X-Blades Achievement Guide

Guide By: SetsunaFSeiei
There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 37 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate time: 14+
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Glitched achievements: None
- Cheats: None

X-blades is a fun Hack and Slash action-adventure game about a treasure hunter named Ayumi who stumbles upon the ruins she longed to find. After making it into the ruins, she immediately finds the treasure that she was searching for. Upon touching the treasure , a curse is cast upon her and so you must venture around the small ruins to get rid of this curse.

Playthrough 1:
You can start the game on whatever difficulty you want , Normal or Hard , I recommend Hard to better prepare yourself for the damage you will be inflicted with on Pro, but if you wanna go for it on Normal, go ahead because they both unlock Pro difficulty when you finish. During your first play through you can go for 920 , if you're playing it on Hard. Use this play through to get every achievement besides the two Pro achievements. During this playthrough make a separate save file once you have around 15000 souls and on that save file , purchase the dark spells for your dark related achievements. This should take about 7 hours depending on how well you can catch on to playing the game

Playthrough 2:
Nothing carries over on this playthrough, except your monster kills for your "Famous Monster Eliminator" achievement. Once you've unlocked Pro, you will get to choose from two armors to start with on Pro, More Defense or Regeneration, whichever fits your method of fighting. In Pro, you can just rush through all the stages, don't worry about artifacts or anything. Just buy your normal spells and proceed on. Keep in mind that in Pro you get much more damage dealt and whenever you buy items to heal the cost is double.

I recommend this game for rental, don't waste your 60 dollars on such a short game. If you're a completionis , you will surely get your full 1000 .
[x360a would like to thank Setsuna x360a for this Road Map]

Easy Walk10
Complete game at normal difficulty       
See "Everyday Business"
Everyday business 20
Complete game at Hard difficulty       
You can go ahead and play through right away on Hard to get both your Easy and Hard achievements for the story. It will be hard if your switching from Easy to Hard but i recommend starting at Hard to help prepare yourself for Pro. It's hard at the beginning until you get more than enough souls to keep you alive.
Tough fight 30
Complete game at Pro difficulty      
This is unlocked after beating the game on Pro difficulty. It is very much harder than the other two, but I recommend going though the game on hard first to keep you prepared for all the damage you'll be taking.
Oops, are you OK? 10
Kill your first monster    
During the Tutorial, there will be an ambush. Just kill one monster and this is yours.
Annoying fly 10
Kill a monster in the air using blades    
During the tutorial you can jump up and slash the aerial monsters it tells you to shoot, but you must double jump to hit them (,,).
Take that! 10
Execute your first combo    
After getting your first melee upgrade it will display a combo, but if you simply slash down the monsters throughout the game it will be sure to pop up.
Can't touch me 40
Complete level without losing your health    
See "Can you EVER touch me?"
Can you EVER touch me? 60
Complete 6 levels without losing your health    

