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Saturday, March 25th - 12:00
NetherRealm's Creative Director gives us some heroic insights.
Friday, March 24th - 16:43
Four whole years!
Friday, March 24th - 16:32
Suits you, sir.
Friday, March 24th - 13:54
Last orders at the bar, please! Last orders at the bar!
Friday, March 24th - 13:17
APEX predator.
Friday, March 24th - 13:04
Journey to the world's end.
Friday, March 24th - 12:48
Because it's like 2011 all over again.
Friday, March 24th - 12:38
Horror in the land down under.
Friday, March 24th - 12:12
Poor Orisa.
Friday, March 24th - 11:59
Oh, Ubisoft.
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Injustice 2's Story is "Longer and More Epic," Says Ed Boon - Interview
NetherRealm's Creative Director offers some Injustice insights.
(Sat 25, 2017)
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Clem and Javier's journey continues.
(Thu 23, 2017)
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Prey silence, for Morgan Yu.
(Thu 23, 2017)
Injustice 2 - Shattered Alliances: Part 3
Featuring Supergirl.
(Thu 23, 2017)