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Zuma's Revenge Achievement Guide

Guide By: TemporalWizard
There are 14 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 14 [200]
- Online: 0 [0]
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 7 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 [1 Adventure, 1 Challenge]
- Missable achievements: 2 “Frog Statue” and “Frozen Frog”
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No Difficulty Options
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Windows Phone

This is the basically the same as the Xbox Live Arcade Version, but changed slightly to work with touch screen controls instead of the Controller. They also did away with all that Spirit Animal business.

Step 1: Adventure Mode [165]
Start Adventure mode. This will get you used to the mechanics of the game and get you ready for challenge mode as well as get you most of the achievements. You may want to work on “Frozen Frog” when you get to level 5 and “Frog Statue” on level 13 or you may want to come back to it after you have beaten the final boss.

Step 2: Challenge Mode [35]
Now that you’ve gotten most of the achievements it’s time to start challenge mode. Challenge mode is the same 60 levels of Adventure Mode, but with a certain score to beat within 3 minutes.

If you played a Zuma game on the 360 you should be right at home with this one though it may take a little while to get used to the touch controls. Even if you haven’t it is very easy to pick up. All in all the game is very fun and the while the touch controls aren’t as precise as they could be they work well enough.

[We would like to thank TemporalWizard for this Roadmap]

Fe Frog30
Complete the Challenge Mode   

This will take you the longest. There are sixty levels in challenge mode and you must get a certain score for the level within the time limit to pass the level.

Challenge Accepted5
Win a Challenge Level   

This will pop once you complete your first level in challenge mode.

Frozen Frog10
Beat a regular rail level without moving the frog   (2) 

This is very difficult to do as the frog wants to move slightly every time you shoot. Level 5 is the easiest level to attempt this on. The frog starts at the leftmost of the rail just keep shooting as far left as you can. If the frog moves lose the level on purpose and try again. Keep at it and eventually you will get this one.

Power Player10
Build your score multiplier up to 5X   

You should get this just by playing through Adventure mode normally.

C-C-C-C-Chain Bonus!10
Shoot 15 balls and make 15 matches... in a row!   

Hit a group of two or more balls of the same color with a shot of that color and they disappear. Each subsequent shot that also makes a group of balls disappear makes a higher-pitched sound and receives an additional score multiplier. Just try to make 15 shots in a row. Hitting fruits or firing power-ups that successfully destroy balls will not break the chain.

Thread the Needle5
Make a match by shooting a ball through a gap in the curve   

In levels with winding pathways in which lines of balls criss-cross each other, it's possible to create a gap by making a match or two. Once this happens, you have a window of opportunity (sometimes brief, sometimes longer) to fire a shot through the gap and make a match. Do so and you'll get not only a score bonus, but also the Achievement.

Time for Tadpoles!25
Defeat Zhaka Mu and discover the secret of the island!    

This is story related and can’t be missed.

Defeat the final Boss of Adventure Mode.

You Win!5
Just win a regular level. Easy hu?!   

You will get this for completing Level 1 in Adventure Mode.

Cephalopod Smashe20
Defeat Cephalo Ka and his Inky Ink Attack    

This squid-dude is the fifth boss. Use explosions to weaken his shield, which regenerates after a few seconds. While it's damaged, shoot him with balls. You'll also need to dodge his ink squirts, which simply obscure the screen.

Pestilence Pacifier20
Defeat Kolo Kamari and his Swarm of Bugs    

Kolo Kamari is the fourth boss. He can only be damaged by Bomb power-ups.

Bone Picker20
Defeat Baron Digo and his Skeleton Crew    

Baron Digo is the third boss. Small skeletons scroll by in front of Digo, guarding him. But some of them have lightning balls inside; shooting these gives you a lightning blast which will hit the boss even if there are balls in the way. You can beat him without the lightning blasts, but they make it go along faster.

Tiki Trampler15
Defeat Maga Maga and his Tiki Minions    

The second boss has a shield which can be temporarily deactivated by shooting the silver and gold idols below him. Just knock them out and shoot him, repeating until you've trampled the tiki.

Jaw Breaker15
Defeat the Cluttonous Kahtiki Khan    

You'll reach each boss after completing the 10th level of the corresponding area. Kahtiki Khan is the first boss, so you'll encounter him after finishing Level 10. Simply fire balls at him whenever you see an opening until his life runs out and you'll win.

Frog Statue10
Beat a lily pad level without jumping lily pads   

The first and easiest level to attempt this is level 13. To jump lily pads you just have to tap on the other pad. Simply don’t tap the other pad and win the level to earn this. It may take a few tries, but you will get this relatively easily.

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US February 19, 2013

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