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Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition Achievement Guide

Guide By: Tyger7
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 12 (200/200)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 200/1000: 5-7 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 + several challenge mode trials.
-Number of missable achievements: 3 (Almost Number One, Flame Master, Easter Egg). If you replay the level associated with the achievements, you will still still be able to gain them.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? Cheats do not disable achievements, but can only be used for the main story once you have completed it once. You most likely will already have the achievements before ever needing to use the codes.
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No, story mode can be completed on easy and the challenges have no difficulty setting.
-Glitchy achievements: 0
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed: None


This game has a main story, a few games extra modes, and cooperative play (challenge modes only). You will be gaining the majory of your achievements in two of the challenge modes and only 3 achievements in the story. It's fairly straightforward, has a few achievements you can miss, but you can pick them up by replaying the chapters associated with them.

Step 1: (Main Adventure)

The first thing you'll want to do is play throgh story mode. You cannot play cooperative play here. You will only need to worry about the missable achievements during ths story, as all other achievements will be gained through the Tower and Pit modes. Check the achievement videos/descriptions in the guide if you need help getting them. This will help you a little bit for the upcoming challenges, as it gets you used to the fighting style as well as enemy types.

Step 2: (Tower and Pit Challenge Modes)

There are a total of 5 Tower Challenges that you must complete, each having 5 floors. Your health refills after each floor, but if you die you must start at floor 1 again. For the Pit Challenges, you must descend down the pits killing enemies as you try to reach the bottom. You will die if you fall from too great of a height, so make sure you plan a good route! These challenges are not all that bad, you may have to try a few times. Casual gamers may find these modes a bit difficult, as you cannot change them to "easy mode". Also, you may do this with an online partner to make it easier (especially for casual gamers).


This arcade game can be completed in just one sitting.  You'll spend most of your time doing the challenges.  Overall the game has no overly annoying achievements and will only take a few attempts.

x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this Road Map

Tower Champion 120
Complete Tower Challenge Number 1. 

From the main menu go to New Game, Tower Challenge, then Tower Challenge 1. You will be faced with 5 floors, usually increasing somewhat in difficulty. Your life will replenish once you have beaten each floor.

Floor 1
2 Humanoids (1 Opna, 1 Gastornis)
4 small creatures

Floor 2
1 Humanoid (1 Macra)
2 Spitting Birds (can't be targeted with )

Floor 3
4 Humanoids (2 Talonco, 1 Helim, 1 Macra)

(Special Note)
You must pick up the two guns on the floor to shoot the Macra

Floor 4
4 Humanoids (1 Onpa, 1 Xetse 1 Macra, 1 Rimat)

Floor 5
3 Humanoids (1 Tcholk ,1 Macra, 1 Metamoq)
1 Gabel

(Special Note: The Metamoq will arrive in the middle of your fight)
Tips and Strategies

Humanoid type characters:
If you want, you can just mash the while sometimes using the . That's all I did, and I didn't have much time running through the game. Remember to back up if needed, or even block using . The tutorials in the story mode offer some good advice, but I never used what it said about countering. The game even says "Good players never need to block". That pretty much speaks for itself! Hitting is much needed for targeting enemies, though it can be annoying when trying to flee from numerous encounters because you won't be going far while locked on. Quickly hit a few times to get out of the targeting system. The humanoids are best taken out with fists. Shooting them is fine but will take a little bit longer. Close range weapons (like a hammer) are worthless to pick up, as you can't target them at all. Bombs work pretty good when they are in groups

Brute Type Enemies (Gabel, Deinother, Therium)
At first these are the toughest enemies, until you figure out the pattern. Then when you have to face 3 of them, it won't be too much of a problem. You need a weapon (not the shooting kind!). Hit them, then back up. Most the time they block it, but eventually you'll get in a hit. After a few solid hits, the creature will cower in fear. This is when you wind up a strong attack by holding the . Release it on the foe and watch his helpless giant body bounce like a rag doll. Let him get up and repeat.


Humanoids/Worshippers on top areas during Tower
You have to throw skull grenades or shoot these guys down. Usually you'll want to kill them first, as they are very annoyingly accurate while you're first fighting. The worshipers throw rocks and are easily disposed of, especially with grenades if you throw them right.

