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This Achievement is awarded when the player profile accumulates 950 achievement score    

Unlock every other achievement in the game, and this will unlock automatically.


Walkthrough for Sentinel Tech and Weapon X Files

Note: There are no Sentinel Tech or Weapon X Files in the first 3 missions (the training missions). There are 5 Sentinel Tech and 1 Weapon X File in every level except these. Everything is in order of appearance.

Generator Room: Nightcrawler

Sentinel Tech
1. Take the stealth approach and run towards the end of the pipe, you can't miss it.
2. To the left of the panel that that opens the door to the control room.
Weapon X File- Floating in the rear corner of the control room.
3 & 4. Near the top of the large room at opposite ends. An enemy guards each piece on the high platforms.
5. On the same rail as the first control panel. Head down the rail once you find the control panel to locate the last piece.

Alkali Lab: Wolverine

Sentinel Tech
1 & 2. Located in plain sight against the two right corners of the room.
Weapon X File- Proceed to the back left of the room where you destroy the transformers. It's by the corner of the wall.
3. After destroying the first transformer, a piece appears at the base of the giant Sentinel head.
4. After destroying the second transformer, another piece appears at the base of the giant Sentinel head.
5. After destroying the third transformer, the last piece appears at the base of the giant Sentinel head.

Holding Pens: Wolverine

Weapon X File- When attempting to destroy the door control panel, you'll come across a hallway with a door on the left. Go through the door and break down the rear wall, kill the enemies, and grab the item.
Sentinel Tech
1. After eliminating the Hydra in the first holding pen, smash the crates in the back and find the piece in one of the crates.
2. When you enter the room with the rocket launcher soldier, smash the crates on the right wall and retrieve the piece.
3. Instead of heading down the stairs ahead, go through the door on the right and proceed around the path. Then go down the stairs and to the end of the basement where you'll find the piece.
4. As you enter the room at the bottom of the stairs, destroy the barrels and boxes at the back of the room.
5. Before exiting the level go through the door on the right and run to the end of the corridor where the two soldiers were firing from.

Testing Center: Wolverine

Sentinel Tech
1. There are two barrels located next to the right door in the testing chamber. Smash them and retrieve the piece.
2. After leaving the testing chamber, there are two barrels next to the wall directly behind the two rifle-wielding enemies. Smash them.
3. There is a long metal table inside the room with the three electric club soldiers. Smash it.
4. In a gap to the left of the turret.
Weapon X File- In the final room, it's hidden behind a silver trunk in the middle of the back wall.
5. Hidden in the last area against the rear right wall.

Hanger: Wolverine

Sentinel Tech
1. Before going into the tornado, grab the piece in front of the hangar directly to your right when you start
2 - 4. Continue down the same corridor. Check the sides and the walls for three other pieces down here.
Weapon X File- Hidden inside a desk at the back of the main fighting area. You can see it glowing inside the desk. Smash the desk and get it.
5. After you enter the tornado, it's located in the back and to the right inside some crates.

Launching Bay: Nightcrawler

Sentinel Tech
1. Hovering directly in front of you when you start.
2. There is a secret platform directly across from the control panel. After opening the door for Colussus, teleport to the platform.
3 - 5. The last three are at the top of 3 out of the 4 shield generators. Teleport to the top of each generator to grab these.

Weapon X File- In the room with the generator shields go to the front left of the room. It's next to the corner of the wall.

Dark Cerebro: Nightcrawler

Sentinel Tech
1-4. Located on the upper platforms around the edge of the interior area.
5. Located on the ground under a support beam.
Weapon X File- Located on the ground in the center of the map.

Fission Plant: Iceman

Sentinel Tech
1. When you start do a 180 and dive low. It's under a building on the left.
2. Keep going in the same direction until you reach the water. It will be underneath an electrical tower.
3. On top of the lighthouse near the cooling towers.
4. If the cooling towers are behind you, fly toward the right side of the island. It will be underneath the bridge.
5. Face the cooling towers and float over the building where Pyro's fires are burning. It's located between two small buildings on the left.
Weapon X File- Directly underneath the two metal pipes that connect the cooling towers.

