X-Blades Achievement Guide

Guide By: Munsie
There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 37 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate time: 14+
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Glitched achievements: None
- Cheats: None

X-blades is a fun Hack and Slash action-adventure game about a treasure hunter named Ayumi who stumbles upon the ruins she longed to find. After making it into the ruins, she immediately finds the treasure that she was searching for. Upon touching the treasure , a curse is cast upon her and so you must venture around the small ruins to get rid of this curse.

Playthrough 1:
You can start the game on whatever difficulty you want , Normal or Hard , I recommend Hard to better prepare yourself for the damage you will be inflicted with on Pro, but if you wanna go for it on Normal, go ahead because they both unlock Pro difficulty when you finish. During your first play through you can go for 920 , if you're playing it on Hard. Use this play through to get every achievement besides the two Pro achievements. During this playthrough make a separate save file once you have around 15000 souls and on that save file , purchase the dark spells for your dark related achievements. This should take about 7 hours depending on how well you can catch on to playing the game

Playthrough 2:
Nothing carries over on this playthrough, except your monster kills for your "Famous Monster Eliminator" achievement. Once you've unlocked Pro, you will get to choose from two armors to start with on Pro, More Defense or Regeneration, whichever fits your method of fighting. In Pro, you can just rush through all the stages, don't worry about artifacts or anything. Just buy your normal spells and proceed on. Keep in mind that in Pro you get much more damage dealt and whenever you buy items to heal the cost is double.

I recommend this game for rental, don't waste your 60 dollars on such a short game. If you're a completionis , you will surely get your full 1000 .
x360a would like to thank SetsunaFSeiei for this Road Map

Easy Walk10
Complete game at normal difficulty  

See “Tough fight” for more information and game tips.

Everyday business 20
Complete game at Hard difficulty  

See “Tough fight” for more information and game tips.

Tough fight 30
Complete game at Pro difficulty (2) 

To unlock “Pro” difficulty, you must first complete the game on either Normal or Hard. Normal will allow for a faster run-through, but Hard will better prepare you for the damage taken on Pro. Once you've completed the story on Pro, this achievement will unlock.

General Tips:

  • Take your time if necessary, none of the levels have a time limit and enemies don't regain health.
  • Don't be afraid to run around for a little while to regain health as it does come back slowly (or quickly with the purchase of health upgrades).
  • If needed, replay a level to gain more souls for an upgrade, remember that you receive more souls on later levels though.
  • You can complete most boss fights by keeping your distance. Don't take damage if you don't need to.


Oops, are you OK? 10
Kill your first monster  

During the first (tutorial) level, you will encounter a handful of enemies. Defeat any of these enemies (easiest with your sword attack: ) and the achievement is yours.

Annoying fly 10
Kill a monster in the air using blades  

To defeat an enemy with an aerial attack, simply jump up () and repeatedly press attack () to unleash multiple attacks. This can be done on the first (tutorial) level against the six-winged enemies the game prompts you to shoot at. Simply double jump and attack (, , ). Any six-winged or ghost throughout the game will be a sufficient kill to unlock this achievement at a later point in the story however.

Take that! 10
Execute your first combo  

After collecting 3 of the same colour (silver, gold or ruby) artifact, you unlock an upgrade to enhance either shooting, melee or aerial attacks (respectively). The easiest combo to use is the first aerial attack upgrade which requires you to press +. Use the attack once and the achievement is yours. You don't have to worry about missing this as the game forces you to use a combo attack later in the game.

Can't touch me 40
Complete level without losing your health  

See "Can you EVER touch me?"

Can you EVER touch me? 60
Complete 6 levels without losing your health (2) 

While playing through the game you can attempt to complete the levels without getting hit, but don't stress to much as there are a few that make it easier. The seven commonly used levels are listed below, you will only be able to complete six without taking damage.

  • Deadly Passage
  • Deadly Passage (Evening)
  • Fork in the Road
  • Blades of Death
  • Blades of Death (Evening)
  • Underground Hall
  • Finale

For more information on Underground Hall see “Flawless Victory”.

For Finale, simply pin the boss down with repetitive casts of the skill "Ray of Light". As soon as you enter the room activate Light Form (works best with all the 'Special upgrades') and begin casting Ray of Light over and over again. It will consume very little rage, once you run out hit Back and purchase a 'Max Rage' from the Items tab. Continue hitting the boss with Ray of Light and he should eventually go down without damaging you.

When you first enter one of the above listed areas, make a manual save ( -> Save Game) so you can retry easily if you mess up. Remember any level works, if you find a particular area easy, try to get it there in case you have a lot of trouble with another.

