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Thursday, October 30th - 11:36
Preserve your Dragon Age history.
Thursday, October 30th - 11:19
Or rather, played by one guy doing impressions.
Thursday, October 30th - 10:45
Clan Wars is back.
Thursday, October 30th - 09:22
Game and all DLC.
Wednesday, October 29th - 17:46
Now you don't have to die to see 'em!
Wednesday, October 29th - 17:45
Nov 6th-10th, to be precise.
Wednesday, October 29th - 17:30
Wednesday, October 29th - 16:45
Lords of the Fallen and various other things.
Wednesday, October 29th - 15:48
No sign of the Xbox One version yet... oh there it is!
Wednesday, October 29th - 13:49
Watch Class Zero in action.
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Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Halo 2 Anniversary Cinematic Launch Trailer
Ooh, the Master Chief looks good dunt he?
(Wed 29, 2014)
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - 'Enter the Fray' Trailer
Fighting fantasy.
(Wed 29, 2014)
Alien Isolation Official Let's Play - Corporate Lockdown DLC
Lead designer Gary Napper shows us around the new Alien: Isolation DLC.
(Tue 28, 2014)
Far Cry 4 Director's Top 5 Moments
Game director Petrik Methe picks his moments.
(Tue 28, 2014)