Zombie Wranglers

Zombie Wranglers Achievements

Staff Infection

Capture or Destroy all 10 Frozen Codebase shirt wearing zombies.   
As also stated in the achievement description, you may either kill them with your ranged attack or suck them up with your wrangler.

Chapter 1 - Part 2
Found near the exit of the stage (Not the goal, follow the road to the barracade. From there on, go right and enter the fenced area).

Chapter 1 - Part 3 - Finding zombies
He spawns by the barricade where you need to go to finish the mission when you've done all the objectives.

Chapter 2 - Part 1
Go straight, it's to the left of the white building that looks like a factory.

Chapter 2 - Part 3 - The da zombie code
If you follow the road right until you reach the purple car and then take left, he should attack you when you are following the road up to the barricade.

Chapter 3 - Part 1 - How i met your zombie
Turn left at the beginning then keep going straight forward over the lawn until you reach a place with two tents and two fireplaces next to two houses. He will respawn in that area. You might have to go a little bit forward for him to respawn.

Chapter 3 - Part 3 - My fair zombie
Follow the road until you reach the red truck the take left and then you run over the lawn and past the gate in the wooden fence. He will be in this area - its also the area you go to finish the mission.

Chapter 4 - Part 3 - Zombies N the hood
Two of them on this part.
Zombie 1 : In the beginning, when you turn left he should be there in the lawn area. Check the road because sometimes he spawns there too.
Zombie 2 : In the area between two barricades. A entrance by the truck - its the same area you go after finishing all the objectives.

Chapter 5 - Part 2 - The Zombie after tomorrow
In the big parking area with metermaid and franken.

Chapter 5 - Part 3 - Gone with the zombie
He will be running towards you, from the fenced area you'll see when you start the mission.
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Frozen Codebase


US May 06, 2009
Europe May 06, 2009

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