WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Hishy
There are 39 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 6/10

Offline Achievements: 36

Online Achievements: 3

Glitched Achievements: Supposedly 'Man of 1004 Holds'. Yet to be officially confirmed.

Approximate Time Until Maximum Completion: 15 Hours+

Minimum Number of Playthroughs: 5 Road to WrestleManias

Number of Missable Achievements: 0

Number of Difficulty Affected Achievements: 3

Do Cheat Codes Affect Achievements: No

Step 1: WWE Universe
Get straight into creating your wrestler. Make sure his move set includes a powerful pin combination move for one of the achievements. You can put him on Raw or Smackdown, either would do. Also, edit the roster so there are only a couple of people. Use the WWE Universe to get accustomed to the slightly modified controls and the move set of your created character.

Step 2: Road To WrestleMania
Once you've racked up the WWE Universe achievements, head right into Road To WrestleMania. Start with the 'Vs. Undertaker' story, using your created character. For most of the matches, try to use your pin combination grapple move to win.

Step 3: Misc.
After you've earned the achievements for the RTWs, and the WWE Universe, mop up any achievements you have remaining, e.g. 'Don't Try This At Home' & 'For Whom The Bell Tolls'.

The Excellence of Execution10
Defeat 50 opponents using pin combination grapple moves (Offline).   (59) 

This move isn’t like the pin moves from previous Smackdown titles, this time, during the move, you must press  to initiate the pin.

If you followed what was said in the Road Map, you would have a strong Pin Combination move for your Created Superstar, and you would be using it a lot during the ‘VS. Undertaker’ Road To WrestleMania. If that’s the case, you just need a few more matches using the Pin Combination move before you get the achievement.

Try a battle royal that’s not over the top rope, as you can get between 1-5 pins each match. However, if you haven’t got a Pin Combination move on your created superstar and/or haven’t used it in the VS. Undertaker, just use Undertaker’s finisher (Tombstone Piledriver) or Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio is the best option as he has lots of regular grapples, a signature move, and a finisher – all of which are a pin combination.

Caught Slipping10
Win a match in which you successfully use a leverage pin (Offline).   (39) 

The best way to get this achievement is to set the difficulty to Legend, set the A.I Standing Grapple Reversal Rate to 100% and set the match to Extreme Rules. Use Chris Jericho, and play against Christian. As soon as the match starts, grab a Steel Chair and keep attacking Christian with it until he is holding his head in pain. Then just wait and let him attack you until you are holding your head in pain. Then, irish whip Christian into the ropes and grapple him on his way back. If he reverses it, it will turn into a pin. Finally, get the moving pin meter into the yellow zone to score the leverage pin, and then wait for the 3 count.

Power Of The Punch10
Win a match in which you successfully KO an opponent using a strong strike (Offline).   (9) 

See Backstage Fisticuffs.

Backstage Fisticuffs10
During a backstage brawl, string 3 environmental grapple combos in succession (Offline).   (8) 

This achievement can be unlocked at the same time as 'Power Of The Punch'. First, set up a backstage match with the KO option on. Make sure it is Locker Room A. Then, keep irish whipping your opponent into the TV in the centre of the room (this will unlock 'Backstage Fisticuffs') then hit your opponent with a Strong Strike or two for the KO and for the 'Power Of The Punch' achievement.

Talk About Resilient20
Kick out of The Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver finisher on Legend difficulty (Offline).    (13) 

You can get this achievement at the same time as 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' Simply go into a singles match, on WrestleMania and on Legend Difficulty, and let Undertaker beat on you. As soon as he gets a finisher, take out the referee then let him Tombstone you. Now use skill to kick out.

Another approach is to beat the Undertaker until he does the sit up pose where he automatically gets a finisher. Let him tombstone you and you will be able to kick out easily because he hasn't done any real damage. Sometimes Undertaker executes the Last Ride instead, so you may have to try this method more than once.

For Whom the Bell Tolls20
Pin or submit Undertaker in the WrestleMania arena on Legend difficulty (Offline).    (6) 

You can get this achievement at the same time as 'Talk About Resilient'. Just simply defeat Undertaker. Much easier to pin him then submit him. It will take around two Sweet Chin Music's to defeat him.

Thank You Shawn20
Defeat Shawn Michaels in the WrestleMania arena on Legend difficulty as Undertaker (Offline).    (10) 

Much easier then 'For Whom The Bell Tolls'. Just beat on Shawn Michaels then hit him with a tombstone. The end.

