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2 525 games
80 392 achievements, 1 822 810

Rank GamertagScore# AchGamesCompletionCountry
101CroutonCrusader303 38716 0081 80331.43%United States United States
102v AggressoR x302 97513 02646677.55%United States United States
103B1indSide302 75512 71248766.78%United States United States
104jpg30301 63412 99639176.67%United Kingdom United Kingdom
105S2N Diabolical300 87013 69973855.91%United States United States
106alanp9297 58512 88242381.40%United States United States
107IRAQI SWAT297 07812 04457850.49%United Kingdom United Kingdom
108mga74295 65011 53235084.65%United Kingdom United Kingdom
109MaLiKoNe294 80013 20758057.88%Canada Canada
110EliteShadowMan294 26413 38866649.98%United States United States
111IEvil IMonkey292 96013 44264174.09%United Kingdom United Kingdom
112Green Hamton292 08812 82381147.39%United States United States
113II yakuzZaa II289 36011 94337074.86%Germany Germany
114Draco719287 98912 29138685.81%United States United States
115Wishwash182287 74012 85548183.31%United Kingdom United Kingdom
116Tubby94287 30512 00337785.82%Canada Canada
117montana97287 21512 12199832.15%United States United States
118flipdog666285 94612 09156754.65%United States United States
119Darkened Night285 85612 48857666.05%United States United States
120Lavindathar285 27712 04739883.49%United Kingdom United Kingdom
121JORAX284 95514 53978486.39%United States United States
122Igor5618283 62612 62238282.57%United States United States
123xxXI Dave IXxx283 35311 54962852.84%United States United States
124the primal 1282 36510 65133487.95%Australia Australia
125Psycho0022281 84511 16044473.95%United States United States
126central perk 08281 76011 86841178.02%United Kingdom United Kingdom
127Citizen Snickey281 57012 66930987.57%Germany Germany
128sonictails280 69810 94240269.66%United Kingdom United Kingdom
129Fringe of Fate280 01411 20535679.36%United States United States
130the globalizer279 19712 04952472.24%United States United States
131jeffy x360a278 82612 86948889.15%United States United States
132Jazzy201278 60311 36834499.54%United States United States
133sm182278 11510 95236195.36%Australia Australia
134NiteJokester277 94010 91342189.73%United States United States
135GH05T SN1P3R 92276 13312 49758566.95%United Kingdom United Kingdom
136Illum1na276 07812 73656966.86%United Kingdom United Kingdom
137PeaceSquid275 80512 57058767.08%United Kingdom United Kingdom
138Fire Hawk GYJS275 37512 76447699.22%United States United States
139Lord Gothic275 22711 12544179.04%Sweden Sweden
140Neditch275 07010 88650667.45%United States United States
141Ravage NZ274 40813 08980152.60%New Zealand New Zealand
142daniel55645273 42510 19933879.77%United States United States
143Dashapeshifter271 46711 60361353.00%United States United States
144Dizzy Domes270 82512 48935789.20%United States United States
145Skorpion XBA270 74012 25465464.20%United States United States
146Blue n Gold Eel270 42511 17529694.63%Australia Australia
147hoffnungstod269 78912 58546984.29%Sweden Sweden
148Son of Kyuss269 67411 87140984.74%Canada Canada
149gamerboyTHXtss269 46011 29036288.98%United States United States
150exodusmonkey269 46011 13738985.32%United Kingdom United Kingdom
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