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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 9 (130)
-Online: 3 (70)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 25+hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 play through, plus extra level playthrough
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to Yaris, the free downloadable arcade game from Toyota. There was a reason that this game was free, as its very far from a decent game. Either way, it’s a free game, and you can’t really complain about that. The game basically has you, the player, taking control of a car with a laser in front shooting at various objects as you race around a track.

Although the game is free, it was only on the marketplace for a certain period of time and it has since been removed. If you did not download the game while it was still up, you might as well stop reading now, because you won't be able to get the game.

Playthrough 1:
There are a total of 8 levels in Yaris. After beating level 4 and level 8, you will earn the Arachnosplat! and the Bot in the City achievements, respectfully. Completing each level in one play through will earn you the Can’t Touch This achievement. Completing all levels with a combined time of less than 40 minutes, will earn you the Lead Foot achievement. Playing through each level, you’ll earn coins. Earn 1000 coins, and you’ll unlock the Money Bags achievement.

Although there is online co-op in Yaris, only 3 achievements are required for online play. Playing any race online will earn you the Plays Well With Others achievement. Play level 8, kill the robot, and finish the race and you’ll earn the You Maniacs! achievement. Create or join a match and achieve the highest score, and you’ll earn the Tentacled and Dangerous.

Buying upgrades will help your car go faster, and give your car more health. Upgrade your car’s tires and your car, and you’ll reach speeds of at least 250mph for the Speed Limit achievement. Going faster will also help towards the Lead Foot Jr. achievement. Continue replaying levels and you’ll earn the Full Arsenal achievement. After you've earned all other achievements, its time to grind out the Leader of the Pack achievement. Replaying level 5 is the fastest way to earn coins.

Yaris isn’t at all a hard game to complete, but grinding the Leader of the Pack achievement can be extremely boring and tedious. Just keep playing, and you’ll eventually earn all achievements. Check the Achievement Trading Thread for online partners, if you can’t find anyone to play with. Good Luck!

[x360a would like to thank YUNDER for this Road Map]

Speed Limit10
Complete a track having reached a speed of at least 250 mph. (1) 
On level 8 there are two speed ramps very close to each other. Simply go through both of them without getting hit a bunch. Upgrading your car/wheels does NOT help with this; the default vehicle and wheels go just as fast.
Can't Touch This20
Race all 8 tracks in one sitting and complete the final track with full shields. 
Contrary to what the description says, you do NOT need to finish level 8 with full shields. Simply play through all 8 levels and then play level 1. You can get hit during the level, but make sure to get a shield recharge before the end of the third lap.
Full Arsenal15
Obtain all weapons at least once before exiting the game. 
On level 1 shoot the "iPod"-like enemies and some of them will drop weapons. Ren into them to pick them up. You do NOT need to have all the weapon upgrade slots. If you don't get it on your first run, don't proceed to level 2, but just back out and do level 1 again.
Lead Foot Jr.10
Complete a course in 3 minutes or less. 
Level 1 is the easiest to do this on. Try to avoid getting hit by enemies, and avoid hitting barriers. Speed rams will help you as well. (Remember to push up on the left analog stick to keep you going at max speed after getting hit). Upgrading your car/wheels will NOT help.
Lead Foot20
Complete all 8 courses in under 40 minutes. Only your best career times from each track are used. 
The best way to do this is to play with a friend. In multiplayer you can't die, so you can focus more on hitting the speed ramps instead of having to dodge enemy fire. Again, vehicle and wheel upgrades will NOT increase your speed.
In the level select screen you can only select the levels you've completed in single-player, however if your friend has completed more levels, have him/her host and you can play those levels. Even if you haven't unlocked those levels the game will keep track of your time.
Successfully finish track 4 by killing the Giant Spider boss. 
Best done in multiplayer since you can't die. (Indeed, even if you haven't gotten this far in single player and your friend has, you can have your friend host and go directly to this level.) The best way to avoid taking damage is to stick to the sides and avoid staying in the middle whenever possible. Keep an eye out for shield recharge drops which sometimes drop from random enemies.
The boss will have one stack of smoke billowing out of him when he's at 75% health, two stacks of smoke when he's at 50%, and three at 25%.
Bot in the City25
Successfully finish track 8 by killing the City Transformer. 
Save time and effort by doing this in multiplayer to get the 'You Maniacs!' achievement as well. Once you've beaten level 7 you will be able to select level 8 in multiplayer.
You Maniacs!50
Finish track 8 in any multiplayer game and kill the City Transformer. 
This is actually a very easy achievement since you can't die in multiplayer. However, if you wish to try to reduce your damage, the best way to avoid taking damage is to stick to the sides and avoid staying in the middle whenever possible. Keep an eye out for shield recharge drops which sometimes drop from random enemies.
The boss will have one stack of smoke billowing out of him when he's at 75% health, two stacks of smoke when he's at 50%, and three at 25%. As soon as either one of you defeat him the level will be complete and you'll both get the achievement.
Leader of the Pack15
Save up to 1 million coins. (4) 
I hope you REALLY love this game, because you're going to be here a while. Don't spend any coins upgrading your car or buying new cars. (No upgrades actually make your specs significantly better.) The best level for grinding for coins is level 1. It's very difficult to die (if you die you don't get any coins. Dying in multiplayer removes at least 1000 coins), and while you can get more coins per level on higher levels, you'll spend more time per level. If you're paying attention, you'll get about 2000 coins per run through level 1, taking a little under 3 minutes. (If you're watching TV, or doing something else while you're playing, expect about 1500 coins on average.) You're looking at a minimum of 25 hours of grinding on this one.
Money Bags5
Collect 1000 coins. 
You'll get this in normal play. Each level will give you an average far above this.
Tentacled and Dangerous15
Create or join a multiplayer ranked match and achieve the highest score. (11) 
This should be a piece of cake, but many people are unable to join a multiplayer match. If you're having this problem, have one of your friends invite you to a game and you can bypass the error. Despite what the achievement says, this does not need to be ranked.
Plays Well with Others5
Win or lose, finish a race with another player online. (2) 
Another seemingly easy achievement. If you're having trouble playing online, have one of your friends invite you to a game and you can bypass the error.

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US October 10, 2007

ESRB: Everyone
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