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Yo Ho Kablammo! Achievement Guide

Guide By: lucas1987
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Cabin boy5
Complete the tutorial.   
The tutorial is located in the Help & Options. It consists of 7 lessons and they are as follows:
Lesson 1(Moving): Collect all 3 waypoints in the middle.
Lesson 2(Boundary): Collect all 3 waypoints before the time runs out.
Lesson 3(Mines): Collect the solo mine in the middle of the map to turn it your color.
Lesson 4(Shooting): Just press & to fire out of the left and right side of your ship.
Lesson 5(Combat): Try and turn your boat sideways and fire the correct cannon to destroy the enemy. It takes about two cannons to kill him. After you kill him, you have to collect the gold that he drops.
Lesson 6(Powerups): Collect the box in the middle. It contains one of many powerups. Once you pick it up, press to use it.
Lesson 7(Boss Battle): You must defeat your enemy to finish this one. Either pick up powerups to help you or just keep trying to hit him with your cannon. Once you defeat him, you get your achievement.
Sailing Pretty10
Win 7 stars in challenge mode.   
When you go to the Challenges, only the first five are unlocked for you to play. Once you complete those five, the next five unlock, and same goes for the final five. Most of them are pretty tricky, but once you practice them a couple times, you'll be able to do them. Once you complete your seventh challenge in either Bronze, Silver, or Gold, you will unlock your achievement.

Some challenges require you to get a certain number of points as fast as you can, some are to kill your opponents in a certain time, and some you have to collect mines before your enemy does.
Master and Commander20
Win 15 gold stars in challenge mode.   
This one is most definitely the hardest achievement in the game and very annoying. On all fifteen challenges in the game, you must acquire the gold medal. In the challenge if the medal at the bottom goes from gold to silver, just restart the challenge. Keep trying until you get gold as this will take many, many tries.
Win every championship.    
To get to the Championships, go to Multiplayer, Local, and then click . Then press to change the gametype. You must win three championships: Poop Deck Plunder, Gunning For Gold, and The Golden Leg. You can either battle the AI and hope to win, or plug in four controllers and beat yourself. The first championship is three rounds, the second is five rounds, and the last championship is seven rounds. Once you win all three, you'll get the achievement. In options, under statistics, you can see which tournaments you have already won.
Big Booty30
Unlock all the secret ships.    
There are only three ships to unlock in the game, so nothing too extreme.
First Ship: Once you complete the championship The Golden Leg, the ship will unlock. See Hoarder for info on the championships.
Second Ship: Complete all fifteen challenges in singe player. You can only play the first five until you beat them, then it unlocks the next five, and then the final five after you beat the first ten. You can obtain any medal in all challenges, but you have to at least beat them to unlock the ship at the end.
Third Ship: Win a total of 50 games. The easiest way to win a game is local multiplayer against a second controller. Just change the options so you only have one life, and take your second controller and go out of bounds. Once he dies, the match is over and that's one win.

If I were you though, do the Salty Sea Dog achievement first because it requires you to obtain 25 wins online. That's 25 towards your 50 you need for the ship.
Salty Sea Dog15
Win 25 games online.   (1) 
Get a friend for this because its very quick this way. Just set the options for Deathmatch and only one life. Who ever is winning, have the other person just run straight out of bounds and you get a win. You might have to win a couple extra because this game is very glitchy.
Ram ram ram the boats...15
Use the ram power up and kill two opponents in one go with it.    
This can be obtained in either single player, local multiplayer, or online. Just keep picking up boxes until you get the powerup that looks like a ram head. Then just line up two ships in a row and press to plow through the two ships and unlock your achievement.
Death From Above15
Kill a non-airborne enemy while flying.    
This one can also be obtained in single player, local, or online. For this you need an opponent to get the balloon powerup and use it. Once you're in the air, you need to kill the enemy that used the powerup because he is the only one that is still 'non-airborne' as the achievement states.

Here is what I did: I set-up a 2 player Deathmatch against a second controller and started the match. I took my second controller and went around getting boxes until I got the powerup that looked like a balloon. Once I got it, I went to the center of the map and kept bouncing off the island. Once you set that up, take your first controller and go towards player 2. Right when your beside player 2, have player 2 press to make you start flying. As SOON as you press on controller 2, have controller 1 press or to shoot the ship. The trick here is to time it so that controller 2 (the one bouncing off the island about to use the powerup) is about to die and only needs 1 or 2 hits to finish them off. If your doing it this way, you need to press the trigger IMMEDIATELY after player 2 uses the balloon powerup.
Earn every type of medal.    
Okay, after trying to find out the names of all these medals and how to obtain them, I found them in Help & Options under How To Play. So you can look at that list there or here. Also, under Statistics, it shows which medals you still need. You can obtain these in single, local, or online like most of the other achievements.

1. Aviator: Kill someone with cannons whilst airbourne.
2. Blackbeard: Survive for the entire match.
3. Booty Lover: Collect 50% of all the treasure collected.
4. Bully: Be the cause of death for the same enemy three times in a row.
5. Davey Jones: Die 50% of all the deaths.
6. Double Kill: Kill two people in quick succession.
7. Fire Starter: Pass on your fire to another pirate.
8. Kraken Love: Get killed by the Kraken.
9. Land Lubber: Hit land five times or more.
10. Mine Collector: Own 30 mines or more in the world at once.
11. No Mercy: Win by a 50 point margin.
12. Monster Kill: Get four or more kills in quick succession
13. Power Strong: Use 50% of all the used powerups.
14. Subbed: Kill someone with the shark attack.
15. Triple Kill: Kill three people in quick succession.
16. Rammer: Kill someone with the battering ram.
Mine all mine!30
Collect over 5000 mines    
Mines are everywhere. You will be collecting mines in your online wins, single player challenges, and all your local matches against two controllers. Just keep collecting and collecting until you get your achievement. Under statistics it shows you how many mines you have, but its normally not correct. My friend has the achievement but it shows that he has fewer than 5,000 mines.
Black Heart20
Win 50 Matches in total.   
The easiest way to win a game is local multiplayer against a second controller. Just change the options so you only have one life, and take your second controller and go out of bounds. Once he dies, the match is over and that's one win.

If I were you though, do the Salty Sea Dog achievement first because it requires you to obtain 25 wins online. That's 25 towards your 50 you need for the ship. Each win you get in single player counts towards this as well.
Sink two enemies with a TNT    
Start a 4-player local Deathmatch game and just let your other three controllers run straight into the island. Take your ship and go around collecting boxes until you get the TNT. Once the ships in the middle have about half their life left, place the TNT in between two ships and watch them sink.

You can obtain this in single player, local, or online if you don't have enough controllers to do it yourself.

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