Latest News
Monday, May 30th - 14:08
With new skins, emblems and much more.
Monday, May 30th - 13:33
Monday, May 30th - 12:29
Now added to the KI roster.
Monday, May 30th - 11:25
Comprising the best parts of New Orleans.
Monday, May 30th - 09:30
What are you picking up?
Sunday, May 29th - 13:55
A retrospective look at Dontnod's emotional adventure.
Sunday, May 29th - 12:58
Talking all things Assassin-shaped with the leader of the Rooks.
Sunday, May 29th - 11:52
See Beck jumping, blasting and probably falling into pits.
Sunday, May 29th - 10:51
Taking flight on the Resero Games Stage.
Saturday, May 28th - 17:00
A super special MCM Comic Con session just for you.
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Halo 5: Guardians (May, 30)
Absolver (May, 30)
F1 2016 (May, 30)
Agony (May, 30)
Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride (May, 27)
Fenix Furia (May, 26)
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Super Mutant Alien Assault - Summer 2016 Trailer
Alien blasting, ahoy!
(Thu 26, 2016)
Fenix Furia - Xbox One and PS4 Trailer
Furia-s platformer coming this June.
(Thu 26, 2016)
Knee Deep - Xbox One & PS4 Trailer
An adventure knee deep in the swamps.
(Thu 26, 2016)
7 Days to Die - Developer Interview Video
Insights into the 'survival horde crafting game'.
(Wed 25, 2016)