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Saturday, April 30th - 01:10
Maximum decides "not to move forward" with updates for now.
Friday, April 29th - 18:05
The Coalition's studio head gives us the lowdown on the next Gears.
Friday, April 29th - 16:40
In-game discounts, and double RP & GTA$ in Adversary Modes again.
Friday, April 29th - 15:49
Leaked cover art suggests so.
Friday, April 29th - 15:25
"See the future of Battlefield".
Friday, April 29th - 14:37
And Green Arrow too.
Friday, April 29th - 13:45
With planetary landings, loot, multicrew co-op and more.
Friday, April 29th - 13:31
Battle together to save the universe.
Friday, April 29th - 13:09
Be the Playmaker.
Friday, April 29th - 12:40
Looks legit.
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