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Saturday, August 27th - 21:00
More epic battling awaits.
Saturday, August 27th - 17:00
Snap! Wait, wrong game.
Saturday, August 27th - 12:30
It's a lot like Zelda.
Friday, August 26th - 20:00
No Sheriff John Bunnell though, sadly.
Friday, August 26th - 16:15
Starring a flummoxed Sean Bean soundalike.
Friday, August 26th - 15:52
It's an incentive.
Friday, August 26th - 15:25
Courtesy of London Philharmonic Orchestra.
Friday, August 26th - 14:29
Content Descriptors: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language
Friday, August 26th - 14:10
See each of the Collection's games in action.
Friday, August 26th - 13:54
But only if you're on Games With Gold.
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Injustice 2 (Aug, 27)
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Dear Esther: Landmark Edition - Date Reveal Trailer
Walking sim strolls onto Xbox One and PS4.
(Thu 25, 2016)
forma.8 - Gameplay Trailer
Probing its way onto consoles.
(Thu 25, 2016)
Black & White Bushido - Gameplay Footage
Fight for light and shadow.
(Thu 25, 2016)
Valley - Launch Trailer
Don the LEAF suit today.
(Wed 24, 2016)