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Friday, July 25th - 13:28
To be bundled with Season 2?
Friday, July 25th - 13:03
Face your nemeses earlier in October.
Friday, July 25th - 12:27
Featuring a goat sacrifice.
Friday, July 25th - 11:24
Is it a remake, a sequel or something else?
Friday, July 25th - 10:52
Full reveal coming to Gamescom.
Friday, July 25th - 10:12
Coming to the UK early.
Friday, July 25th - 09:44
Mike Colter to play Locke in both TV series and game.
Friday, July 25th - 08:52
Adds another facet to its video empire.
Friday, July 25th - 01:00
Chuck that code in the bin.
Thursday, July 24th - 18:59
Harkyn's sinful past comes back to haunt him.



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