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There are 8 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

任務遂行率 20%50
全ミッションの内 20% を遂行    

Mission 1. There are 4 enemies in front and 2 more will appear from the back. Just take them out to finish the level.

Mission 2. You start out with your team split to the right and left. There are 6 enemies in front. After taking out 4 another 3 will appear at the top.

Mission 3. This may be difficult. I believe on Mission 3 you get to use a system called EMP or thats when I actually started using it and knew what it did. What it does is it Attacks multiple enemies within range from all your Zoids up to 7 times, IF everything is perfectly setup. (might be more but I have not done more than 7 at a time) . Instead of going for cannon power it might be better to equip your Zoids with snipers and machine guns. The only Zoids that I have a cannon equip on is my Mechanic Zoids (Healer) Don't forget to Heal your Zoids. During mission 3 after defeating 3 of the enemy Zoids 4 more will appear at the top. I found it best to move to the right and take out the first 2, let them come to you and when the second wave come hopefully they take the long path around to you.

任務遂行率 40%75
全ミッションの内 40% を遂行    

Mission 4 - After defeating 4 of the enemies Zoids on the field 6 more Zoids will appear. 4 in front and 2 in back. Just keep moving up and let the 2 at the bottom come up.

Mission 5 - Mission Six you need to take down 3 satellite within 12 turns. I found it a bit easier to send 2 sniper and a healer equip with a range cannon to the left and send the other 2 with a range cannon and a Zoid whose has the most movement per turn with a machine gun up front. Around Turn 6-8, 4 more enemy Zoid will appear at the top. This one may take some time to complete. What I did was try to take out only the enemies in the way and head straight for the satellite.

Mission 6. There are 10 enemy Zoid with range cannons. after taking out 2, 4 more will appear(2 to the bottom and 2 to the right) . After taking out 4, another 4 will appear (2 to the left and 2 to the top). Going with sniper and machine gun up close seems to be the best way for this level. Have the Defensive command skill and use that whenever you don't attack. At the start move your team to the left side of the field and hold the top and the bottom of that side.

任務遂行率 60%100
全ミッションの内 60% を遂行    

Mission 7. You have to protect a satellite. Just sit back and wait for them to come. There will be 3 addition enemies after killing off a few. NOTE: You can Heal the Satellite if it gets damage.

Mission 8. You have to protect a satellite. There will be an addition 3 enemy Zoid in the left corner after you kill a few. Don't Advance up. Pretty much stay within the area that you start out. There are gun emplacement that does about 500 damage so be patient and let them come to you. You don't have to blow up the gun emplacement to finish the mission NOTE: You can Heal the Satellite if it gets damage.

Mission 9. You have to Protect a satellite. Just sit back and wait for them to come to you, only difference between mission 7-8 is in mission 9 they will usually just try to get to the satellite so make a blockade with your Zoids. If i remember correctly there should be 3 waves containing 6 Zoids for each wave. NOTE: You can Heal the Satellite if it gets damage.

任務遂行率 80%125
全ミッションの内 80% を遂行    

Mission 10. This was the longest mission for me so far. My setup was to have a sniper and a healer protecting the top satellite and a sniper, healer and machine gunner to protect the lower side. I just stack myself up against the satellite and waited for them to come. Just use Defensive Command and Heal consistently. After you take down 4 another 3 will come from the top. After you take a few more another 3 will appear at the top.

Mission 11. This was actually pretty easy. You need to get pass the last artillery gun at the end of the level. There will be enemies in your way but I went with light armor and all stat boost to speed/movement. I just went straight from the start and cast Defensive Command/Heal. You have only 15 turns to reach the end.

Mission 12. At the start of the level start making your way to the left side of the field taking out all the enemies on that side. after taking out 3-4, 7 more will appear. 2 on the left where you should be and the rest in front. Stay in a bunch formation and start taking them out one by one. Try to take out their Healer first as they Heal quite often.

任務遂行率 100%200
全ミッションの内 100% を遂行    

Mission 13. This Battle Field is narrow. The enemies pack a lot of offensive power so just move through the field slowly. The artillery does a lot of damage so try to avoid those. After killing about 3, another 3 will show up at the top left. After killing a few more 3 more will appear in the same spot. You may have to take out an artillery station if one of the enemy does not move away from its spot.

Mission 14. In this battle you need to kill 80% of the enemies that appears on the field. I suggest you play it safe and pick an area on the field to defend yourself. They appear on the left, top and right side. I believe 80% is about 15 enemy Zoids.

UNKNOWN-1 撃破100
UNKNOWN-1 を撃破    

On your Second Play Through, During Mission 2 and 5 Destroy ALL of the Containers. The Containers are the Crates with the Yellow HP Bar. MISSION-05 R-Horn lvl 20

UNKNOWN-2 撃破150
UNKNOWN-2 を撃破    

On your Second Play Through, during Mission 6, 8 and 10 Destroy ALL of the Containers. MISSION-10 S-Tiger lvl 40×1 C-Wolf lvl 30×2

UNKNOWN-3 撃破200
UNKNOWN-3 を撃破    

On your Second Play Through, during Mission 12 and 14 Destroy ALL of the Containers. MISSION-14 S-Tiger lvl 42×3 R-Horn lvl 40 (x2)

Thanks goes to axela1980, Galaxy28, and Final Crusader for the Unknown Achievement.

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