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Title: Dan 1, technology 0, HW2 opposition -10

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Monday, February 27th - 15:53
It's a big one.
Monday, February 27th - 14:31
You played this game for its story, right?
Monday, February 27th - 14:04
It's real!
Monday, February 27th - 13:42
Directly from the words of Aaryn Flynn.
Monday, February 27th - 12:58
Praying for an Xbox One release.
Monday, February 27th - 12:38
But not in the multiplatforms.
Monday, February 27th - 09:12
Get hype.
Monday, February 27th - 08:59
Featuring talent from Hitman, Spec Ops: The Line, The Settlers & more.
Monday, February 27th - 08:38
Shadow Of War is the sequel everyone's been asking for.
Saturday, February 25th - 00:14
Dan demands answers!



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