Other (Hunter, Hallucinations, Father-Mother)
Hunters on the Tower are way easier than it is in the story mode. Use basic humanoid tactics. Hallucinations are weaker than you think, and you can still punch them even though it looks like you can't! Father-Mother appears only once in the story, and once during Tower 5. This is a joke of a boss. All he/she/it does is run at you, and can be avoided by strafing. You are given a lot of time to get out of the way, and it doesn't veer left/right towards you. The best way is to just shoot it over and over. You are given the two pistols during both encounters.

Tower Champion 220
Complete Tower Challenge Number 2. 

Floor 1
3 Humanoids (1 Mechanic, 1 Chtlana, 1 Raganee)

Floor 2
5 Humanoids (1 Jsaj and 4 various on the top section which you cannot reach. Throw grenades or shoot them)

Floor 3
8 Humanoids (1 Rimat, 1 Chlara, 1 Opna, 1 Xetse, 1 Jsaj, 1 Mechanic, 1 Tsekung 1 Gastornis)

(Special Note: They will often fight each other as well)

Floor 4
4 Humanoids (1 Mechanic, 1 Tsekung, 2 top leveled enemies)
4 rodents with eplosive barrels on them. (Shoot them and keep a distance)

Floor 5
1 Deinother
7 little pigs (you do not have to kill them to continue)
2 Humanoids up top shooting.
2 Humanoids run out in middle of fight.

Tower Champion 320
Complete Tower Challenge Number 3. 

Floor 1
11 Mucalosaurus Worshippers (Easily killed with many grenades and finished off with the gun).

Floor 2
4 Humanoids (1 Macna 1 Animasta 1 Macra 1 Andro)

Floor 3
2 Humanoids (1 Rimat, 1 Jsaj)
2 Respawning spitting crabs. Concentrate on humanoids, the crabs will keep respawning if the humanoids are still alive.

Floor 4
1 Gabel
1 Deinother

Floor 5
3 Metamoq Hallucinations

(Special Note: Various doors will have Shadows in them, you cannot kill them and it's best to just avoid them entirely. They will vanish eventually.)

Tower Champion 420
Complete Tower Challenge Number 4. 

Floor 1
4 Humanoids (1 Raganee, 1 Pott, 1 Henae, 1 Opna)

Floor 2
2 Humanoids (1 Henae, 1 Pott)
1 Therium
1 Humanoid on upper area as well

Floor 3
8 Humanoids (various)
1 Chneero

(Special Note: Enemies will randomly get up if you have not killed the Chneero first)

Floor 4
1 Metamoq
3 Metamoq Hallucinations
4 Mucalosaurus Worshippers on upper area

Floor 5
1 Therium
1 Gabel
1 Deinother

You will want to keep them lined up so the ones in the back can't charge you, they'll run into the ones in front and stop.

Tower Champion 520
Complete Tower Challenge Number 5. (1) 

Floor 1
1 Hunter (all you have to beat in order to move on)
A few explosive rodents

Floor 2
2 Humanoids (1 Pott, 1 Opna)
4 Humanoids on top rim

Floor 3
5 Humanoids (1 Andro, 2 Macra, 1 Metamoq, 1 Tcholk)
1 Gabel

Floor 4
2 Humanoids (1 Henae, 1 Rimat)

Floor 5
Multiple Humanoids on the ground
1 Humanoid on top area (Should try to kill first)
1 Gabel
1 Father-Mother (The best route is to kill by gunfire. I was able to keep it stuck between a pillar and the Gabel while I shot it, but it's just as easy to avoid it and save for last)

Pit Champion 120
Complete Pit Challenge Number 1. 

From the main menu go to New Game, Tower Challenge, Pit Challenge 1. You must descend down to the bottom of the pit without losing your health. Sometimes you will find health pickups along the way, but it will never replenish by itself. You do not have to worry about time, that is just for the leaderboards.

First Descent
The first pit will be fairly basic. You will lose health if you fall from too far up (or die). As you fall from platform to platform, you will come to an area where there is no platform you can see. What you need to do is use the bombs located on the rocky area you are on to blow up some of the rocks in order to find the next platform. Once you fall down, defeat the few enemies consisting of a few humanoids and a spitting bird.

Area 2
You just fight a Therium.

Area 3 (further descent to last floor of pit)
Go ahead and heal if needed when you land. Kill the lone humanoid here. Blow up the rocks under the other health to let it drop down to the base floor. Drop done from platform to platform. As you drop to the next, the one you dropped from will slide into the wall. By the time you get to the bottom you will face 5 humanoids.

