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Guide By: Preykousis
There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 
- Offline: 38/45 (820/1000)
- Online: 7/45 (180/1000)
- Approximate amount of time to 82010-15 hours
Approximate amount of time to 180: 3-4 Hours (If Boosted).
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 9 
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None, but an additional controller is recommended.


Welcome to WWE All Stars! THQ's arcade twist on the WWE Universe. The Achievements for this game are all extremely easy to obtain and come in next to no time. You're going to need to play all 3 Path of Champions as the Ultimate Warrior as well as John Cena and 1 with your Created Superstar. You will then need to complete all 15 Fantasy Warfare matches as both Superstars & Legends. Then you'll need to defeat the entire roster as Triple HUltimate Warrior and your Created Superstar. The final step is the online.

Step 1 - Fantasy Warfare:
I recommend that you start the game by playing all 15 matches within Fantasy Warfare. You will need to complete this mode to unlock all the Superstars and Legends in the game. Work your way through the list playing each fight twice before moving onto the next (1 fight as the Superstar, the other as the Legend) match up.

Upon completion of this mode, you should have earned both "Old School" and "Legend Killer." There's also a chance you may pick up other match related Achievements during these matches.

Step 2 - Path of Champions:
NOTE: I strongly recommend that you keep a list of ALL Superstars & Legends that you've defeated as the Ultimate Warrior, Triple H & your Created Superstar during your Path of Champions playthroughs as these characters as it will help later on. For tag matches and elimination matches, only the people you pin or K.O. yourself count towards your list.

Now, assuming you've created a Superstar and got your "The Next WWE Superstar" Achievement, choose him/her for your first Path of Champions playthrough, it doesn't really matter which, just choose one. When you finish, you'll have unlocked "Rising Star."

Now go ahead and select John Cena and play all 3 paths. When you finish, you should unlock "The Champ is Here!," "The Apex Predator," "Breaking the Rules" & "Facing the Deadman" Achievements. You also may have unlocked several match related Achievements depending on your play style.

Finally, pick the Ultimate Warrior and play all 3 paths again. Although keep noting down which people you defeat yourself as I noted earlier, this will make things easier on yourself later. You won't receive any more Achievements yet for doing this.

Step 3 - Online:
Now find a boosting partner here before starting.

You will need to win 50 matches in total to receive all victory related Achievements online, 10 of which need to be consecutive. This is the point where both players really need all the characters unlocked by completing Fantasy Warfare.

It's best for one player to win all 50 matches in one go, then the other. For your first match, both players should select their Created Superstars and one player should then unlock In the "Spotlight" & "The New Face of Cyberspace" Achievements after they win the first match.

Now with the same player winning as before, have the losing opponent hit you with a chair or other weapon 5 times so they get disqualified, this should net the winning player the "Winner by Default" Achievement.

Now the winning player only has 48 more matches to win. This is the point where the winning player needs to select the Ultimate Warrior and consult his/her list of defeated characters as him. Have the losing player choose a different character each match until you unlock "The Ultimate Achievement." As soon as this happens, the winning player should switch to Triple H and have the losing player choose a different character every match while the winning player notes down who they've defeated as Triple H.

Once the winning player reaches 10 victory's, they will unlock the "Enhancement Talent" & "You Can't See Me!" Achievements. Continuing on, the winning player will unlock "Mid Carder" at 25 wins & "Main Eventer" at 50 wins. Now it's time to switch places and repeat all of Step 3.

Step 4 - Clean Up:
Now it's time to defeat the remaining roster as Triple H & your Created Superstar to net you "The King of Kings" and "The Bottom Line" Achievements.

Once that is done, you'll just need to mop up some match related Achievements and maybe some Secret Achievements to complete your 1000, please refer to the Achievement descriptions below to see how to get these.


[x360a would like to thank Preykousis for this Roadmap]

Running Wild20
Performed 50 successful finishers in any mode over the course of the game.    (5) 

You simply need to perform 50 finishers in total across the game for this Achievement. You perform a finisher by tapping or holding  +  when the finisher bar is full, this bar is located to the left of your health bar.

Perform finishers on opponents when their health bar is flashing red to K.O. them, doing this 25 times will unlock the "Make Them Humble" Achievement above when winning the match via K.O.

Born to Fly20
Performed 10 successful regular aerial moves in a single match.    (1) 

You may want to choose a high flyer, but it's not necessary. Climb one of the turnbuckles by pressing while facing it, then press  to perform an aerial attack. It'll pop during the match after your 10th successful attack.

Five Moves of Doom20
Executed five signature moves in a single match.    (5) 

Very easy. Just try to keep your moves varied to fill up your energy bar as fast as possible. Use grapples then strikes, then grapples again. You can store up to 3 signatures at one time. Press  +  or  + to activate a signature. Do this 5 times and it'll pop during the match.

