over 1000 points. Then go into local multiplayer and just have your 2nd controller sit there while you win. After the match you should get the "Quick Draw" achievement. Next I would suggest playing Arcade Mode so you can get the "Ace Beginner", "Combo Expert", and "Combo Master" achievements out of the way. You should get those three achievements one right after another. Make sure the blue bar beside your gamer picture in the upper left-hand corner does not go all the way down or the combo meter will reset.

Step 2:
Now go into Survival Mode and get the last few offline achievement in this game. To get the "Ticker Beater" achievement as soon as you see a word with a bomb beside it, try your best to find it first. If you find it within 5 seconds you'll unlock that achievement. Now to get the "Survival Expert" achievement all you have to do is disarm 6 bombs in a row. You will start out with 3 words with bombs and then 3 again. So get those first 6. Make sure you don't miss one. To get the "Champion" achievement all you need to do is play the Survival Mode. Before you finish Survival Mode you should have well over 4,000 points to obtain this achievement. Now to get the final offline achievement in Word Puzzle all you have to do is simply beat the Survival Mode. That's it just beat it and the "Survival Master" achievement is yours.

Step 3: Online Play

Now you should have 9 achievements for a total of 145. The only achievements you need now are the 3 online ones. You will first need 4 people before you can even start an online game. If you need some extra people to help out please post in the Achievement Trading Thread found HERE.

[x360a would like to thank Bishop24 for this Road Map]

Ace Beginner5
Get "5 Combos" in Arcade mode   


(See Combo Master)

Combo Expert20
Get "30 Combos" in Arcade mode   


(See Combo Master)

Combo Master30
Get "50 Combos" in Arcade mode   


All you need to do is keep the combo's alive. Play as fast as you can and you should get this.

Ticker Beater10
Successfully disarms a bomb within 5 seconds in Survival mode   


Do this in the first level as this is the easiest level.

Survival Expert10
Disarming 6 bombs continuously without missing any of Word Bombs in Survival mode   


Do this in the first few levels of survival as these are the easiest.

Survival Master20
Disarming all the bombs & pass all the stages in Survival mode   


Complete survival mode making sure that you disarm every bomb. If you get stuck on higher levels you can use a digital camera to take a picture of the puzzle, hit [img][/img] to pause the game. Upload the image to you computer to help find the bombs.

Score 4000 points in Survival mode   


Try to finish the levels as fast as you can, you will receive the most points and should get this achievement.

Quick Draw10
Receives first victory in local 2-player battle   


Grab a second controller or a friend and win a local, battle game to unlock this one.

First Draw5
First time completed in Xbox LIVE Ranking battles   (5) 


You should get this after your first online game played. No need to win, just complete the game.

Peak Performer10
Score 1000 points in Free Play mode   


Take your time and keep scoring in Free Play and you will unlock this. The easiest way is to select the table and not the cube.

3 Time Champ20
3 wins in a row in Xbox LIVE Ranking battles   


(See 5 Time Champ)

5 Time Champ30
5 wins in a row in Xbox LIVE Ranking battles   (6) 

If you're fast and consistently score well you will get this. Alternately, you can try to find three friends to help. If you all change to the same language it will make them easier to find. Win 5 in a row and this achievement is yours.

Game Info
InterServ Int.


US November 07, 2007

HDD Space Required : 54.95 MB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $9.99USD
No videos available
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