THQ Storytellers10
Create a story in Story Designer with at least 2 moments.   (2) 

Just go into story designer and create a small useless story with two scenes. You don't have to edit them. Then, click on the Story Designer menu and click finish story and the achievement should unlock.

Streak Breaker50
Complete the Vs. Undertaker Road to WrestleMania story on any difficulty.    (4) 

Can be played through as John Morrison, R Truth, Dolph Ziggler, or a Created Character. Try to play through as your created character with a Pin Combination move, to help get the 'The Excellence of Execution' achievement. Complete the Road to WrestleMania for the achievement to unlock.

Randy's Fired50
Complete John Cena's Road to WrestleMania story on any difficulty.    (10) 

Complete the Road To WrestleMania as John Cena.

Runaway Champ50
Complete Chris Jericho's Road to WrestleMania story on any difficulty.    

Complete the Road to WrestleMania as Chris Jericho.

5-Second Pose50
Complete Christian's Road to WrestleMania story on any difficulty.    (5) 

There is a Money In The Bank match during this Road To WrestleMania which will give good practice for the 'Mr Money In The Bank' achievement. Also, it does not matter whether you cash in on Shawn Michaels or Edge. Complete the Road To WrestleMania for the achievement to unlock.

No More Mystery, Yo50
Complete Rey Mysterio's Road to WrestleMania story on any difficulty.    (5) 

Complete Road to WrestleMania as Rey Mysterio.

Champion of Champions50
Using a created character, hold either the WWE or World Heavyweight title (Offline).   (8) 

Simply go to the main menu, click 'My WWE' then click Superstar management. Find your superstar, click on them, then click title settings. Assign the title you need for the achievement to them. You will not unlock the achievement straight away. Go to 'WWE Universe' and simulate each week until a championship match appears. Once you defend the title you assigned, the achievement will unlock.

US Champ10
Using a created character, win the United States Championship in WWE Universe (Offline).  (2) 

See Champion of Champions.

Intercontinental Champ10
Win the Intercontinental Championship in WWE Universe using a created character (Offline).   (3) 

See Champion of Champions.

Unified Tag Champs10
Win the Unified Tag Team titles in WWE Universe using a created character (Offline).   (3) 

See Champion of Champions.

Mr. Money in the Bank50
Win the Money In The Bank match in WWE Universe using a created character (Offline).   (5) 

First, just keep beating on everyone with a ladder. Click the right analog stick then spin it to clear the ring out. Place the ladder in the centre of the ring and climb it. Just hold onto the case for a while then jump down before you are tossed over. Now just keep on repeating again and again. All you need to do is keep trying, without letting the AI controlled players climb the ladder. Clear the ring, climb the ladder, grab the briefcase, jump down. Rinse and repeat.

Note: You will not be assigned straight into the Money In The Bank match unless you've won the majority of all your matches. Simply edit all the superstar's rosters until there's only enough for the Money In The Bank match, then you will be guaranteed a spot in the match.

A Successful Cash In20
Cash in Money In The Bank in WWE Universe and win using a created character (Offline).   (29) 

Straight after winning the Money In The Bank, when you return to the match card, scroll down and click on the main event then cash in and win.

A Student Of The Game10
Complete 50% of the tips in the Practice Arena.   (1) 

See Magna Cum Laude.

Magna Cum Laude50
Complete all of the tips in the Practice Arena.   (24) 

This achievement can be believed to be hard, but it's actually quite easy. Just connect a second controller and go through each tip one by one. Keep checking the checklist (My WWE > Practice Arena > Practice Checklist) to help see which one's you've yet to complete. If you don't have a second controller, complete most of them without it. Then, with the remaining tips, set the A.I setting to Easy and set them up. It will take slightly longer, but it's the best option if you don't have another controller.

The Last Man Standing100
Win a Royal Rumble match on Xbox LIVE.   (162) 

Go on Ranked Match or Private Match and get a friend to join, and then start the match. Eliminate all the A.I controlled players then tell your friend to let you win.

Way To Contribute10
Upload at least one item of created content to each category of Community Creations.  (75) 

To unlock this achievement you must upload the following:

  • Created Wrestler
  • Created Moveset
  • Created Finisher
  • Paint Tool
  • Highlight Reel
  • Screenshot
  • Created Story

To do so, simply create a wrestler, edit a canon wrester's moveset, create a finisher, create some paint tool data, save a replay and make a highlight reel out of it, screen shot a replay and create a story. Then, go on Xbox Live and click community creations then upload.

