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Zombie Apocalypse Achievement Guide

Guide By: NFaMus one
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline achievements: 11 (195)
- Online achievements: 1 (5)
- Approximate amount of time to 200/200: 5-7 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: none
- Glitched achievements: none
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
- Does difficulty affect achievements? N/A

(any direction) - Movement
(left to right, when grabbed by zombie) - Break Grab
(any direction) - Use Current Weapon
or - Zombie Bait (teddy bear, dropped when a survivor is rescued)
- Chainsaw Execution
- Standard Chainsaw Attack

Welcome to my achievement guide for Zombie Apocalypse! This is an overhead dual-stick shooter based around, you guessed it, The ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. This game spans across 7 different arenas, filled with various environmental hazards, as well as weapons upgrades and survivors that need to be rescued.

First Playthrough
When going for 200/200 in Zombie Apocalypse, it is important to remember that this game is best played in multiplayer. To my knowledge, all of the achievements can be unlocked when playing multiplayer.

Now, this game will take a few playthroughs to obtain all of the achievements and since you can unlock the achievements in multiplayer as well, playing with friends wouldn't hurt. First things first, you can obtain "Gas Powered" and "Environmental Awareness" right in the first level, as well as "More the Merrier" within a few levels after the first. Also, while playing through the game, once you reach the end of Day 7 you should have enough environmental kills to have unlocked "Interior Decorator" as well as have played on all 7 of the stages to unlock "Tour of the City". In addition to the achievements just mentioned, if you completed the first 7 Days without dying, you will have unlocked "A Week to Live". Also, you will have a good opportunity to unlock "Can't Touch This" on Day 14, as you can only use the chainsaw.

As you play through the total of 55 Days worth of zombie killing mayhem, periodically new weapons will be introduced, allowing you to acquire "Gun Shop" during Day 29 and there will also be survivors you must rescue to acquire "Friends in Low Places",which should be unlocked by the time you reach Day 20. Once you complete the 55th day you will unlock "Anniversary of the Dead".

Second Playthrough & Multiplayer
The multiplayer achievement is very simple. In following the guide for the achievement you will unlock "Socialite". Now, this will probably be the most time consuming playthrough, as it involves playing through 7 Days of Hell. Patience is key here, as well as a bit of skill, of course. It is HIGHLY recommend that this be played in multiplayer. Once finished with 7 Days in Hell you will unlock "Hotter than Hell". Also, during this playthrough, if you haven't acquired the "Can't Touch This" achievement, it is easily obtained in any of the levels in this playthrough.

[x360a would like to thank NFaMuS one for this Roadmap]

Environmental Awareness5
Kill a zombie using an environmental hazard in any game mode   

Throughout each level there are various environmental hazards. Shoot at enemies using in any direction and occasionally your shots will blow them back into the environmental hazards.

Of course, you will want to try to lure the zombies as close to the hazard as you can. This should come in no time, as there are environmental hazards scattered all around the various arenas.


Gas Powered5
Complete an entire arena, getting every kill with the Chainsaw    (2) 

This achievement can be obtained in the very first level when starting a new game on Day 1. Simply hold down , as well as move around with , and kill all of the zombies with the chainsaw, and ONLY the chainsaw. DO NOT use to shoot ANYTHING, as this will cancel the achievement. Alternatively, you can get this achievement on Day 14, as that level only allows you to use the chainsaw.

Gun Shop5
Kill at least one zombie with each weapon type in any game mode   

NOTE: This can be done across multiple playthroughs, however it has to be done in one sitting without turning off your console or exiting to dashboard. Also, this can be split between online and offline game play.

While playing through Zombie Apocalypse there will little blue circles that start flashing on the ground and a few seconds later a weapon appears. Simply walk over the weapon to pick it up and as the achievement description states, you must kill one zombie with each weapon type.


  • Chainsaw - Day 1
  • Assault Rifle - Day 1
  • Teddy Bear - Day 1
  • Shotgun - Day 3
  • Dual SMGs - Day 6
  • Molotov Cocktail - Day 9
  • Hunting Rifle - Day 13
  • Flame Thrower - Day 17
  • Rocket Launcher - Day 21
  • Grenade Launcher - Day 25
  • Chain Gun - Day 29
More the Merrier10
Kill 10 or more zombies at the same time in any game mode   (1) 

This achievement is relatively straight forward. Simply try to gather as many enemies as you can around an explosive barrel and fire away!

