Zombies!!! Achievement Guide

Guide By: Outinthedark & Southernmade & DLC by Corrupt x360a
There are 17 achievements with a total of 250 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 12
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 3-5 Hours for 190/200 last 10 entirely chance.
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheat codes
- Does difficulty affect achievements? No
- IS there DLC? Yes

  • Not Yet Dead
    • Difficulty: 1/10
    • Time to 50: 1-2 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None


Zombies!!! is an absolute blast to play and a perfect match from boardgame to digital download. Enjoy a few rounds before you start on the guide, learn the basic cards and familiarize yourself with the tiles so you know where to go for the achievement mop up.

This is a fairly easy 190/200 (Last 10 is entirely chance) so don't fret and enjoy the game a bit!

DLC: Not Dead Yet!

The Not Yet Dead expansion pack for Zombies!!! is only available (so far) on the Windows Phone version of the game. The expansion pack gives you a bunch of new cards to play with, which if you are playing for fun (not just for achievements) adds a lot to the game and are pretty cool on the most part.

Step 1

To start with you need to try to ensure that the cards you need for the achievements come up as most as possible. Do this by creating a custom pack. Start a new game, and change the rule set to "Custom Deck", then edit. Your pack can be as small as 20 cards, so make sure the ones you need are in there.
You need the following for achievements:

  • Meat Cleaver
  • Hey, I Got One of Those
  • Shotgun
  • The Keys Are Still In It
  • Too...Tired...To...Run
  • There You Are
  • No Guts No Glory

The following cards will help you when going for "Fresh Meat"

  • I Could Use A Drink
  • Lots Of Ammo
  • My, You Look Familiar


Step 2

Start up a two player pass and play game. Playing like this will make these achievements go much quicker, as you won't be relying on the AI to be using cards when you want them to. Once you get the cards required, you can easily knock out "Shop Smart", "Night Drive", "It's Me!, Let Me In" and "Blunt Force Trauma". You can knock these out in one game, just keep both players in the centre, and use your zombie moves to just move zombies back and forth until you get the cards you need.

Once you have these four, you can start working towards "Meat Cleaver". Move zombies around so you can get a clear path towards bullets, and once you are stocked up with as many as possible, get to a building and get your cleaver out. If you are running low just clear a path to more bullets.

Mop Up

You should now have around 25 kills with the cleaver. Now just start a new game, using the same tactics as before until you get the Meat Cleaver card. Then again use the same tactics to stock up on bullets etc. You will need another 2 or 3 games until you get your 50 kills, but this won't take long.

[x360a would like to thank Outinthedark for this Roadmap]
[x360a would like to thank Corrupt x360a for the DLC addition]

Don't be a Hero10
Win a game by reaching the Helipad. 

Simple enough to complete by yourself. Simply start any variant of the game (with or without CPU's as you can change player 2 to human controlled) and exit the board via the Helipad, seen as an "H" emblem and the tile with the helicopter. The helipad is the last tile to be placed, keep track of the remaining tiles with the helpful counter.

*Playing versus the CPU, change the players to Steve and Jason for the best chances of winning

Hail to the King, Baby10
Kill a Zombie with Chainsaw & Shotgun cards in play at the same time. 

Just as the achievement details. Have both the "Chainsaw" and "Hey Look...A Shotgun" cards in play at the same time. The Shotgun card is held in play for three damage die rolls. You must be inside the Garden Center to play the Chainsaw card where as the Shotgun card can be played anywhere. This is also a great way to unlock "Overkill" at the same time as your damage die will be +3.

King of the Zombies25
Kill 200 Zombies. 

Comes naturally with time. One survival game has 105 Zombies populating the board.

Master of Arms15
Play every weapon card at least once. (2) 

"Look...I Found a Shotgun" - Played anywhere.
"Grenade" - Army Surplus Store.
"Skateboard" - Skate Shop.
"Molotov Cocktail" - Gas Station.
"All the Marbles" - Toy Store.
"Fire Axe" - Fire Station. Fire Truck outside.
"Chainsaw" - Garden Center.

Night of the Hoarder20
Collect 50 tokens (Hearts and Bullets). 

Comes naturally with time. Hearts and Bullets are found inside buildings. Simply tap on a building or drag the camera over it and the roof will pop so you can see inside. Most of the bigger buildings are full of either hearts and bullets. Hospitals and Drug Marts only contain hearts.

Omega Man30
Kill all Zombies in a Survival Horror game. 

105 of 'em. Best strategy is to get to the firehouse first and use the Axe card to give you a permanent +1 to your damage die rolls. Take advantage of the surrounding buildings and if you're in range of a specific weapon card like "Lots of Ammo" in the Sports Store or "Medkit" at the Hospital, use it and consider hunkering down to defend and let the Zombies walk to you. Remember, there is no cap on bullets but there is a 5 heart cap so don't waste a "Medkit" if you have one in play. You can use the "Medkit" card and still have it in play to use when you need it at any time.

