World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars

World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars Achievement Guide

Guide By: Levex817
There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Winners are these!   
You will get this after you win your first race in Career Mode.
Hard Charger30
Start in last position and win an A Feature   
For this one, I made sure to finish last in my qualifying heat and then finished 4th in the B event which put me into last place for the A feature. Then it is just a matter of winning the race.This is probably easier to do on one of the first race days in your career.
Place first in 3 events in a row   
See Half-Dozen.
Place first in 6 events in a row   
This needs to be done in career mode and obviously the races have to be won consecutively. If you are near the end of any race in career mode and do not think that you will win, hit and restart the race BEFORE it ends. If you wait until after the race ends to restart then you would have to restart the whole race day.
Skin Of Your Teeth25
Finish an A Feature with two or more parts of your vehicle severely damaged   
You have to pay attention to your damage meter in the bottom left-hand corner. You need to have at least two parts of your car orange when you cross the finish line for it to count. Be careful, though, because after orange comes red and 9/10 times when a part of my vehicle goes red I get disqualified from the race. However, when I got this one, I had my engine in the orange and my front-right tire in the red.
Cross Country30
Complete a race at each Sprint Car track in single player    
You will get this through your progression in Career Mode.
Set a lap record in single player   
You need to set a new lap record in one of your races. Chances are you will get this at one point in your career without even trying for it.
1.21 Jigawatts?!15
Hit a top speed greater than 88MPH in single player   
As you go through your career and upgrade your car, you will have a better chance of getting this. Just keep accelerating for as much of the race as possible without using any brake and keep as straight of a line as you can when driving around the track. Eldora track will probably be your best bet and make sure you attempt this in Career Mode.
Handle With Care15
Finish an A-Feature in Arcade raceday with damage turned on   
Choose arcade from the main menu then play a race day on any track with damage turned on to arcade and difficulty at rookie. Then just make it into the A Feature and finish the race in any position.
Running Blind20
Finish a race without using a Tear-Off in single player   
Just get through an entire race without hitting the button at all. Does not matter what place you finish in or what race you choose, just as long as you do not hit the whole race.
20/20 Vision20
Use 40 Tear-Offs in single player   
Tear-Offs happen when you hit the button to clear the dirt off of your screen. This will probably come pretty quickly without even trying for it.
Baby Steps10
Complete Volusia's first event    
This will come with your progression in Career Mode. You need to finish an entire race day at Volusia to get this achievment.
Cashing In15
Get your first payout from a sponsor   
You will get this through your progression in career mode. I got mine after getting first in Race #7 at I-55.
Local Star30
Place first in all Career events on a single track   
Just get first in every event for at least one of the locations on the map.
Racer X20
Get a Large Trophy in a Speed Challenge event   
This one was really easy. I did it on the Arizona Sport Shirts Speed Challenge and as soon as the race started, I immediately cut the left turn and was in first place within 5 seconds.
Dodgem Car20
Get a Large Trophy in an Accuracy Challenge event   
For this trophy, just stay behind the field for the whole race. Make sure you do not go too slow otherwise they might lap you and make contact with you from behind.
Time Bandit20
Get a Large Trophy in a Time Challenge event   
Not much to say here other than make sure you get out in front as soon as you can to make the race as clear for you as possible.
On Your Way30
Earn 2,500 points in Career mode   
See Big Earner.
Big Earner45
Earn 5,000 points in Career mode   
You get points in Career mode for race wins so just make sure you get first in as many, if not all, races in career mode and you will get this. If you do happen to miss out on any points, you can go back and re-race the race days where you are missing points.
Purchase your first upgrade component   
You will get this through your progression in career mode.
Fully Tricked35
Deck out your car with the best upgrade components   
For this achievement, you will need to get first in all of the Challenges in career mode to unlock all of the available upgrades in the garage. Try to get as far as you can in the career not worrying too much about winning, then at the end when you have done as best as you can, you should have some upgrades unlocked to help you get better results in the earlier events, which in turn will help you unlock more upgrades in the garage.
