World Snooker Championship 2007

World Snooker Championship 2007 Achievements

Snooker: Win frame with Snookers

Win a frame of Snooker which requires you to put your opponent in a Snooker to win in champ mode  

In order to win a frame by snookering you need to put your opponent into a “snooker” one or more times per game (depending on rules.)
Now if you don’t know what a “snooker” is here is a snooker as defined by the

The cue-ball is said to be snookered when a direct stroke in a straight line to every ball on is wholly or partially obstructed by a ball or balls not on. If one or more balls on can be struck at both extreme edges free of obstruction by any ball not on, the cue-ball is not snookered.?
(a) If in-hand, the cue-ball is snookered if it is obstructed as described above from all possible positions on or within the lines of the "D".?
(b) If the cue-ball is so obstructed from hitting a ball on by more than one ball not on?
(i) the ball nearest to the cue-ball is considered to be the effective snookering ball, and?
(ii) should more than one obstructing ball be equidistant from the cue-ball, all such balls will be considered to be effective snookering balls.?
(c) When Red is the ball on, if the cue-ball is obstructed from hitting different Reds by different balls not on, there is no effective snookering ball.?
(d) The striker is said to be snookered when the cue-ball is snookered as above?
(e) The cue-ball cannot be snookered by a cushion. If the curved face of a cushion obstructs the cue-ball and is closer to the cue-ball than any obstructing ball not on, the cue-ball is not snookered.

Basically what is required for a “snooker” is to force your opponent to hit a not-on ball. This means the opponent hits a black ball when required to hit a red ball or vice versa. The best and simplest way to do this is to hit the cue ball into a position where the AI needs to hit through the black ball to reach the red balls or through the red ball to reach the black ball.

More often than not the AI will try to find ways around getting “snooked” so try to trap the AI with red balls and force them to hit at least one when then are going for the black balls. That or trap the AI in a corner with an “off” ball blocking it.

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US September 29, 2006
Japan September 30, 2006

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