Coolant Tunnels: Iceman

Sentinel Tech

1. Just before the room with the coolant tanks, in between two pillars at the entrance. You can't miss it.
2. After the cut-scene, behind the large pipe on the left against the back wall.
3. After sealing the coolant leaks continue the chase and toward the end of the tunnel there are two electrified platforms that move in sequence. It's floating between these two platforms.
4. After entering the room with the Freon gas pipes, locate the broken platform to your lower right. It's behind the platform.
5. After escaping the Freon tubes room and the timer starts, stay to the left side of the passageway. It's floating near a pillar on the left.
Weapon X File- While flying out of the final series of tubes to the exit, look for a series of two moving platforms. After the first set there are two electrified fences on the right, It's floating between these two fences.

Fire Serpent: Iceman

Sentinel Tech
1. When you start turn left, it's located in the middle of the electric tower area.
2. Go back to the middle where Pyro is standing, float over the top and dive down to the crevice on the left.
3. From there turn right and fly to the Reactor Shield, on the other side of the dome.
4. Head back to the fire serpent, just to the right of the two coolant towers is a structure on the ground with a bulkhead door on the front. It's just in front of the door.
5. Fly around the rightmost coolant tower and circle around the back of the Fire Serpent, it's behind the light towers on the edge of the facility.
Weapon X File- Turn away from the fire serpent and head for the rightmost group of toxic waste, When you are directly above them, do a 180 and it will be near the back side of the building ahead.

Castle Gatehouse: Wolverine

Sentinel Tech
1. In the middle of the outside area, behind a fence.
2. Next to the rear wall, towards the left, outside.
3. Towards the top of the screen around the wooden gate, toward the top left corner.
4. Inside, on the nearest side of the right wall, smash the dresser.
5. By the back wall, inside.
Weapon X File- Inside a dresser against the top wall of the room.

Zen Garden: Wolverine

Sentinel Tech
1. At the base of the tree near the rear wall, after entering the first wave of Hydra. Destroy the tree and grab the item.
2. In the center of the first Nexus.
3. Located to the left of the gate in the garden after destroying the first Nexus.
4. In the back left corner of the area with the second Nexus.
Weapon X File- In the rock garden just to the right of the second Nexus.
5. At the end of the walkway before fighting the Wind.

Brooklyn Bridge: Nightcrawler

Sentinel Tech
1. Platform on the right from the starting point.
2. Teleport to the middle bridge, on the bridge support on the right.
3. Turn around and run down the center of the bridge and you'll see the third piece.
4. From there, look to the right and teleport to the telephone pole. It's floating above.
5. Teleport back to the center of the bridge and run to the other end of the bridge.
Weapon X File- From the starting point, look up to the middle platform and it's located at the back of the raised area above the bridge.

Multiple Man: Nightcrawler

Sentinel Tech
1-5. Scattered around in plain sight.
Weapon X File- In plain sight on top of a tank just behind the level start point.

Warrior Dojo: Wolverine

Sentinel Tech
1-5. In plain sight around the sides of the room.

Weapon X File- in plain sight against the rear wall.

Lady Deathstrike: Wolverine

Sentinel Tech
1. When you start run up to the display cabinet with the shotgun helmet and smash it.
2. In the cabinet directly to the right form the first piece.
3. Behind the far side of the staircase leading up to the balcony.
4. Run up the stairs, it's in the wooden alcove to the right.
5. Run up the opposite set of stairs to the bottom of the screen. It's at the bottom of the leftmost corner.
Weapon X File- Against the left wall of the lower area.

Silver Samurai: Wolverine

Sentinel Tech
1-5. Located inside crates on the edges of the level.
Weapon X File- In the right section of the level.

Kowloon Highway: Iceman

Sentinel Tech
1. Floating off to your right when you start, in the courtyard.
2. Halfway through the second tunnel, behind the flaming van in the middle.
3. In the second courtyard, just to the left of the entrance to the third tunnel.
4. Just to the left of the center road in the open area.
5. In the middle of the fourth tunnel, stay in the middle and you won't miss it.
Weapon X File- Right after the cut-scene, Iceman will do a 180, dive low immediately to get it.