The easiest way to get this is by playing through these levels, dont worry about getting it early on as it might just be a waste of your time.
  • Deadly Passage
  • Dead Passage (Evening)
  • Blades of Death
  • Blades of Death (Evening)
  • Underground Hall
  • Finale
You will return to certain areas during the game and if I'm not mistaken, they will count again toward your untouched levels. See "Flawless Victory" for Underground Hall, and during the Finale, simply barrage the boss with Light blasts. When your rage is down, press select and heal with Max Rage from items, quickly press and continue.
Flawless victory 50
Win a boss fight without losing your health    
Manually Save to be safe before this achievement. After the Hall of Columns level, you'll be in the Underground Hall where it displays the only way to defeat the boss. DO NOT enter the arena, the Boss will keep running against the door so it cant reach you. Stay all the way back and keep hitting the actions displayed which are (,,) and you should get your Flawless victory.
Magic woman 40
Complete level using only magic    
Pick a level where you wanna only use magic. Do this achievement early on in the game before the harder monsters start appearing, for this achievement you CAN NOT slash or shoot at all.
Being good is easy 20
Complete game with a “good” ending at Normal difficulty       
See "Its hard to be a good girl"
Good girl 30
Complete game with a “good” ending at Hard difficulty       
See "Its hard to be a good girl"
It's hard to be a good girl 50
Complete game with a “good” ending at Pro difficulty      
For this achievement, DO NOT buy any Dark spells throughout the game.
Servant of the Dark 10
Learn all Dark spells    
See "Dark Side"
Light adept 10
Learn all Light spells    
Learn the following light spells, they'll all be easy to buy once you progress more through the game.
  • Lightform
  • Light Blades
  • Ray of Light
  • Flash of light
Finish him 50
Defeat The Dark One at The Dark Temple    
Kill off the Dark One's minions and then barrage him with Ice spells. Don't stop for a minute. If your rage is going down, just press and use the item Rage to heal, press and continue. Keep doing this until he's dead, he wont be able to do anything if you keep going...
Counter impossible 30
Get IMPOSSIBLE hit counter    
During the second level, once the ground monsters appear, wait for a large group to come together at you and then start slashing them nonstop. Make sure one doesn't stop and hit you, just keep slashing until you hit IMPOSSIBLE hit counter.
Dark side 20
Execute Dark form for the first time    
Easiest way to do this is to make a seperate save file during your main playthrough. As long as you have around 15,000 souls and Dark ball in spells to buy, save in the seperate file, load it up and buy Dark Ball, Dark Rage, and Finally Dark Form. Youll get your "Servant of the Dark" achievement, bind your Dark form and activate it for "Dark side".
Light side 20
Execute Light form for the first time    
You will be able to use the Light form after defeating the Dark form. It'll show up in a display box to use it.
Lock and load 50
Learn all shooting improvements    
Buy the following upgrades, do not worry about the cost because you'll have more than enough souls as you progress.
  • Furious Shooting
  • Furious Bullets
  • Wide shot
  • Improved Wide Shot
  • Mega Shot
  • Improved Mega shot
You do not have to buy wide shot or Mega shot, as they are given to you at a certain point in the game.
Let's go shopping 30
Use every item at least once    
Simply use the following items once they are all unlocked
  • Healing
  • Max Healing
  • Rage
  • Max Rage
Nice silver thingie 20
Collect 3 silver artifact parts     
See "Master of all Skills"
Nice gold thingie 20
Collect 3 gold artifact parts     
See "Master of all Skills"
Nice ruby thingie 20
Collect 3 ruby artifact parts     
See "Master of all Skills"
Shooting master 20
Get maximum Shooting upgrade level     
See "Master of all Skills"
Melee master 20
Get maximum Melee upgrade level     
See "Master of all Skills"
Airstrike master 20
Get maximum Airstrike upgrade level     
See "Master of all Skills"
Master of all skills 50
Get maximum Shooting, Melee and Airstrike upgrade level     
For all Artifact locations, look at this thread.
Unbelievable metabolism20
Upgrade health regeneration level to maximum    
See "I'm so special"
I'm so special 20
Learn all Special Form upgrades    
Upgrade 3 levels in Health Regeneration and Special Form from your Item screen.
Monster hunter 10
Kill 100 monsters    
This will come naturally as you play the game.
Monster killer 20
Kill 1000 monsters    
This will come naturally as you play the game.
Famous monster eliminator 50
Kill 10 000 monsters    
If you haven't unlocked this once you've gotten to Hall of Columns, simply go back and keep playing the level. You get at least 400 kills each time so you should easily get to 10,000. All your kills are cumulative from all your save files and can be seen whenever you leave an area in your stats.
Soul collector 10
Collect 5 000 souls    
See "The best soul collector"
Great soul collector 20
Collect 50 000 souls    
See "The best soul collector"
Epic soul collector 30
Collect 5 000 000 souls    
See "The best soul collector"
The best soul collector 50
Collect 50 000 000 souls    
For all the soul achievements, they are NOT cumulative so you must have that many in your soul count. You should get the first 3 Soul achievements naturally. If you haven't gotten to 50 million by the Hall of Columns, play through it as you get around 14 million per round. This level also helps for monster kills.

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Japan April 30, 2009

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