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Tuesday, July 29th - 16:00
Introducing the fiery femme Templar, also available as a statue.
Tuesday, July 29th - 15:14
116 of 200+ and counting.
Tuesday, July 29th - 13:12
Pinball FX2 for Xbox One and other gubbins.
Tuesday, July 29th - 12:49
First of six expansions available now.
Tuesday, July 29th - 11:18
Coming to Xbox One and PS4 in late-September.
Tuesday, July 29th - 10:32
Star-Lord, Groot and co. get the Minecraft treatment.
Tuesday, July 29th - 09:40
Deals on BF4 DLC, plus a selection of EA Sports titles.
Tuesday, July 29th - 08:39
Gameplay video reveals new multiplayer arena.
Monday, July 28th - 20:32
Discover the titles the devs can't wait to play.
Monday, July 28th - 17:38
It's still in the works.



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Falling Skies: The Game - SDCC 2014 Teaser
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Dan, Lee and Rich talk a lot about Destiny.
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Here come the villains.
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Meet the voice cast for LEGO Batman 3, including Adam West!
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