Another good card to try and play is the "Skateboard" card so you get a permanent +2 to your movement die rolls to get yourself out of sticky situations and run for the Hospital for instance.

Will stack with "Survivalist of the Dead" and "Zombie Hunter" achievements if all 105 Zombies are killed.

Key Cards to use for Omega Man:
Alternate Food Source - Use when you need to run in a building to get hearts and bullets when your low on health.
Adrenaline Rush - +2 to combat or x2 movement roll
Fire Axe - Use in Fire Station, adds +1 to combar roll while it's in play
Hey look... A Shotgun - +1 to next 3 combat rolls
First aid Kit - Use in Hospital or Drug Store to add to in play, then can use to get +1 heart,
Grenade - USE in Army Surplus Store to add to in play, then can use to kill all zombies in building your in and you loose 1 health.
Lots of Ammo - Use in Sporting Goods Store, +3 bullets
Much Needed Rest - No movement roll, gain +2 hearts. Play before movement roll.
Skateboard - Use in SkateShop, +2 movement roll as long as it's in play.
The Keys are Still in it - Move 10 spaces, play before movement roll.

Defeat a Zombie with a roll of 7 or greater. 

Use a combination of "Look...I found a Shotgun" and "Adrenaline Rush" (remember to use BEFORE you roll the damage die) and you should have this pretty easy.

Survivalist of the Dead20
Win a Survival Horror game. 

Either kill all 105 Zombies or make it to the Helipad. Your choice. Will stack with "Omega Man" and "Zombie Hunter" achievements if all 105 Zombies are killed.

Kill 6 Zombies in one turn. 

This includes the initial turn if a Zombie moves onto your tile. So the minimum die roll needed is a 5. Combine the "Skateboard", "Adrenaline Rush" or "the Keys were still there" cards for an easier time rolling 5+. Also make sure to have a decent number of bullets/hearts or also have a full "Look...I found a Shotgun" card in play.

Was it worth it?10
Use 3 or more Hearts in a single combat, then win by using Bullets. 

Still trying for this one. There is a 6.25% chance of this happening. I've been holding up in Hospitals using Medkit cards to make sure I have at least 4 hearts before attacking Zombies. This is an achievement entirely left up to chance. I've been able to attempt it roughly 60 times in a Survival match but still no luck of the dice.

Zombie Hunter15
Win a game by killing 25 Zombies. 

Will stack with "Omega Man" if all 105 Zombies are killed in Survival mode. Or in regular gameplay where 25 Zombie kills wins the game and you can also play with another human controller player.

Zombie, Interrupted 10
Kill a Zombie by playing Grenade when “Alternate Food Source” is in play. 

Save both cards and make your way to the Munitions Depot (look for the Army helmet sign) and move inside. Wait for a a zombie to follow in and use the "Alternate Food Source" card. Next turn use the Grenade card to kill the Zombie inside the building with you.

DLC: Not Dead Yet!
Price: $1.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 50
Blunt Force Trauma10
Kill 3 zombies while 'No Guts, No Glory' is in effect. 

Stock up on hearts until you have five (the hospital is a good place to find these). Engineer the game so you have 3 zombies lined up in front of you, and then use the 'No Guts, No Glory' card. As long as you roll at least a 3 for movement, you will have the chance to kill three zombies. 5 hearts should be enough to get you through these 3 fights, although it may take a couple of attempts.

Night Drive10
Play 'The Keys Are Still in It!' while 'Too... tired... to... run' is in play 

Simply hold these two cards at the same time (your partner can have ''), and play '' with either player. The next turn, with your main player, play 'The Keys Are Still in It!", and this will unlock.

Fresh Meat10
Kill 50 zombies with the Meat Cleaver. 

Engineer the game so your main player has plenty of bullets, then when the Meat Cleaver comes available, go on a rampage, stocking up on more bullets whenever you start getting low. The cleaver gives you +1 in fights, so you shouldn't need to use too many. You can only get 25 kills per game until you win, so this will take 2-3 games.

It's Me! Let me in!10
Use "There You Are!" to move your pawn from an outdoor square into any building. 

Make sure your second player is in a building (any building will do), and simply play the 'There You Are!' card to move to the same position in that building. The hardest part is waiting for the card to come up.

Shop Smart10
Use "Hey, I Got One of Those" to gain a Shotgun (3) 

For this one, you need player 2 to have the Shotgun card. Once you have attained the 'Hey, I Got One of Those' card, make player 2 put the shotgun into play. Then play your card, and click on the shotgun card when it gives you the choice of which card to take. Achievement unlocked!

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