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Wednesday, July 23rd - 19:36
Producer Cameron Lee discusses reigniting the old magic.
Wednesday, July 23rd - 18:48
Your new console's gonna get better.
Wednesday, July 23rd - 16:15
Wonderful sibilance FTW!
Wednesday, July 23rd - 14:21
A new Marvel Play Set revealed.
Wednesday, July 23rd - 13:24
Actor Mike Colter cast in the lead role; first images.
Wednesday, July 23rd - 12:14
Proper announcement planned for later today.
Wednesday, July 23rd - 11:17
Bungie offers a solution.
Wednesday, July 23rd - 10:22
Plus gameplay additions and improvements.
Wednesday, July 23rd - 09:24
It's time to venture into Old Russia.
Wednesday, July 23rd - 08:35
Official site lists launch date as 'TBD'.



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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Mounting Unicorns
Producer Cameron Lee talks about recapturing the magic of Dragon Age.
(Wed 23, 2014)
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Play your cards right on XBLA now.
(Wed 23, 2014)
NHL 15 - Gameplay Series: Superstar Skill Stick
Stick it.
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Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) - Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set Trailer
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(Wed 23, 2014)