Won a match against the CPU without losing any health.   (21) 

Check out this video, it's the best method for this Achievement and will also unlock "Layeth the Smacketh Down!" if done correctly.

WWE All Stars - Dominating Achievement Guide - YouTube


Layeth the Smacketh Down!20
Won a match in under 2 minutes.    (9) 

Check out the video for "Dominating." You should unlock both in the same match with ease.

Punch Drunk20
Landed at least 100 strikes in a single match in any mode.    (5) 

Simply keep striking your opponent with  and/or  until the Achievement pops. Don't attempt any grapples during the match to also unlock "Slobberknocker" as seen above. Once you have hit 100 strikes and the Achievement has unlocked, execute a signature on the opponent and then pin them.

Man of 1000 Holds25
Won a match without using any strikes.    (8) 

Simply don't use any strikes on your opponent. Stick to grapples, signatures and finishers and you'll unlock this Achievement.

Won a match without using any grapples.    (4) 

See "Punch Drunk."

Make Them Humble25
Won 25 matches by knockout.    (3) 

See "Running Wild."

Five Star Rating20
Achieved a five star rating while facing the CPU.   

See "Mark of Excellence."

Mark of Excellence20
Earned a gold medal while facing the CPU.   (1) 

You need to earn a Gold Medal against the CPU. Medal score is based on 3 categories:

  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Technique

The maximum medal you can earn is Platinum, but you only need Gold. Platinum is achieved at 15 stars (5 Star in each category) but you only need 12 total stars for Gold. You should obtain this Achievement with ease at some point during your play.

The Apex Predator20
Completed the Superstars Path of Champions.    

Just complete the Superstars Path of Champions to unlock this. You will have to fight in 10 matches, the final facing Randy Orton for the title.

Breaking the Rules20
Completed the Tag Team Path of Champions.    

Now we get a change of scene with this path, tag matches. 10 matches as with the other paths with the end fight against D-X. You can choose any partner you wish, but choosing Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage would net you Mega Powers once you win a Tornado Tag match variant which you will come across. Alternatively, you could select Roddy Piper & Drew McIntyre which would score you "The Pride of Scotland" Achievement once you win a Tornado Tag.

Facing the Deadman20
Completed the Legends Path of Champions.    

Very similar to Randy Orton's path. Simply play all 10 matches ending in defeating the Undertaker in the last match.

The New Generation10
Defeated a Legend with a Superstar.     

Defeat any Legend as a Superstar. This will come naturally with the other Achievements.

Showing Them How It's Done10
Defeated a Superstar with a Legend.     

Defeat any Legend as a Superstar. This will come naturally with the other Achievements.

Rising Star20
Completed Path of Champions with a created Superstar.    

Complete any 3 of the paths as your Created Superstar, this will take you 10 matches and should take you 45 minutes to an hour. Remember to note down who you beat for later.

Reversal of Fortune15
Performed at least 5 grapple reversals during a match.    

You need to wait for your opponent to execute a grapple on you. Wait until the move is in progress then press  when prompted. Do this 5 times in one match and this will unlock.

Chain Gang15
Performed a combo at least 5 moves in length.    

Very easy, you'll obtain this in your first few matches. String together a combination of strikes and/or grapples for this.

The Next WWE Superstar10
Made a created Superstar.   (2) 

Just make a Superstar, this should be the first Achievement you unlock if you're following my Road Map.

Old School15
Completed all Fantasy Warfare matches as a WWE Legend.    

You need to complete all 15 matches as the Legends. Here is the list below:

  • Andre The Giant
  • Bret Hart
  • Eddie Guerrero
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Jake Roberts
  • Jimmy Snuka
  • Mr. Perfect
  • Randy Savage
  • Ricky Steamboat
  • Roddy Piper
  • Sgt. Slaughter
  • Shawn Michaels
  • Steve Austin
  • The Rock
  • Ultimate Warrior
Legend Killer15
Completed all Fantasy Warfare matches as a WWE Superstar.    (1) 

You need to complete all 15 matches as the Superstars. Here is the list below:

  • Big Show
  • CM Punk
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Edge
  • Jack Swagger
  • John Cena
  • John Morrison
  • Kane
  • Kofi Kingston
  • Randy Orton
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Sheamus
  • The Miz
  • Triple H
  • Undertaker
Over the Top15
Won a Steel Cage match.    

See "I'm Your Papi!."

Suck It20
Won a Tornado Tag Team match as Triple H and Shawn Michaels.    (5) 

As the description states, simple.

Mega Powers20
Won a Tornado Tag Team match as Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage.    (4) 

As the description states, simple.

The New Face of Cyberspace20
Defeated a created Superstar in a Xbox LIVE match with your own created Superstar.  (16) 

Beat another Created Superstar online with your own. Can be done in player or ranked, but I suggest boosting these like mentioned in Step 3 of the Road Map. If you also refer to Step 3, you should get this alongside In the "Spotlight."