Volusia Victor15
Complete all events at Volusia Speedway Park   
See Down and Dirty.
I-55 Conqueror15
Complete all events at I-55   
See Down and Dirty.
Knoxville Master15
Complete all events at Knoxville Raceway   
See Down and Dirty.
Dodge City Slicker15
Complete all events at Dodge City Raceway Park   
See Down and Dirty.
Cedar Lake Champ15
Complete all events at Cedar Lake Speedway   
See Down and Dirty.
Huset's Hero20
Complete all events at Huset's Speedway   
See Down and Dirty.
Eldora Expert20
Complete all events at Eldora Speedway   
See Down and Dirty.
Lernerville Legend20
Complete all events at Lernerville Speedway   
See Down and Dirty.
Williams Winner20
Complete all events at Williams Grove   
See Down and Dirty.
Skagit Success20
Complete all events at Skagit Speedway   
See Down and Dirty.
Silver Dollar Jackpot30
Complete all events at Silver Dollar Speedway   
See Down and Dirty.
Down and Dirty30
Complete all events at The Dirt Track at Charlotte   
Just compete in and finish every event in the Dirt Track location. It does not matter what place you finish, just as long as you finish every event.
Complete Career Mode   
To get this achievement, you simply have to finish every event in the career. You do not have to win every challenge or get first in every race, just play and finish each one at least once.
Come On Down!5
Host an Xbox LIVE game   
For this one, you don't even have to play the game, you don't even need to have someone join. As soon as you are sitting in your own lobby, you will get the achievement.
Just Visiting10
Join someone else's Xbox LIVE multiplayer game   
You will get this one as soon as you enter someone else's lobby, again just like the Come on Down! achievement you do not have to actually play the game.
Red Hot15
Be 2 Hot Spots ahead of your opponents in an Xbox LIVE Hot Spot game   
Hot Spots is kind of like collecting checkpoints until you get to a certain amount determined by the host. So just like it says, make sure you have 2 more hot spots collected than your opponents.
On Fire!20
Deliver 10 Hot Spots in Xbox LIVE Hot Spot Delivery games   
This game is very similar to the Hot Spots game, only the first checkpoint you collect must be brought to the second one before your opponent. You have to drive through 20 checkpoints for it, once to pick up and once to deliver, but depending on how many deliveries are set per game by the host will determine how fast you get this achievement.
Tag Sale20
Rack up 30 Tags in Xbox LIVE Tag games   
This one could be done in a couple minutes with a boosting partner, or possibly even yourself legit. To boost, just get bumper to bumper and keep going until you both get the achievement.
Win 10 Xbox LIVE Bomb Tag Matches   
Same concept as Tags, only when you bump into an opponent, you pass a bomb on to them as well and when time runs out, they explode. Set a match to 30 seconds and if you start with the bomb then make at least one tag with it, and if you start without it, avoid opponents until time runs out.
Home Run!15
Finish a Xbox LIVE Bomb Tag game without getting the bomb   
Just be sure to avoid the drivers carrying the bomb during the entire match to get this one. Set the match to 30 seconds and use one of the more wide open maps to make it easier to avoid people.
The Need For Speed20
Hit 5 Hot Spots in a row in a Xbox LIVE Hot Spot game   
Try to get 5 of the hot spots in an online game without your opponent getting any of them. A lot easier to do with a boosting partner.
Fender Bender15
Collide with an opponent in mid-air in an Xbox LIVE game   
This one was very tricky for me to get because at first I was attempting it on a bomb tag match, but when you try it on a tag game, your collision counts as a tag and that's it. So make sure to attempt this on something other than tag or bomb tag matches and the best jump I found to try it on was on the Storage map right in front of you when the match starts.
See Ya!15
Give the Bomb to an opponent with 2 seconds or less on the clock in an Xbox LIVE Bomb Tag game   
Easiest to do with a boosting partner so that you can just sit next to each other until the final 2 seconds and then bump into your opponent.
Fly through the air for 3 seconds in an Xbox LIVE game   
This one was very easy to do on the Storage map as there are a lot of jumps and plenty of room to get enough speed for them.
Mud Runner10
Win a Xbox LIVE match   (2) 
See Mud Eater.
Mud Eater20
Win 10 Xbox LIVE matches   
You get this after winning 10 online matches, and chances are it will come without notice while going for the rest of the online achievements. However, if you are still needing it after getting the other online achievements, then just play some 30 second bomb tag matches to finish as quickly as possible.

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