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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 10 (165)
- Online: 2 (35)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 2 - 3 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 6
- Number of missable achievements: 3
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
- Glitchy achievements: 1, Master of Magnet
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Extra controllers recommended

Welcome to X-Men Arcade! The classic arcade game from the early 90's that will ring nostalgia in your ear the entire time you play this timeless game. Marvel and Konami brought this game back from the dead for the XBLA. This game features local and Xbox LIVE co-op, supporting 2-6 players (4 locally, 6 online) for a rampant amount of fun.

The featured characters in this installment are Wolverine, Cyclops, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, and Dazzler. Each one is special in their own way, so mix it up and figure out which one(s) you enjoy the most.

Playthrough 1:
Since you get unlimited amounts of continues (And they don't harm your progress at all), go ahead and make your first playthrough Expert. It will be tough at times, but just use your mutant abilities, don't worry about dying and just chop away at your enemies. Keep in mind that for the all the Sentinels, you can punch them while they're on the ground. This is very helpful for finishing off foes before they have a chance to get back up and hurt you.

On Pyro (The first boss), don't use your mutant abilities at all. This is an easy achievement, as Pyro is a very easy boss. Also, simply use your mutant ability 5 times, and you will net "Xavior Would Be Proud". Finally, don't forget to NOT JUMP on chapter 4, "Cave". It's an easy achievement, but jumping is very tempting.

This playthrough should net you Grounded, Xavior Would Be Proud, Turn Pyro to Toast, X-pertise, Kidnapped, Welcome to Die, and Score Inflation, which is a total of 7 achievements for 100.

Playthrough 2:
Your second playthrough is where you want to get a 6-person team. You can do a combination of both off- and online if you so desire. The two 6 player achievements need to be done online as each Xbox can only sport 4 controllers meaning you would be 2 short. For this playthrough, go ahead and set the game for Japanese ROM, so you can get the "Super Mutant" achievement at the same time. Also, just playing in a 6-player game will net you "Largest Party" and if you get to Mystique, you will also get "You Fell into Our Trap!" That's 3 more achievements unlocked for 45.

Final Playthroughs:
Your last two achievements will come as you play the game with the rest of the characters. If you haven't gotten Bamf yet, find a good friend or two to play through the game on Normal. Just spam your mutant abilities like crazy, and you should easily be able to finish the game in under 25 minutes. I was able to clear it in solo in 29 minutes. Lastly, you just need to defeat Magneto with all 6 characters. Keep track of who you used and just take that boss down! Who's he calling an X-Chicken anyway?!

Possible Glitch Warning:
Sometimes there is a bug in the Master of Magnet achievement in which some characters don't save when you beat level 8 with them. Cyclops is the most common from user reports but sometimes it was Storm or Dazzler. If it does bug on you, then playthrough the entire game again with character that didn't save. You can tell if it didn't save because the saving notification will not show up shortly after beating Magneto.

X-Men Arcade is a flashback of good times, and it's a pretty easy 200 to boot. Kick back, invite some friends, and relive the glory days of when arcade games ruled!

x360a would like to thank UCB Disco and KillerBEA for this Road Map.

Super Mutant10
You took an energy pill.   (6) 
For this achievement, you need to be playing in a co-op game (2-6 players) with the Japanese ROM enabled. Play the game on Normal, as more Energy Pills drop on Normal than on Hard or Expert, and you will naturally see these fall from enemies after killing them. Once you see a large pill with "ENERGY PILL" written in comic letters above it, hover over it and press .
Largest Party10
You played in a 6-player match with five other people.   (15) 
Simply create or join a match with five other players. This can be done with Guest accounts from the same Xbox 360 as well. Two players with three controllers can unlock this achievement instead of six players.
You completed Level 4 without jumping.   (1) 
On Chapter 4, Cave, you cannot press at all, or you'll disqualify the achievement. A nice strategy is to use the button for attack instead of to avoid accidental pushing of the . If you're playing a full playthrough, Chapter 4 begins right after you defeat Wendigo, the white Sabretooth-looking enemy. Professor X will even tell you to go into the cave. As soon as the next chapter starts, the achievement will unlock.
Xavier Would Be Proud!10
You used a mutant power 5 times in one game.   (1) 
Simply use your mutant power five times in one game. To use a mutant power, press . However, you need to be careful. Each time you use your mutant power, it will take anywhere between one to three bars of health, which can really drain you during a run through of the game.
Turn Pyro to Toast10
You defeated Pyro without using any mutant powers.   
Pyro is the first boss of the game and he is by far the easiest and quickest to kill. Avoid pressing for the entirety of the match. This also applies to all co-op partners. If you're playing in a co-op match and are trying to get this, make sure you partners know not to use mutant powers as well.
You learned that Magneto has kidnapped Professor X.   (1) 
Story-based achievement. Can't be missed.
You completed the game in 25 minutes or less.   (17) 
This is actually not a hard achievement at all. If you play in a co-op game with a friend and pick both Colossus and Wolverine, you can clear the game in under twenty minutes. Just continually spam their mutant powers and take full advantage of continues. Just kill, kill, kill and rush, rush, rush.
You completed the game on Expert difficulty.    (3) 
Set the game to Expert and run through the short campaign. The game will have a few more enemies, and you'll only have one life instead of Normal's three. As with the majority of the achievements, take advantage of continues. Since you only have one life on Expert, you'll be using continues more times than you can count.
Master of Magnet30
You defeated Magneto with all 6 X-Men characters!   (33) 
There are some problems with this achievement for some people, but a solution has been found! Play your first playthrough as Cyclops, because for some reason he doesn't save like the rest of the characters. Once you complete a full campaign with Cyclops, you can simply replay Stage 8: Fight Magneto with the rest of the characters and get the achievement.
Welcome to Die!10
You were welcomed to die by the White Queen.   (5) 
Story-based achievement. Can't be missed.
You Fell to Our Trap!25
Mystique tried to fool you and five other players in a 6-player game.   (195) 
Simply create or join a match with 5 other players and begin on Stage 5: Cave Exterior, and right after you defeat Juggernaut, Mystique as Professor X will lure you into her trap. As soon as you fall in, the achievement will unlock. This can be done with Guest accounts from the same Xbox 360 as well. Two players with three controllers can unlock this achievement instead of six single players.
Score Inflation25
You earned at least 250 points in one game.   (4) 
This can easily be earned in a single player game. On Normal, there are about 400 enemies, so you'll unlock this achievement a little after halfway through the story. If you play 2-player co-op on Expert, both players can easily earn this achievement, as there are over 600 enemies in the Expert story.

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