Pit Champion 220
Complete Pit Challenge Number 2. 

From the main menu go to New Game, Tower Challenge, Pit Challenge 2. You must descend down to the bottom of the pit without losing your health. Sometimes you will find health pickups along the way, but it will never replenish by itself. You do not have to worry about time, that is just for the leaderboards.

First Descent
Drop down to the first platform and down to the rocky platform. Collect bombs as you see fit, you will now drop to the next area through the middle, where you will fight two spitting monsters. Upon reaching the next rocky platform, you must blow holes in it to see the platform below. Keep speeding down the platforms until you are at the bottom part, facing 4 humanoids and a spitting monster.

Rocky Platform Area 2 (final area at bottom)
Now you will see eggs and more bombs. Go ahead and use the bombs and check out the different areas to find the platforms. If you question if a platform is too far and may take damage, you're probably right. Be careful on this one. Once you drop you'll notice the Hallucinations. Keep going down the platforms to make them drop with you to the Gabel. If you run around a bit you'll notice them fighting it. There will be one Metamoq and 6 Metamoq Hallucinations. After you've cleared them out with the help of the Gabel, go ahead and grab the weapon and take him out too.

Pit Champion 320
Complete Pit Challenge Number 3. 

From the main menu go to New Game, Tower Challenge, Pit Challenge 1. You must descend down to the bottom of the pit without losing your health. Sometimes you will find health pickups along the way, but it will never replenish by itself. You do not have to worry about time, that is just for the leaderboards.

Major Descent - First Area
This is an extremely difficult descent. A lot is based on speed and luck as you rush to avoid falling due to rocks breaking from a boulder further down. If you need help on this, please refer to the video below located in the "Body Launcher" description, as it shows me running that portion of the pit. You must defeat several humanoids here. Use bombs and eggs as needed.

Area 2
You must fight 1 Therium and 1 Deinother.

Area 3
Several skinned chickens. Don't worry they don't fight back, it was put in for the sake of making you waste time (for leaderboards) since you have to try and kick them.

Final Area
Here you will fight a shadow of yourself. Use the same tactics you would a normal humanoid, it seems to just have a little better defense/life. Not really all that more difficult, bash away as you would normally.

Body Launcher10
Throw an enemy into another 30 times. (1) 

This will be done over the course of your challenges and story mode. You can throw someone by pressing into them when they are weak (during a hold move) and throw them with . What you will want to do instead is just line up enemies and have one targeted in front with . Continue to smash them with the until they fly forward and knock over another enemy. If you don't have this after everything, you can play the Pit 3 and rush to the bottom without killing any enemies. They will all fall with the rubble and you'll be fighting around 10 or so. If done right, you can knock over multiple enemies! I will post a video of this later. Watch the video below for a decent spot to get these if happen to not have gotten it through normal playing. This is on the Pit Challenge 3.

Almost Number One10
Bring the Hunter down to 1 healthpoint in melee combat at the coast. 

You will face the Hunter a few times, so don't think you'll only encounter him once! The chapter you will be getting this, is on "The Coast" which is almost the last level in the game. You will be facing him a second time on this same level, where you must fight him with your fists. If you get to around a quarter amount of health, you will not get this achievement and will have to restart the whole chapter over. This is very annoying because of the amount of dialogue you have to go through in order to face him.

Here is how you gain the achievement by beating him to 1 health.

Easter Egg10
Find the secret easter egg. 

On the 4th chapter called The Corwid Of The Free, you will find the Easter Egg. After you fight the initial enemies, you will be in a cage in the next scene. Where the Gabel breaks in the cage, run out and around to the right. The egg is located under the tree. Watch the video for exact location.

Flame Master10
Capture 30 fireballs with the torch. 

The enemies that shoot fireballs are called Shadows. You will find a torch on "End World" and the Shadows will fire blue fireballs at you. You must hit the and capture them. Release them with . You can store a lot of them at one time. Be warned that if you die, you will lose progress, because the chapter reloads. You will want to get as many as you can in each area the shadows appear. The shadows appear in the next chapter too (The Throne) but you should be able to get it easily in one go before that. Here is a video if you need assistance.


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US May 05, 2010

HDD Space Required : 1.5 GB
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