Secret Achievements
The Magic Number10
Win a match in which you successfully pin an opponent (Offline)   (3) 

Simply pin an opponent.

Well Scouted10
Reverse an opponent's finishing move (Offline).   (10) 

Just as your opponent is about to use their finisher, press .

Button Mash Expert10
Win a collar and elbow mini-game (Offline).   

When you and your opponent grapple each other at the same, you go into a mini-game in which you have to bash . Win the mini game to unlock the achievement.

Worth Having To Re-Climb10
Perform a successful ladder finishing move (Offline).   (4) 

Just get enough momentum to have a finisher then climb up a ladder. When your opponent climbs up, tap and the achievement unlocked.

That'll Shorten Your Career10
During a Hell in a Cell match, perform a wall destroying finisher (Offline).   (3) 

When you have enough momentum for a signature move, lead your opponent to the cell wall nearest to the commentator table, and tap .

Man of 1004 Holds100
Perform a total of 1004 signature and finishing moves in an mode of play (offline)   (148) 

A contentious and time-consuming achievement. This method has worked for most users.

Game options:
Difficulty: Easy;
Camera Cuts: Off;
Momentum Bar: Fast;
Reversal AI: OFF

Character: Sheamus
Match: Ladder
Opponent: Rey Mysterio
(I removed allies and enemies from both Rey & Sheamus so no one would jump in)

Altered Sheamus moves as follows:
Ground: Grapple Moves Face Up: Upper is KNEE DROP 3
Signature: Boxing Ground Punch
Finishers: Face Stretch 2

Once you wear down Rey enough, you'll basically only have to do Knee drop, sig, finish, knee drop, sig finish, repeat repeat repeat. (You'll probably start off having to do Knee drop, stomp square button, signature, finisher)

Should pop in under two hours.

Win Or Lose, At Least You Tried20
Play a Royal Rumble match on Xbox LIVE to its conclusion.   (21) 

Just complete a full royal rumble match, it doesn't matter if you win or lose.

Unhealthy Obsession With Wood20
Destroy 50 tables (offline)   (18) 

This one will take longer then 'Chairs Upside Your Head' just keep trying. Best thing to do is put the table in the corner of the ring as it is easier to destroy.

Sign Of The Times10
Create an original crowd sign using the Paint Tool.   (6) 

Create any paint tool image, then once you've made your superstar; go to crowd signs and the last page will have the image. Select it and finalize.

Please Don't Try This at Home50
Push an opponent off a ladder, so they fall out of the ring and through a table (Offline)   (54) 

Set up a Fatal Fourway TLC match on Easy difficulty. Place two tables outside one side of the ring so that they cover most of the area around that side of the ring, then set up the ladder inside the ring near the ropes. Climb the ladder and someone SHOULD climb the other side. Once someone climbs up the other side, jump down and push the ladder over ( + toward ladder). It took me a few times but it works.

This method also works for the Worth Having to Re-Climb achievement. Just get your finisher, climb the ladder, wait for someone to climb up the other side and press .

Chair Upside the Head and Unhealthy does not have to be done in one match.

Creative With The Moves10
Create a front, top rope and corner finishing move in Create A Finisher.   (2) 

Just go into Create a Finisher and create any random finisher, no matter how long it is, for each of the desired opponent's states above.

Pinning's Not The Only Way10
Win a match in which you successfully use a submission (Offline).   

You should get this really easily. Just keep damaging an opponent on a specific body part, e.g: head, arms or legs. Once you think they are damaged enough press  and follow the on screen instructions.

Original Brand Logo10
Create an original brand logo using the Paint Tool.   (9) 

Create any paint tool image then go to My WWE, then Superstar Management. Click on any superstar then click on the brand logo and choose custom brand then click your paint tool image.

One Step Closer To The Gold10
Become no#1 contender for any title in WWE Universe using a Created Superstar (offline)   (14) 

Keep winning matches until your number 1 in the contender rankings, then win the No#1 Contenders match.

Check for Splinters10
Put an opponent through a table using a corner top grapple move (offline)   (10) 

First, seriously injure your opponent then put a table near the turnbuckle. Irish whip your opponent into the corner, and lift them up on the turn buck then move the right analog stick in any direction to use a grapple move. If the table was positioned correctly, they will go through the table.

Chairs Upside Your Head20
Destroy 50 chairs (Offline).   (17) 

Just keep on using the chair standing grapple attack as this destroys the chair.

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US October 26, 2010

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