Latest News
Friday, March 27th - 23:10
Cowboy mercenary dude trailered.
Friday, March 27th - 20:00
Dan offers his opinion on why FF is back with a bang.
Friday, March 27th - 19:41
System of a Down providing the soundtrack.
Friday, March 27th - 16:50
Give the new trailer a look.
Friday, March 27th - 16:28
Decisions, decisions.
Friday, March 27th - 15:47
Extra Gamerscore to earn.
Friday, March 27th - 15:37
JAW gives us a guided tour.
Friday, March 27th - 15:17
Heading to consoles in 2016. Check out the first footage here.
Friday, March 27th - 14:27
Download it for nothing until 10th April.
Friday, March 27th - 13:45
An undead samurai girl out for revenge.



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