Main Eventer50
Won 50 Xbox LIVE matches.  (81) 

On your way to winning these 50 matches, you should get all the above online Achievements. Please refer to Step 3 of the Road Map for more information on these Achievements.

You Can't See Me!50
Won 10 consecutive Xbox LIVE matches.  (74) 

See "Main Eventer."

Comeback of the Year20
Won a match when your Superstar is at zero health.    (2) 

To do this, your health bar needs to be flashing red. Simply destroy your opponent until they are almost out, then let them beat you down until your health bar is flashing red. Now quickly win anyway you please, but be quick as your health will turn solid again after a short period of time.

Beating the Odds15
Won a Handicap match.    

See "Booyaka Booyaka."

Totally Extreme!15
Won an Extreme Rules match.    

This match will come naturally during your Legends Path of Champions story.

He's Got a Chair!20
Landed at least 10 successful strikes with an object in a single match.    

Choose the Extreme Rules match variant and then simply grab any weapon you please and hit 10 successful strikes on the opponent, very easy, each weapon has 4 strikes in them.

In the Spotlight15
Won an Xbox LIVE match.  (2) 

Just win an online match, can be done in player or ranked, but I suggest boosting these like mentioned in Step 3 of the Road Map. If you also refer to Step 3, you should get this alongside "The New Face of Cyberspace."

Last Man Standing15
Won a Fatal 4 Way Elimination match.    (2) 

This match will come naturally during your Legends Path of Champions story.

The Champ is Here!50
Completed all three Path of Champions as John Cena.    (22) 

For this Achievement, you just need to complete all 3 Path of Champions which totals in 30 matches as John Cena. this should take you 1-2 Hours on Rookie difficulty.

Enhancement Talent20
Won 10 Xbox LIVE matches.  (4) 

See "Main Eventer."

Mid Carder25
Won 25 Xbox LIVE matches.  (10) 

See "Main Eventer."

The Bottom Line50
Defeated the entire WWE All Stars roster with a single created Superstar.   (16) 

Defeat all 30 characters on the roster using your Created Superstar. If following the Road Map above, you should have unlocked all 30 characters by now via Fantasy Warfare. Refer to "The King of Kings" above or the Road Map for the best method.

The King of Kings50
Defeated the entire WWE All Stars roster as Triple H.    (20) 

Defeat all 29 characters on the roster as Triple H. Do this in 1 vs. 1 or Fatal Four Way Elimination (if done this way, make sure to eliminate everyone yourself), refer to Step 3 of the Road Map for more info.

The Ultimate Achievement75
Defeated the entire Roster and all three Path of Champions as The Ultimate Warrior.    (32) 

You need to complete all three paths as the Ultimate Warrior just as you did with John Cena. Except you also need to defeat the entire roster which is 29 characters. Best way to get this is online, refer to Step 3 of the Road Map above. If you choose to do this offline, either defeat the remaining roster in 1 vs. 1 or in a 4 man elimination match, just make sure you pin or K.O. each man in the fight yourself.

Secret Achievements
Winner by Default10
Won a Xbox LIVE match due to opponent's disqualification.  (53) 

You need to win an online match by disqualification. Can be done in player or ranked, but I suggest boosting these like mentioned in Step 3 of the Road Map. If you also refer to Step 3, you can get this in your first match with the previous 2 Achievements, or do it in the second match, it's your choice.

Attitude Problem10
Got disqualified in three consecutive matches.    (3) 

Load up a standard 1 vs. 1 match, exit the ring and grab a chair from under the ring by pressing  while pushing the  away from the ring. Hit the opponent 5 times with the weapon to get disqualified. Do this 3 times in a row.

Booyaka Booyaka10
Defeated Andre the Giant and Big Show in a Handicap Match as Rey Mysterio.    (6) 

This is very hard, maybe the hardest on the game if done legit. The best thing to do is to keep your distance, use taunts when possible and focus on one at a time until you can K.O. them as a pin-fall will be next to impossible. Easiest way to get this is with a second controller. Simply place the second controller as one of the opponents and then beat the CPU that is attacking you. Easy. You should also unlock "Beating the Odds" at the same time.

I'm Your Papi!10
Defeated Rey Mysterio in a Steel Cage match as Eddie Guerrero.    (12) 

Once you've unlocked Eddie Guerrero, select a Steel Cage match against Rey Mysterio. All you have to do to win, is beat your opponent down, and attempt to climb the cage by walking towards a wall and pressing. Once at the top, play the mini game by getting the arrow in the sweet spot 5 times to escape. You'll also unlock "Over the Top" at the same time.

The Pride of Scotland10
Won a Tornado Tag Team match as Roddy Piper and Drew McIntyre.    (1) 

As the description states, simple.

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US March 29, 2011
Europe April 01, 2011

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