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2 541 games
80 854 achievements, 1 834 000

Rank GamertagScore# AchGamesCompletionCountry
101jpg30308 59913 30839976.78%United Kingdom United Kingdom
102Marty da stooge306 13513 39347265.13%United States United States
103alanp9302 19013 06442582.12%United States United States
104mga74302 00511 58135284.39%United Kingdom United Kingdom
105TOBY 1K NO BE301 66812 74746493.36%United Kingdom United Kingdom
106MaLiKoNe301 27513 28658457.95%Canada Canada
107EbonHawk01301 07212 09236281.37%United Kingdom United Kingdom
108montana97297 89012 5401 04831.68%Australia Australia
109Darkened Night297 14612 83458966.31%United States United States
110IEvil IMonkey296 56513 46463974.02%United Kingdom United Kingdom
111sonictails295 90511 35341271.15%United Kingdom United Kingdom
112Lavindathar294 87712 14840683.22%United Kingdom United Kingdom
113Draco719294 72612 60239685.89%United States United States
114CrimsonGhostUK294 44013 09244274.16%United Kingdom United Kingdom
115EliteShadowMan294 30413 39066749.83%United States United States
116the primal 1292 08011 00734188.30%Australia Australia
117Fire Hawk GYJS291 50313 43349998.07%United States United States
118II yakuzZaa II290 59011 94637074.88%Germany Germany
119Fringe of Fate290 17411 48136579.66%United States United States
120Wishwash182290 14012 96548483.39%United Kingdom United Kingdom
121flipdog666287 62612 10556954.58%United States United States
122central perk 08287 49512 01841777.85%United Kingdom United Kingdom
123JORAX287 23014 69778786.93%United States United States
124Psycho0022286 64011 21544673.92%United States United States
125Igor5618286 50112 73538981.74%Poland Poland
126xxXI Dave IXxx285 35311 57263152.77%United States United States
127GH05T SN1P3R 92285 31912 85559267.99%United Kingdom United Kingdom
128NiteJokester283 38511 04142390.18%United States United States
129AKB48xIDOLING282 99012 01852376.49%United States United States
130Neditch282 31911 11552267.73%United States United States
131Illum1na281 76813 02258266.57%United Kingdom United Kingdom
132jeffy x360a280 96112 95948988.98%United States United States
133Lord Gothic280 10711 27044579.27%Sweden Sweden
134Son of Kyuss279 25412 00741584.53%Canada Canada
135PeaceSquid279 23012 73159267.35%United Kingdom United Kingdom
136daniel55645278 95010 37834279.81%United States United States
137Facial La Fleur278 53512 59556273.41%United States United States
138Dizzy Domes278 47012 52535889.16%United States United States
139MuffinMasterGW278 34513 14768860.64%United States United States
140Skorpion XBA274 74012 52567263.07%United States United States
141gamerboyTHXtss274 37011 53035694.27%United States United States
142exodusmonkey273 63011 15238984.97%United Kingdom United Kingdom
143Arsenic 17273 57012 54359574.47%United States United States
144Blue n Gold Eel273 54011 31530094.84%Australia Australia
145BwF SmokeBudnSF273 22510 25432985.99%United States United States
146hoffnungstod271 82912 70947284.38%Sweden Sweden
147Conor x420a270 25810 05742690.84%United Kingdom United Kingdom
148Razza69270 12010 90937197.95%United Kingdom United Kingdom
149KILLSHOT666268 90210 83641677.52%United States United States
150Skelix268 50813 10983449.03%United States United States
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