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Wednesday, November 25th - 15:25
Because The Following is massive.
Wednesday, November 25th - 14:48
New deals coming this weekend.
Wednesday, November 25th - 13:25
En garde!
Wednesday, November 25th - 12:59
"Time to work on those diamond camos!"
Wednesday, November 25th - 11:06
EA and DICE to support Battlefront in the "coming months".
Tuesday, November 24th - 19:03
And not a whole lot else.
Tuesday, November 24th - 18:33
More than 30 spectacular new moves.
Tuesday, November 24th - 17:56
Taking the total up to 300.
Tuesday, November 24th - 17:12
With new Turning Point mode.
Tuesday, November 24th - 16:46
Unless you don't want to, which is totally fine. No pressure or anything. Just chill alright, jeez.



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