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There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 45 (925)
-Online: 4 (75)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4 (3 RTWM, 1 Universe)
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No
-Does difficulty affect achievements? A few, but there are workarounds and the settings can be tweaked to make them easier.
-Glitchy achievements: None!
-Unobtainable achievements: None!
-Extra equipment needed: None!

Overall, this is one of the easiest WWE games to complete. I gave the game a three because, although they are easy, the RTWM stories are very time consuming; they will take several hours each to complete. Also, one of the achievements (Merciless Attack) is luck based. Lastly, it can be frustrating to get online because the servers aren't very good; it will likely take you many, many attempts to connect to the servers before you are successful.

Part 1: Road to WrestleMania
I suggest starting with RTWM because it will allow you to get used to the new controls and you might also knock out some of the miscellaneous achievements. These stories are pretty long and very repetitive, so you may want to only do bits and pieces at a time.

Part 2: Creation & Exhibition Achievements
The "one session" achievements do not have to be done in one session, but I recommend doing them in one sitting. You can knock out all of the "one session" and Thank You Edge achievements at the same time by following the methods listed in the Professional Material and Master of the Brawl descriptions; using these methods, it should not take longer than a couple of hours to get them all.

Part 3: Universe Mode
Most of these have to be done with a CAW, but a few of them don't. Some have said that title wins for the I Like Titles and Grand Slam achievements can be split between several CAWs, but I was not able to get this to work so I recommend just using one. Check the guide for some tips/suggestions.

Part 4: Online
The only one of these that is annoying is the You've Got Fans achievement. Sometimes it will take a while for the downloads to register, so don't panic if the achievement doesn't unlock right away. Leave the game alone for a few hours and the downloads should be there when you come back.

Note: You need the online pass to get most of the achievements. This pass comes with new copies of the game, or you can purchase it from the marketplace. The 7 day trial that comes with used/rental copies will not let you into Community Creations.

This is a pretty easy game to complete, but the controls do take some getting used to (especially if you've played the recent SvR titles). After getting used to the controls, though, this game should make for a fairly enjoyable achievement hunt. WWE '12 is definitely one of the best wrestling games in recent years.

Arena Designer15
Create one arena in Create-An-Arena.   (16) 

Refer to Custom Logo Wizard.

Look! Look at my Titantron!15
Use a movie created in Custom Entrance Video in an entrance scene (Single Player)   (19) 

First, go into Entrance creation under the Creations submenu. Next, go to Custom Entrance Video and choose a CAW. You should have at least one (Jacob Cass) if you have played RTWM prior to this. A list will come up, but all the slots will say "EMPTY" - this is normal. Just press and give it a name if you want. Now, on the next page, hit Accept and to confirm. The video will start encoding, which will take approximately 10 minutes. When it's done, start a match using the CAW - make sure the entrances are turned on.

Unique Original Story15
Create a story that includes a Custom Superstar or Custom Arena   (5) 

Go into the story creation mode and set up a match with your CAW, press , then save. As soon as it is finished saving, you will get the achievement.

Note: You can't use a downloaded CAW for this - it must be your own creation.

Custom Logo Wizard15
Apply a Custom Logo to a Custom Superstar, Video, or Arena   (4) 

First, go ahead and create a logo from the Creations submenu. Next, go to the Create an Arena option in the submenu and add the logo you just created to the arena. Save it and you will get both this and Arena Designer.

Creative With The Moves15
Create a front, top rope and corner finishing move in Custom Finisher Move   (4) 

The finisher creation mode is located in the Creations submenu. You have to create one of each type. As soon as you save your last finisher, the achievement will pop.

Use COMEBACK ability to increase momentum to MAX (Single Player)   (30) 

Refer to This Combo is Lethal.

The WWE Arrives at a New Arena!15
Hold an Exhibition at a Custom Arena (Single Player)   (6) 

Start a match in an arena you've created The achievement will pop as soon as you get to the loading screen.

Submission Specialist30
Win 20 times with submissions in one session (Single Player)   (18) 

Refer to Professional Material.

Wildman of the Ring15
Break 20 tables, ladders, or chairs in one session (Single Player)   (7) 

Refer to Berserker.

Break 50 tables, ladders, or chairs in one session (Single Player)   (17) 

You can do this in one match if you want, or split it up. It says "one session," but I got these over two sessions spread over a couple of days. Anyway, I suggest doing an Extreme Rules or TLC match so you can add some variety via ladders and tables; trying to get these achievements only using chairs will make them feel so much more tedious than they actually are.

Win at least once on Hard difficulty or higher (Single Player)    (4) 

Refer to Professional Material.

