Latest News
Saturday, July 23rd - 12:13
Familiar faces and more.
Saturday, July 23rd - 11:12
The blue blur gets back to his roots.
Friday, July 22nd - 21:49
Watch Beetle getting whipped with a golden lariat.
Friday, July 22nd - 21:30
All the new things you can buy.
Friday, July 22nd - 16:01
Getting to the core of ReCore.
Friday, July 22nd - 15:18
No, it's not Ana.
Friday, July 22nd - 14:39
New hero now available.
Friday, July 22nd - 12:41
The cards are on the table.
Friday, July 22nd - 12:39
All party of a wormy new landscape.
Friday, July 22nd - 10:35
Safety Cars, formation laps, new Career Mode and more.



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Sonic Mania - 25th Anniversary Debut
Sonic gets his mojo back in spring 2017.
(Sat 23, 2016)
Injustice 2 - SDCC Wonder Woman Reveal Trailer
Blue Beetle is in there too!
(Fri 22, 2016)
F1 2016 - Attract Trailer
What's new for F1 2016?
(Fri 22, 2016)
WRC 6 - Trailer #1
Revving up for launch this October.
(Wed 13, 2016)