Downtown Kowloon: Iceman

Sentinel Tech
1. From the starting point turn left, it's in the middle of a circular area.
2. After grabbing it do a 180 and look for a glass corridor, it will be underneath.
3. Just to the left is a burning bus, it's behind the bus.
4. Go down the road that cuts through the middle with burning buses along. Go toward the ocean and near the end of the road turn left, it will be floating above the sidewalk behind the building
5. Continue around and turn right down the road, it will be underneath the left side of a glass bridge.
Weapon X File- Straight ahead from the level start.

Giant Sentinel: Iceman

Sentinel Tech
1. From the starting point, go straight and look for the courtyard off to the right, it will be floating in the middle of the courtyard.
2. Turn around and head to the train track in the middle, it will be floating under the track.
3. Continue straight until you come across another courtyard to your left, it wil be floating the middle of the courtyard.
4. Keep going and it will be in the last courtyard on the left.
5. Turn back to the train track in the center and glide underneath to collect the final piece.
Weapon X File- On top of the train track in the middle of the level.

Augmentation Room: Wolverine

Sentinel Tech
1-5. Around the wall, run along the wall to collect all the pieces.
Weapon X File- Just behind the rear of the tank.

Master Mold Interior: Nightcrawler

Sentinel Tech
1. From the first rewiring, head all the way down the pipe.
2. Directly behind the second set of broken wires when rewiring the secondary panels.
3. After destroying the first power node, it's floating on the outside rails of the platform on the other side of the node.
Weapon X File- On the top tube when traveling to the second power node.
4. Before leaving the second power node run down the pathway on the left, it's at the end.
5. Across from the third power node on the outside railing.

Master Mold Reactor: Iceman

Sentinel Tech
1. Near the first series of Sentinel Mines, floating at the bottom.
2. In a room with Seeker Mines flying in a circle, in the middle of this room and mines.
3. In the second room with Seeker Mines flying in a circle, in the middle of the room but a bit higher.
4. In the third open room floating in the center towards the end of the tunnel.
5. Floating at the bottom of the Control Core chamber.
Weapon X File- At the bottom of the Control Core chamber on the opposite side of the last Sentinel Tech piece.

Telepurgatory: Nightcrawler

Sentinel Tech
1. Directly behind you when you start.
2. From the start turn to the right and teleport to the back wall.
3. Just above one of the long wooden branches that connects each of the sections.
4. Behind one of the Guardian Crystals.
5. In the middle of the map, near the back of the lower ravine.
Weapon X File- When you start turn left go straight down into the area below. it will be straight ahead.

Sabretooth: Wolverine

Weapon X File- In the middle of the lower combat area
Sentinel Tech
1 & 2. In plain sight on opposite sides of the upper level.
3 & 4. In plain sight on opposite sides of the lower level.
5. At the bottom of the lower level, run down toward the camera until it appears at the end of the hidden platform.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by E vee dub
Thursday, March 10, 2011 @ 05:41:15 AM

Note with the Sabretooth fight:
When he hits you while in his own fury, it gives a huge boost to your fury bar.

The fight is pretty much a fury trade off.
Time that right, and you'll beat him.
Activate your fury (RB) just after he uses his. Use X while in fury mode, never Y.
Beware, he can kill you while you're both in fury mode.

Good luck.

Comment #2 by Snake Charmer
Thursday, October 06, 2011 @ 09:03:44 PM

Yeah that was the only hard part of the game was that fight. Takes a fair bit you eventually get him. Evee is has a good point with the fury. Wish i knew that when i did it.

Also does anyone else hate achievemnts like this where they're achievments for getting achievments? They might as well name it 'Too Lazy To Think Of Decent Challenge'. I like achievemnts for the challenge of getting them. Adds a bit of fun and replayability to games (as long as they aren't stupid collectables like Assassins Creed flags.)... and occasionaly bragging rights on hard games.

Anyway hope you have fun playing and good luck with the Sabretooth fight. He's a bit of a pain!

Comment #3 by ReaptheChaos
Sunday, April 08, 2012 @ 12:46:45 AM

It’s bad enough most of the achievements don’t unlock until late in the game, they’re to lazy to program anything else so they just made an achievement for getting the second to the last achievement. This, combined with those three zero point achievements, rank this in the top five list of stupid achievements in a game.

Comment #4 by artphobia
Sunday, September 02, 2012 @ 10:01:28 AM

This is a game made when developers had no idea what to do with achievements, it was all a new thing at the time.

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