Alternate Method: Wait until there are a good number of zombies after you, press or to throw a teddy bear towards the group of zombies, providing you have one of course, then just wait for it to explode.

Play in an online multiplayer game   (25) 

For this achievement you must join an online game or host and send invites. The achievement will unlock as soon as you start the game.

Tour of the City15
Complete each arena at least once in the same game in any game mode   

NOTE: Must be done in one playthrough!

NOTE: There is no set level that you begin on, however, the maps run on a cycle, so once you run through them, they will start back from the beginning.

This achievement requires you to play in each arena once in the same games mode. Simply start on Day 1 and play through the levels. This achievement will unlock when you finish Day 7, as there are 7 arenas in the game.


  • Airport
  • Carnival Grounds
  • Town Square
  • Construction Site
  • Truck Stop
  • Graveyard
  • Logging Mill
Can't Touch This20
Rack up a 100x multiplier in any game mode   (4) 

NOTE: Must be done in one level!

This achievement can be easily obtained on Day 32. The trick is to use to execute the chainsaw execution move on the zombies. Now, this can prove to be a bit tricky. You will want to do a chainsaw execution on one or two zombies, then run away so the others follow you, then get a few seperated from the group, then rinse and repeat until your multiplier is at 100x.

Alternate Method #1: Once you reach Day 14, as the level only allows you to use a chainsaw, simply keep using for the chainsaw execution to build your multiplier. Watch out for Big Guys, as you can't break their grapple.

Alternate Method #2: This can be obtained in the first Day of the Hell mode, as a few members have said they have had up and around a 200x+ multiplier.

Friends in Low Places20
Save 25 survivors in any game mode   (9) 

NOTE: Must be done in one playthrough!

Survivors appear as women in blue business suits with a blue question mark (?) over their head. To save a survivor, simply walk next to the survivor while blasting away the zombies and after about 5 seconds a ladder will drop and the survivor will be rescued. Repeat this 25 times over the course of your playthrough.

Interior Decorator20
Kill 25 zombies in any game mode using environmental hazards   

NOTE: Must be done in one playthrough!

For this achievement, follow what is outlined in the Environmental Awareness achievement guide description a total of 25 times. This should come in no time, as there are environmental hazards scattered all around the various arenas.

A Week To Live25
Complete 7 days in any game mode without dying   

This achievement can be obtained by just starting a new game on Day 1 right when you have downloaded the full game. Simply play through and complete Day 7 without dying and the achievement will unlock.

You definitely have to stay on the move, so as to not get yourself surrounded by zombies. This will take a good bit of patience and if you don't get it after the first try, just keep at it, and with enough skill, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Hotter Than Hell25
Complete the final day of the "7 Days of Hell" unlockable mode   (29) 

NOTE: "7 Days of Hell" mode is an unlockable game mode, which seems to be random, as many people have had it unlock at different times. I recommend to just try different play techniques, such as surviving for as long as you can, playing through Days 1-55 solo/co-op or playing a few multiplayer games over X-Box Live.

For this achievement you must complete the final day in 7 Days of Hell mode, of course, as the achievement description states. This can prove to be quite a time consuming achievement, as there are a lot more zombies, and I mean A LOT more!

Alternate Method: You can have a friend on Xbox Live invite you to a match and start the game on Day 7, or use the Achievement Trading Thread found here. Complete Day 7 and the achievement is yours.

Anniversary of the dead45
Complete the Final Day, in either Single or Multiplayer, and finish the game     (10) 

For this achievement, you must finish the game. Which means you must complete Days 1-55, either solo or in multiplayer. I recommend going for this achievement in multiplayer, as it will cut down on the time it would take to complete all 55 days and it won't make the later levels feel so overwhelming.

Alternate Method: You can have a friend on Xbox Live invite you to a match and start the game on Day 55, or use the Achievement Trading Thread found here. Complete Day 55 and the achievement is yours.

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US September 23, 2009

ESRB: Mature
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