Professional Material30
Win 20 times on Hard difficulty or higher in one session (Single Player)    (8) 

The following method will get you Challenger, The Art of Submission, Submission Specialist, Professional Material, and Destroyer.

Create a story with a normal match and make one of the competitors user controlled and the other COM controlled. Now make the COM controlled's body damage all red (press while on the character selection). Set the difficulty to hard under match conditions. Now copy/paste the match 19 times. You should be able to win instantly with any submission.

Legend Status Accomplishments50
Win 50 times on Hard difficulty or higher in one session (Single Player)    (68) 

Refer to Master of the Brawl.

Start as a Pro15
Win using a Custom Superstar in WWE UNIVERSE (Single Player)   (3) 

Just win one match using your CAW in Universe mode.

Rolling Now!15
Build momentum up to 75% in WWE UNIVERSE using a Custom Superstar (Single Player)   (4) 

Refer to I Aint Losing to Anyone!

I Ain't Losing to Anyone!15
Build momentum up to 100% in WWE UNIVERSE using a Custom Superstar (Single Player)   (2) 

You will get these by winning matches and titles. I got mine after a few months. You can check your progress by going into the "Edit Superstar" menu in Universe mode. Each superstar has a meter on his/her information 'bar'. This is what you are trying to raise.

Note: You can get the meter up by simming, but the achievements won't pop until you actually play a match.

I'm Gonna be Champion15
Become #1 Contender for a Championship in WWE UNIVERSE using a Custom Superstar (Single Player)   (1) 

The fastest way to do this is to put yourself in matches with the champion and win. Interfering in the champion’s matches also seems effective. As soon as you are put in the match, all you have to do is win and the achievement will pop. You can’t get this by simming.

First Step of a Glorious Career20
Win one Championship title in WWE UNIVERSE using a Custom Superstar (Single Player)   (10) 

After you win your #1 contender match, you will be put in a title match at the next PPV. Win and you will get this achievement. You can’t get this by simming.

I Like Titles30
Win 3 championship titles in WWE UNIVERSE using a Custom Superstar (Single Player)   (22) 

Refer to Grand Slam Champion.

Grand Slam Champion50
Win 5 championship titles in WWE UNIVERSE using a Custom Superstar (Single Player)   (53) 

This needs to be different titles, but you don't have to hold all of them at the same time. Titles won through Elimination Chamber matches don’t seem to count toward this achievement. MITB cash-ins and Rumble wins do, though.

I found the fastest way to get this is to make your CAW's overall attributes 100. Now sim to the MITB match and add him into the match. Just sim the match and he will most likely have won. Now you can cash in on any title. Rinse and repeat until you claim the achievement.

The Birth of a Historic Tag Team15
Win or defend one Tag Team Championship in WWE UNIVERSE using a Custom Superstar (Single Player)   (15) 

Create a tag team with your CAW and any other superstar. Then, delete all other tag teams except for the champions. You will automatically be the #1 contenders for the title. You must win the match with your CAW.

Mr. Money in the Bank15
Win the Money In The Bank match in WWE UNIVERSE using a Custom Superstar (Single Player)   (10) 

Press when you have the match selected on the card and customize the participants; replace any of the six participants with your CAW. You can’t get this by simming. This match can be a pain, but try to go for the title while the other participants are fighting. As long as you can get in one or two tugs before being knocked down, you will be in good shape.

A Successful Cash In15
Cash in Money In The Bank in WWE UNIVERSE and win using a Custom Superstar (Single Player)   (24) 

To cash in, highlight the match with the champion of the title you want and press . You should get a prompt asking if you'd like to cash in. Select 'Yes' and the match will start after a brief cutscene.

If you edited your CAW into the MITB match to get the other achievement, you most likely won't get the option to cash in. To fix this, just sim to the next MITB PPV. Make sure your CAW is holding a title and then sim the MITB match (do NOT add your CAW into the match again). Have the MITB winner cash in on your CAW. Play the match as your CAW and win. This will make the achievement pop.
Thanks to CelticWarriorDB for finding this method.

Note:You can ONLY cash in on default titles (WHC, WWE, US, and IC [non-classic]). If you change ALL titles for both shows, you won't be able to cash in at all. Thanks to doomey for pointing this out.

WrestleMania's My Destiny!30
Win a Royal Rumble match at Royal Rumble PPV in WWE UNIVERSE (Single Player)   (5) 

Just win the Royal Rumble with any superstar – it does not have to be a CAW. You can’t get this by simming.

My target at WrestleMania is...!15
As WWE UNIVERSE Royal Rumble winner, participate in the Royal Rumble Winner's Event   (25) 

On the first Monday after Elimination Chamber, the event will be listed as the fourth match on the card. Press to play the event. Attack either superstar for the achievement.

