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Sir Wrecks-a-lot20
Earned Gold Medals in 40 Levels

You need to unlock a bronze medal to progress to the next level, which isn’t all that difficult but it’s best to try and aim for the gold medal as you play through each level. This can be difficult, especially on later levels as there is little room for error if your shot is slightly off course. 

Once you learn how to maximize your score with each different shot type, you will begin to notice building setups and flight paths that are designed around each shot type. Provided you are earning gold on each level as you progress, the earliest you will unlock the achievement is after completing level 8-5.

Some general tips and tricks to remember when going for gold are:

  • Try and line up as many bonus icons, towers, and walls with each shot to maximize your damage.
  • Your multiplier is important and will net you the big points, if possible try and reach the x2 or x3 multiplier after your first shot and the subsequent multiplier after every following shot.
  • Don’t be afraid to try again if you didn’t feel your shot was as good as it could have been. Mulligans are awarded each time you hit 3 goblins and each map has more than enough goblins to keep you supplied with a comfortable number of mulligans. If you mess up your first shot, rather than use up a mulligan, raise your right hand and restart the level.
  • Watch the intro fly-by. Often there are 10,000 point bonuses or dynamite bundles hidden from view when standing behind the ballista. These are often the places to land a shot and mean the difference between a gold or silver medal
  • Listen to your fellow wreckateers, as on most levels they will describe a flight path suited to your first shot type which usually involves score and bonus icons.
  • If at first you don’t succeed…. At the end of each level you will see your score against the AI high scorer. This allows you to see what shots were lacking in points and what shots need more practice. Generally each shot type is only suited to a certain flight path so if one of your shots isn’t netting you a great deal of points, than chances are you are aiming in the wrong place.

If you find you are struggling with a particular level then you can always try searching Thee Elf's Gold Wrecked Level Discussion Thread.

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US July 25, 2012

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