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Achieve 2,500,000 total points  

These achievements require that you reach a cumulative total of 50,000 and 2,500,000 points across all of your rounds of Snap Attack. These achievements will come with time. Once you become familiar with the gameplay, you should have no problem scoring at least 1,000 to 2,000 points per round. In your 500 rounds, an average score of 5,000 points or more will net you this achievement as well with no additional play time. This however is unlikely. 

Your average score per round will determine how long it takes you to complete this achievement. A typical playershould be able to at least average 1,500 points per round. Averaging more than 3,000 is only for the best players. Strategically using a word solver to create and manipulate high scoring words can be helpful and will most likely increase your score and decrease the completion time once you get the hang of it. Click HERE for a decent solver to use. Some baseline values are given below:

  • Avg of 5,000 - 500 rounds - 27 hours
  • Avg of 4,000 - 625 rounds - 34 hours
  • Avg of 3,000 - 833 rounds - 45 hours
  • Avg of 2,000 - 1250 rounds - 68 hours
  • Avg of 1,000 - 2500 rounds - 136 hours
  • Avg of 500 - 5000 rounds - 272 hours

Some tips to scoring big (from Ozzpot):

  1. Use the multipliers. Look at the locations of the 2x Word or 3x Word multiplier tiles and play words that make use of them. The higher value the word, the better. I will call this first big word on the board the "base word".
  2. Make combos. This is where the big points are. Build new words off of your base word, even if they are only two or three letter words. Trust me, you will get used to playing words like AI, EN, OI, YO, EM, AE, AY, etc. Make sure you find as many combos as you can, even if that means frantically swapping letters around on a whim. You do not get punished for playing words that don't exist.
  3. Importantly, use up all of your letters in a single combo as often as possible as it scores extra points. If your base word just won't allow you to make these full combos, do not waste too much time on it.
  4. Once you have found all the combos you can for your base word, change the base word. Often you can alter it only slightly, for example, change "TAMED" to "MATED", and then play almost all the same combos again to double your score. These small changes will save a lot of time, so find every variation you can. If you can pluralize your base word, do. If your base word is "GAME" see if you can make "GAMES" and don't forget "GAMED", "GAMER" and "GAMERS". Make as many combos as you can for each, and be quick about it.
  5. Perform those steps as quickly as you can, and once you have exhausted all the base words you can see in that place on the board, if there is still time on the clock, switch to another place that preferably has a multiplier tile, and start gold-mining all over again.

Click HERE for some additional tips to success in the game from the developers.

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