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Monday, January 26th - 13:10
Ghosty weird man and big nasty rock man.
Monday, January 26th - 12:19
Meet Aurelia, the Baroness.
Monday, January 26th - 11:48
Dying Light.
Monday, January 26th - 10:11
Can GTA keep CoD at bay?
Monday, January 26th - 09:07
Borderlands 3 on the cards?
Saturday, January 24th - 20:31
All our video content from the past seven days.
Friday, January 23rd - 20:00
Talking time-bending action with Sam Lake.
Friday, January 23rd - 19:30
Dan and Lee want to break free.
Friday, January 23rd - 19:15
Say cheese.
Friday, January 23rd - 19:04
Is it worth returning for another bout of dildo bashing?



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Quantum Break - Sam Lake on Xbox One's Ambitious Exclusive
Talking time with Remedy's Sam Lake.
(Fri 23, 2015)
Life is Strange - 'Butterfly Effect' Trailer
A closer look at Dontnod's time bending adventure.
(Fri 23, 2015)
Riptide GP2 - Xbox One Trailer
Rev up your rocket-powered hydro jet.
(Fri 23, 2015)
Trials Fusion - Online Multiplayer Trailer
New multiplayer stuff coming soon to Trials Fusion.
(Fri 23, 2015)