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Friday, May 29th - 14:21
Rumoured Hideo Kojima departures still to be addressed.
Friday, May 29th - 13:56
Get hold of that Sentinel CI gear.
Friday, May 29th - 13:25
Spared no expense!
Friday, May 29th - 12:45
The benefits are "nice".
Friday, May 29th - 12:13
Heatmaps, stats, IB info & more.
Friday, May 29th - 10:58
Who is Bozak?
Friday, May 29th - 10:15
Class action cert also dropped.
Friday, May 29th - 09:05
So don’t expect a Titanfall 2 reveal.
Thursday, May 28th - 16:04
Also, Just Cause 2 and Pool Nation FX (again).
Thursday, May 28th - 15:49
And maybe some Gwent.



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