You don't actually have to play in the RR in order to get this achievement, so you can sim to this if you accidentally miss it your first time around.

A Man Destined to Be a Champion15
Win the final match at WWE UNIVERSE WrestleMania PPV (Single Player)   (2) 

Just play the last match on the card of WM as either superstar. This does not have to be done with your CAW.

Superstar Contender15
Win a Superstar match at the WWE UNIVERSE Draft Event (Single Player)   (10) 

The Draft is the first Monday (Raw, unless you changed it) after WM. Just play and win one of the matches labeled "WWE DRAFT MATCH". Sometimes the changes you make to Universe mode (shows, rosters, titles, etc.) will cause the draft matches not to show up at WM. If this happens to you, just start a new save on a different memory unit (or use the cloud storage) and sim to the monday after WM.

Declaration of War15
Interfere in an AI vs AI WWE UNIVERSE fight and beat one opponent (Single Player)   (3) 

Highlight any match on the card and press to interfere. Attack one of the opponents with a finisher () and then walk over to the referee. Press to wake him up to count the pin.

Interfere in an AI vs AI WWE UNIVERSE fight and beat all opponents (Single Player)   (7) 

Refer to Declaration of War, but attack both opponents.

Start Xbox LIVE NXT!15
Play in an Xbox LIVE match (Player match/Ranked match)  (18) 

All you have to do for this achievement is play any match over Xbox LIVE – you don’t even have to win.

A Creator is Born15
Upload one creation to the WWE Community Creations  (6) 

Simply upload one of the creations you made earlier and add a unique keyword so it will be easy to find when you go for the You've Got Fans achievement.

Review 5 or more items on Community Creations  (14) 

Before you are allowed to review something, you first have to view or download it. Just do this five times.

Create your own show in WWE Universe   (13) 

In Universe mode, you are allowed to customize any of the shows on the schedule. You can change the titles, name of the show, arena, and rosters. To change one or all of these things, go to the schedule and highlight one of the shows. Press and the customization menu will come up. Make some changes and then hit SAVE.

This Combo is Lethal!30
Perform a Wake-Up taunt, hit your finisher, and then win via pinfall (Single Player)   (10) 

The following method will also get you the COMEBACK!!! achievement:

Set up a story as a superstar who has the comeback ability (Orton, Cena) against anyone of your choice. Give both you and the opponent red body damage. As soon as the match starts, press to use the comeback ability, then again to start the sequence. Hit all the correct buttons and you will get your signature and get the COMEBACK!!! achievement. Hit your signature, do a wake up taunt (), hit your finisher, then go for the pin to unlock this achievement.

Against the Odds15
Win a ONE ON THREE FREE BRAWL (Single Player)   (11) 

After playing RTWM, you should be a pro at these free brawls. If you have any trouble with this, turn the reversal sliders all the way down (Options -> Match Options -> Balancing -> A.I. Reversals) and set the difficulty to easy. You can do this with the story mode method.

Worked the Limb15
Use the limb targeting system to attack the same part 10 times in one match (Single Player)   (6) 

Use the limb targeting system to attack the same part 10 times in one match (Single Player)

To use the limb targeting system, you need to press and hold while in a grapple and then hit either , , , or while still holding .

Secret Achievements
Finished VILLAIN Episode!30
Complete VILLAIN episode in ROAD TO WrestleMania (Single Player)    (20) 

Refer to Finished HERO Episode!!!

Finished OUTSIDER Episode!!30
Complete OUTSIDER episode in ROAD TO WrestleMania (Single Player)    (2) 

Refer to Finished HERO Episode!!!

Finished HERO Episode!!!50
Complete HERO episode in ROAD TO WrestleMania (Single Player)    (12) 

These stories are time consuming, each taking several hours to complete. I suggest putting the difficulty on easy as some of the handicap brawls and matches can be quite frustrating, and turning entrances off to save time – plus, I doubt you want to watch the same entrance 30 times. These achievements will pop at the end of each of their respective stories.

For Whom the Bell Tolls15
Pin or submit Undertaker in the WrestleMania arena on Legend difficulty (Single Player)    (34) 

This is the same as last year’s achievement. You can do this in either UNIVERSE or Exhibition mode. If you have any trouble with this, you can turn the reversal sliders all the way down in the options menu. Also, you can do this in ANY match type so I recommend an Extreme Rules match.

The Art of Submission15
Win by applying a submission to a heavily damaged body part (Single Player)   (3) 

Refer to Professional Material.

Well Scouted15
Reverse an opponent's finishing move (Single Player)   (6) 

This one can be kind of tricky because a lot of the finishers are hard to time. After some playing around, I found that the Rock Bottom was fairly easy to reverse and got it after only a couple of tries.

