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Guide By: SoG Lord Kratos
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 12 (200)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate time: 5-10 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 + Level replay
- Missable achievements: 0
- Does difficulty affect Achievements? Yes
- Unobtainable achievements: 0
- Extra equipment needed?: 2 controllers
- Cheats: No Cheats

Welcome to Yar's Revenge, a shooter game type known as a Rail-Shooter, which means it doesn't shoot straight forward like the Raiden game series but more alike After Burner Climax where you must control the ship with the left joystick and aim with the right one. Hardcore shooter gamers will go through this game like nothing but the more average shooter gamers will struggle with some achievements a little bit. Much of the achievements can't be done on easy, and all of them can be done on normal (except for the 2 achievements needed in hardcore mode). The campaign can be done in an hour and a half.

Step 1: Complete campaign on normal (95)

Here's some things you need to know before doing campaign: if you want to save yourself 1 or 2 playthroughs I highly recommend you to go for the Bee, Cloned and Cockroach achievements in your first playthrough. So basically you can only press the RT button for all 6 levels (you are allowed to use the Y and B button powerups and you can heal yourself with A as well). This will net you the Bee and Beetle achievements. Keep your second controller close to you, there is a boss at the end of every level, the second you kill a boss press start on your second controller to jump in the game, if the second player is on at the end of every level you get the Cloned achievement. Which means you don't need to do entire levels in coop, you just need to finish every stage on coop. Also, try not to get killed for the Cockroach achievement. A very good tip is to always move in clockwise direction at all times, enemies always shoots at the position you are so by moving in a large clockwise pattern you can pretty much avoid everything. You don't have to do this achievement in one runthrough so keep track of the levels you lost a life in, upon completing campaign you'll be able to level select, just replay those levels again without dying. Finally, when you kill the final boss you'll get the Yars' Revenge achievement.

Step 2: Hardcore mode (45)

Now that you've completed Campaign you unlocked the challenge mode. Pick Hardcore in challenge mode and complete all 6 stages. In hardcore the only difference from the Hard difficulty is that you now have 50 HP instead of a 100. You should be used to this game enough to be able to complete at least level 1 on hardcore without dying to get Reaper. Just use the large clockwise move pattern and save the power-ups for the bosses and you shouldn't have too much trouble getting past all 6 levels on hardcore for the Hardcore achievement. Also, fire missiles with LT and the rail gun with RB the most often as you can while completing hardcore, it'll spare you some racking up later to get the 1000 missiles and 500 rail gun kills. If you use them properly you can pretty much rack up 100-150 missile kills and 50 rail gun kills per stage.

Step 3: Get the miscellaneous (60)

For all the remaining achievements, I suggest doing them in Berserk mode (infinite powerups). Do level 1 without getting hit, it's not as hard as you might think as you can spam infinite seeker power ups (X button) as well as the Defender and Annihilator power ups (Y and B), just do the entire stage moving in a large clockwise pattern while spamming all your power ups for the Gnat achievement. For the 100x combo multiplier do it on stage 2 in Berserk mode, spam the X button from the beginning and with a bit of luck you will reach 100 before the combo expire to get Multiple Madness. You might need a few tries for this but eventually you'll get it. For Boom! where you need to get 20 kills with a single Zorlon Cannon shot look below the achievement description for the best place to do this. After all this just replay any level if you still need some missiles or rail gun kills for Mosquito and Wasp

[x360a would like to thank SoG Lord Kratos for this Roadmap]

Yars' Revenge20
Defeated Queen Raktamalina    

Awarded upon completing campaign (level 6).

Get your multiplier above 100 on Normal or Hard    

Can be done in Berserk mode, start Level 2 and spam infinite seekers , it might take you a few tries but you'll eventually reach 100.

Beat a level in Hardcore Mode without dying   

You can unlock Hardcore in challenge mode once Campaign is completed. At this point, you should be able to complete level 1 without dying without too much trouble, just save your powerups for the boss.

Complete all levels in Hardcore Mode   

Upon completing career you will unlock Hardcore in challenge mode, the only difference between Hard and Hardcore is that in Hardcore you have half of your health. Complete all 6 levels, best to save all of your powerups for the bosses.

Beat the game using only the pulse laser on Normal or Hard    

Start Campaign and do all 6 levels by only pressing , you still can use the Defender, Annihilator and Shields powerups ( , and buttons).

Beat the game without dying on Normal or Hard    

Doesn't have to be in one runthrough, in campaign keep track of the stages you died in and replay them via level selection, once all stages have been done once without dying the achievement will pop.

Beat a level without taking damage on Normal or Hard    

Easier done in Berserk mode, replay level 1 by spamming all of your powerups while moving in a large clockwise pattern at all times and you should get the hang of it and be able to achieve this after a few tries.

Kill (1000) enemies with missiles   

Missiles are thrown while holding and releasing it after targetting multiple enemies, you can lock onto 6 enemies at a time. Each missiles powerups gets you 3 extra shots.

Kill (500) enemies with the railgun   

The railgun can be used with the button, you can only shoot it once at a time and then you must wait a brief cooldown before using it again. This is a 1 shot kill for all types of common enemies.

Beat a boss using only the pulse laser on Normal or Hard    

Simply kill a boss with only the button, you should get this while going for the Bee achievement.

Kill 20 or more enemies in one shot with the Zorlon Cannon   

The best place to do this is in Level 5, at one point you will be told to go up and then to go down, soon after this you will see 3 platforms with 8 arachnids on each, as soon as a new wave of grey type creature appears use your Zorlon Cannon (click and hold down both joystick and release when fully charged) you should get more than enough kills to get the achievement. It's a bit luck based since you have to get 5 random Zorlon Cannon powerups to be able to use it. If you reach this sequence without being able to use the cannon you'll have to restart the stage.

Beat every level in Co-Op Mode   

You don't have to do entire stages in coop, you just need to be in coop when the level ends. In campaign, ready your second controller next to you and as soon as you kill the stage bosses press start to jump a second player in. Do this for all 6 levels to get this.

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US April 13, 2011

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