Flawless victory 50
Win a boss fight without losing your health  

When you reach the level “Underground Hall” (which is the second last stage) proceed down the hallway until you reach the door to the main arena. Do not enter the arena, but stay against the wall where you can still see the monster run back and forth past the door. The game teaches you to use the combo , , which you'll need to use to defeat this boss. You can use this combo over and over again until the boss dies without ever entering the room. Making a manual save before attempting this can be beneficial in case you walk into the room by accident.

Magic woman 40
Complete level using only magic (1) 

Complete a whole level using ONLY magic. You cannot slash or shoot at all for this achievement, not even to open pots or destroy health/rage crystals, keep those fingers off and . The easiest way to get this achievement is on one of the earlier levels with fewer and weaker enemies. This achievement cannot earned on the first level as you need to kill a few monsters to get souls to buy your first two spells.

It can however be completed on the second level where you fight The Light in the temple. A viable strategy is to run as far away as you can from the boss and Pangos, then hold down your button for fireball until it charges and casts, keep repeating this process. Remember to hold to lock onto the boss to avoid hitting his minions and wasting your rage.

Being good is easy 20
Complete game with a “good” ending at Normal difficulty  

See "Its hard to be a good girl"

Good girl 30
Complete game with a “good” ending at Hard difficulty  

See "Its hard to be a good girl"

It's hard to be a good girl 50
Complete game with a “good” ending at Pro difficulty  

To unlock these achievements you must complete the game on the corresponding difficulty WITHOUT purchasing any dark spells. These achievements stack so it is suggested to use dark spells on your first playthrough, but not during your Pro difficulty playthrough. It can be tough to get through the first few levels of Pro without any dark magic, but fire should do the trick just as well.

Servant of the Dark 10
Learn all Dark spells (1) 

Purchase all 3 dark spells from the upgrade menu. Buying the previous spell unlocks the next. Make sure not to do this on your second playthrough with the “good” ending as buying any dark spells will void your progress.

The dark spells are as follows:

  • Dark Ball
  • Dark Rage
  • Darkform

Alternatively, this will unlock once you enter the All Skills cheat located HERE.

Remember NOT to do this in your "GOOD" play through cause it will unlock all dark spells and effect your ability to earn the "GOOD" ending.

Light adept 10
Learn all Light spells  

Learn all four light spells available in the game to net this achievement. They become available later on in the game (somewhere around the halfway point) and must be purchased in order.

They are as follows:

  • Lightform
  • Light Blades
  • Ray of Light
  • Flash of Light

Alternatively, this will unlock once you enter the All Skills cheat located HERE.

Remember NOT to do this in your "GOOD" play through cause it will unlock all dark spells and effect your ability to earn the "GOOD" ending.

Finish him 50
Defeat The Dark One at The Dark Temple  

To complete this level you'll first have to kill the bosses minions (it's easy to find them as they're tethered to him by a string of black magic). Once he's alone the easiest way to kill him is either a barrage of ice spells or a combination of freezing The Dark and then hitting him with Shining Sword.

Counter impossible 30
Get IMPOSSIBLE hit counter (3) 

While using your blades you will receive a combo on the right side of the screen for each subsequent hit without taking damage. To reach the “IMPOSSIBLE” hit counter, you'll need to reach a combo of 160. There are quite a few instances where you will be ambushed by the standard lizard-like monsters (called Pangolin Warriors), just keep hitting (don't let up) and be sure to dole out the damage evenly to ensure none of them manage to hit you.

Dark side 20
Execute Dark form for the first time  

Use Darkform for the first time to unlock this achievement. To acquire this you will first need to purchase Dark Ball and Dark Rage from the upgrades menu. Make sure not to do this on your “good” playthrough as it will void the achievement.

Light side 20
Execute Light form for the first time  

Around the midway point of the game when you defeat the darkness within you, the ability to learn light spells will be unlocked. When you've acquired lightform (check the upgrades menu after this fight), activate it once to net this achievement.

Lock and load 50
Learn all shooting improvements  

Purchase all gun-related upgrades from the upgrade menu. Some of these are quite expensive but you should have no trouble buying them all by the end. The gun upgrades are as follows:

  • Furious Shooting
  • Furious Bullets
  • Wide Shot
  • Improved Wide Shot
  • Mega Shot
  • Improved Mega Shot

You don't have to purchase Wide Shot or Mega Shot as they'll be given to you during one of the 'training' levels where the game forces you to use a certain technique.

Alternatively, this will unlock once you enter the All Skills cheat located HERE.

