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Yosumin! LIVE Achievement Guide

Guide By: atheistium
There are 15 achievements with a total of 250 points.

Crafty Cleaner10
Create one full Yosumin (a set of all the yosumin on the screen).    
In Endless Mode: You need to create a whole screen Yosumin. This is very easy to do but requires a bit of luck. For the whole screen, check which yosumin are in the top left, right and bottom left, right corners. If they are all the same then quickly drag them all up. Once it completes, the achievement will unlock.
Web Warrior10
Play Online Battle Yosumin! mode once.   (2) 
Play online in battle mode once, the achievement will unlock at the end of the match. This can be done any any type of match, ranked or player.
Man of Mystery10
Earn one secret bonus.    
This is actually really simple to unlock. You have to fill up your little bar on the side by clearing the same color a few times in a row. If you clear the color with squares, you get two blocks filled in for each square, so two squares will unlock the achievement. Any other type of group you clear will only earn you one tile in the bar unless it has one of the giant Yosumin in it. Nothing random about it. One way to tell for sure you're doing the right thing, apart from the achievement unlocking, is that once you fill the bar, every yosumin of that color on screen will disappear.
.1-Minute Man15
Clear a stage within 8 seconds.   
Clear a stage within 8 seconds. This is easiest to do this is on stage 1 of Endless Mode. You only need to clear two of each colour so just practise and the faster you are the easier it will become. Just try clear 2x2 rather than be big. Obviously, if you have to go bigger go bigger.
Hip to be Square15
Make five square sets in a row.    
In Endless Mode: This one is easy, but is a lot easier to pull off in the later stages of Endless Mode. You need to make five square shapes in a row. So anything that is 4x4, 5x5 etc etc. Make sure you are not making a rectangle - it has to be a square!
Consecutive Cleaner15
Make two or more full Yosumin! in a row.    
In Endless Mode: The same as Crafty Cleaner, however, you have to be lucky for the same yosumin to spawn again. It may take a couple of tries I am told, but I got it on my first go. It helps when you do your first Yosumi clean, that it also fills the bar on the left, so it cleans all of that color after. When you have four of the same color at the corners make sure you have at least two bars filled of that color to the left first! If you do that on the first five levels with only three different colors there can be only two different colors at the corners after the first one which makes it a lot easier to get two in a row. Stage 5 and Stage 4 are best for this.
Legendary Linker15
Make 30 or more continuous chains in a single stage.   
I found the best place to do this on is level 5, the one where you have to clear 60 greens. Start out by clearing all of one color, preferably red or yellow. As soon as the screen refreshes be ready to clear a square block of four (this will help clear that color from the board twice as fast). Then clear another square box of four to clear that color, and be ready to rinse and repeat. You have to be quick because you only have four seconds in between each clear. If you get a high chain and then mess it up, just start the game over. It's quick and easy to get back up to level 5 and try it again.
Ten to the Power of Fun10
Play Online Battle Yosumin! ten times.   
Play online in battle mode 10 times, this achievement should unlock at the end of your 10th match, it unlocked at the end of my 11th match however. This can be done any any type of match, ranked or player.
Clear 50 stages of Endless Yosumin! mode (continues allowed).   
In Endless Mode: You need to clear 50 stages in Endless mode. Continues are allowed in this achievement so it's just about moving on.
Nine-digit Ninja20
Score 100,000,000 points.    
Score 100,000,000 points, this is a cumulative achievement, so just keep playing. My advice is if you want to check up on your score is during play, pause and go to leaderboards (this will not reset your current game). Select 'total score' and then 'near you' and it will show your current total score, giving you an idea on how close you are.
Heavyweight Boxer20
Clear a total of 100,000 yosumin.    
Simply keep playing the game and eventually you'll clear out the requisite 100,000 Yosumin.
Clear Yosumin! Battle mode within 13 minutes without continuing.   
13 stages and 13 minutes. So under 1 minute/level. Try to get some fast in the start because the later ones have more colors so it's harder to find large areas to match there.
DLC: Adventure Mode
Price: $0.99 USD Achievements: 3 Points: 50
Tiles and Tribulations10
Complete Yosumin! Adventure mode.    
Om nom nom nom nom10
Collect all the Treats in Yosumin! Adventure mode.   
Nice Nice Baby30
Earn Nice Clearance on all courses in Yosumin! Adventure mode.   

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Square Enix


US May 27, 2009

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