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2 614 games
83 332 achievements, 1 892 675

Rank GamertagScore# AchGamesCompletionCountry
201Istari Phoenix246 65010 74634280.95%United Kingdom United Kingdom
202This be DMK244 57411 99962948.71%United States United States
203HellSpawnJugalo244 54010 55939969.61%United States United States
204general boredom243 50111 30865947.76%United States United States
205NBA Kirkland243 35311 80158173.96%United States United States
206foxhound kirby242 68210 50244461.21%United States United States
207satniteeduardo242 68010 91157355.09%Australia Australia
208hostile carrot242 21210 81553452.88%United States United States
209Salaryman Clev242 08511 02536195.22%United Kingdom United Kingdom
210Xenolith666242 01510 04530195.44%United States United States
211HATRID REMAINS241 4209 22428589.91%United Kingdom United Kingdom
212VictimOfDesire241 36010 38737790.76%United States United States
213Aliosghof240 7809 73189526.50%Canada Canada
214Zero Kesra240 7409 40527885.56%United States United States
215L0ST Legends240 27510 84840984.90%United States United States
216Seoulcrusher240 01511 10239888.20%Korea Korea
217Bonkekook239 8709 86237070.41%United States United States
218echoes999239 85410 64135780.01%United States United States
219Grey Delta239 4879 80437761.04%Ireland Ireland
220IIX DBO XII239 1909 90137861.00%United Kingdom United Kingdom
221mosin360238 83511 44350455.96%United States United States
222The Bertard238 56510 44131473.67%United Kingdom United Kingdom
223Tamizander237 9159 27438471.29%United States United States
224yamayamayaamaa236 60311 77795254.26%United States United States
225Ham Salad236 48011 12133098.96%United States United States
226HowManyBullets236 3158 67730198.57%Finland Finland
227Queegum236 3009 80448365.03%United Kingdom United Kingdom
228MattyHustedUk236 21511 51161047.50%United Kingdom United Kingdom
229KillerBEA 91236 20210 01145267.94%United States United States
230billjones0302235 4908 64529097.17%United States United States
231mastersparky235 2959 26432473.53%United Kingdom United Kingdom
232Jappe XBA234 5309 02550660.47%United States United States
233blademdp234 3878 84832076.57%United States United States
234TA Ultimo233 8409 49630282.99%United Kingdom United Kingdom
235DarkxMaterials233 72310 51552471.57%United States United States
236SimmShady22232 93510 48235090.83%Canada Canada
237l3obo232 7299 42137465.08%United States United States
238CanadianHippieX232 7029 8811 07527.83%Canada Canada
239EarthboundX231 95410 29665543.27%United States United States
240unkled20231 9508 81334898.17%United States United States
241NeonInVermont231 3409 05031688.15%United States United States
242L4D II JoK3r230 8909 94429979.14%United Kingdom United Kingdom
243radiantviper230 84010 88136377.29%Canada Canada
244Si Alpha230 7759 42624979.60%United Kingdom United Kingdom
245GizM0 The Great230 16011 6361 19828.90%United Kingdom United Kingdom
246TheNutman69321230 1299 26334587.30%United States United States
247l BlackBrian7 l230 02010 36838967.61%Ireland Ireland
248Gillanaut229 9419 87570647.75%United States United States
249Happy Ronin NZ229 00411 04444969.88%New Zealand New Zealand
250ROBBERT DHT228 99010 35240392.19%Netherlands Netherlands
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