Remember NOT to do this in your "GOOD" play through cause it will unlock all dark spells and effect your ability to earn the "GOOD" ending.

Let's go shopping 30
Use every item at least once  

Use each of the “Items” in the upgrade menu to unlock this one. You will need to use 'Healing' and 'Rage' which are available at the start of the game, and then 'Max Healing' and 'Max Rage' when they become available later on in the game. You need to have health missing in order for the use of health to count for this achievement.

Nice silver thingie 20
Collect 3 silver artifact parts  

See "Master of all Skills"

Nice gold thingie 20
Collect 3 gold artifact parts  

See "Master of all Skills"

Nice ruby thingie 20
Collect 3 ruby artifact parts  

See "Master of all Skills"

Shooting master 20
Get maximum Shooting upgrade level  

See "Master of all Skills"

Melee master 20
Get maximum Melee upgrade level  

See "Master of all Skills"

Airstrike master 20
Get maximum Airstrike upgrade level  

See "Master of all Skills"

Master of all skills 50
Get maximum Shooting, Melee and Airstrike upgrade level  

You will need to get level 3 shooting, melee and aerial upgrades. This requires 9 of each artifact type, luckily there are 10 or 11 of each so you can miss a few. Most of them aren't hidden very well, so take your time and these achievements should be yours. If you happen to miss an artifact in a level, simply find the door to return to the previously level and continue your search. For a location of all artifact locations, see this thread.

Unbelievable metabolism 20
Upgrade health regeneration level to maximum  

To reach maximum health regeneration you will need to purchase all 3 health upgrades from the “Items” tab in the upgrade menu. These can be fairly costly (the last being six million from what I recall) but they are certainly worth saving up for, especially on Pro difficulty as they cause your health to refill faster.

I'm so special 20
Learn all Special Form upgrades  

To reach maximum special form you will need to purchase all 3 special form upgrades from the “Items” tab in the upgrade menu. Just like the health regeneration upgrades, these do get fairly expensive. These upgrades allow you to stay in either Darkform or Lightform longer which helps tremendously for boss fights where the main strategy is “use this attack a lot.”

Monster hunter 10
Kill 100 monsters  

This comes naturally as you play the game, I believe most people will unlock this sometime during the third level. Any types of kill count.
See “Famous monster eliminator” for more info about kills.

Monster killer 20
Kill 1000 monsters  

This achievement will unlock before you finish your first playthrough of the story. Any kills count towards this.
See “Famous monster eliminator” for more info about kills.

Famous monster eliminator 50
Kill 10 000 monsters (1) 

You will not have 10,000 kills by the end of your first playthrough, but kills carry over between all save files. Even by the end of your second playthrough however, most players will not have the full 10k. There are plenty of methods to grind out extra kills by replaying levels, the most popular of which being to replay the stage “Hall of Columns” (third last level). You get between 350-450 kills each time you complete the area, so grinding out the last few thousand can be done there.

A new method which claims to be faster is on the level “Entrance To The Castle.” Make sure you have purchased the spell “Lightning Range” and proceed to either the left or right area where the Ghost spawner can be found (large red orb). Ghosts will continue to spawn and you can cast Lightning Range on them for quick kills without damaging the spawner. Having level 3 health regeneration helps.

Soul collector 10
Collect 5 000 souls  

See "The best soul collector"

Great soul collector 20
Collect 50 000 souls  

See "The best soul collector"

Epic soul collector 30
Collect 5 000 000 souls  

See "The best soul collector"

The best soul collector 50
Collect 50 000 000 souls (1) 

Getting the first three soul achievements should come naturally as you play (the mini-boss enemy from Hall of Columns gives 5,000,000 himself). However saving up 50,000,000 doesn't always happen accidentally. Souls don't carry over from playthrough to playthrough so if you reach the Finale without having 50 million, simply return to the Hall of Columns to rack up a few more.


  • Keeping a high multiplier will give you a multiplier on all the souls you collect (the maximum being 5x souls).
  • Defeating the Galapago (mini-boss) in Hall of Columns with a multiplier of 4x or 5x can potentially net you this achievement in one kill.
  • If you're not much of a gun user, hold off buying the gun upgrades until after you hit 50,000,000.
  • Remember that the farther in the game you are, the more souls each enemy will give you.

Alternatively, Just use the All Skills cheat 50 times listed HERE. Each time you use it you acquire 1 million souls.

Remember NOT to do this in your "GOOD" play through cause it will unlock all dark spells and effect your ability to earn the "GOOD" ending.

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US February 17, 2009
Europe February 20, 2009

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