Thank You Edge15
Win 37 times with Edge in one session (Single Player)   (45) 

Refer to Master of the Brawl.

Inflict heavy damage to opponent's head, arms, and legs (Single Player)   (5) 

Heavy damage is when the body part is red.

You should get this in the Villian RTWM story when you're attacking Cena. He starts off with all red limb damage, so a few attacks on him should give you the achievement.

Alternatively, you will get this when you go for the session achievements and/or Master of the Brawl (assuming you use the methods listed in the guide). Since the opponent's body will be all red, the achievement will pop as soon as you land your first attack.

That's gotta hurt!15
Win a FREE BRAWL by throwing your opponent through the window (Single Player)   (9) 

Refer to Master of the Brawl.

Master of the Brawl30
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.   (68) 

The following method will get you Thank You Edge, Legend Status Accomplishments, and Master of the Brawl.

In the story creation mode, set up a Free Brawl match with Edge and a superstar of your choice. Again, like in the Professional Material description, make the opponent's damage all red and change the difficulty to hard. You will need to copy and paste this 44 times, changing the arena to match the number of KO locations in each hall (e.g. 13 for Hallway South, 5 for Hallway North, etc.; you can find a list below). Also, I suggest turning "Instant Start" to on and "Victory Animation" to off. You don't have to inflict any damage at all now - just whip your opponent to one of the KO positions and hit , , , or . Now repeat 43 more times and you're done!

If you don't want to create your own story, you can download one via Community Creations. The name of the story is Master of the Brawl and you can find it by searching these keywords: x360a, master, brawl.

Here are all of the locations:

Hallway South – 13 locations

  • Silver crate in front of red crate by front right side
  • Black crates towards opposite of red crate by front right side
  • Blue crate beside black crates
  • Single black crate on left side
  • Stacked black crates by single black crate on left side
  • Yellow roller on left side
  • Stacked crates opposite side of yellow roller on left side
  • Grey door
  • Black and red crates stacked on each other on right side
  • Concrete wall slab behind black and red crates on right side
  • Single silver crate opposite concrete wall slab on right side
  • Stacked blue and silver crates to right of blue door in corner on right side
  • Blue Door 

Hallway North – 5 locations

  • Open wall area left of West hallway
  • Black crate
  • Silver crate
  • Grey door
  • Soda machine

Hallway West – 10 locations

  • Double doors
  • Far wall left
  • 2nd blue door on left
  • Middle of wall left
  • 1st blue door on left
  • Front part of wall left
  • 2nd blue door on right
  • Middle of wall right
  • 1st blue door on right
  • Front part of wall right

Hallway East – 8 locations

  • Glass window
  • Wall beside glass window
  • Gray door
  • Blue door by glass window
  • Yellow roller
  • Black crate by yellow dolly
  • Blue door
  • Black crates against wall by blue door

Parking Lot – 8 locations

  • Blue car in front on left side
  • Blue barrels on left side
  • Black car on left side
  • Grey truck on left side
  • Red car in front on right side
  • Black car on right side
  • Front side of SUV
  • Back side of SUV
Reach the Ropes!15
Crawl to the ropes during a submission (Single Player)   (10) 

Play against an opponent with a submission finisher (like Daniel Bryan) and let them beat on you until they hit the finisher. Now hold in the direction that the ropes are closest to you while also rapidly pressing , , , so you don’t tap out. If you are on top of the ropes when the hold is put on you, the achievement should pop immediately. Some of the submissions don't seem to allow you to crawl or get the achievement when you are on top of the ropes. Del Rio's arm bar is one that I know of for sure that doesn't work. So just play it safe and go against Daniel Bryan.

Merciless Attack15
Injure an opponent in WWE UNIVERSE (Single Player)   (28) 

This achievement is 100% luck based. One way to get this is to interfere in every match on the card and attack one of the competitors repeatedly with finishers. After a few matches, it's possible to get the achievement.

You've Got Fans!30
Content you uploaded to Community Creations is downloaded 5 or more times by other players  (1042) 

Just as it says, you need to have five people download something that you have uploaded in the Community Creations section of Xbox LIVE. As soon as you have 5+ downloads, go into Community Creations and the achievement will pop.

Alternatively, you can have one profile download the item then delete and download it again, etc. until it has been downloaded five times. This is good if you have multiple gold accounts or if you just don't want to worry about finding five different boosting partners.

Note: If the achievement isn't popping and you are sure you have 5+ downloads, go into the "My Info" section (under Community Creations) and see if it says you have enough downloads. Sometimes it will take a while for this to update, so don't panic. Leave the game for a few hours or days and when you come back, the downloads should be updated.

You can find boosting partners here.

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US November 22, 2011
Europe November 25, 2011

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