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2 622 games
83 500 achievements, 1 894 375

Rank GamertagScore# AchGamesCompletionCountry
301WoodsMonk136 2815 95931649.99%United Kingdom United Kingdom
302Baihu1983135 2655 84044038.77%United Kingdom United Kingdom
303eastx134 8567 45367244.51%Japan Japan
304guff buster3134 1706 64233251.90%United Kingdom United Kingdom
305TangerineGamer133 8455 32014697.87%United Kingdom United Kingdom
306XmaniaX133 3406 08613495.11%United Kingdom United Kingdom
307xCursiNxMayheMx132 9855 96419764.04%United States United States
308JSP The Great 1132 2556 079142100.00%Canada Canada
309Kite87132 0986 31349134.75%United Kingdom United Kingdom
310Fueled by Rage132 0516 16430650.34%United States United States
311Bonneash131 7205 63235134.90%United Kingdom United Kingdom
312Veedrock131 6655 91929160.00%United States United States
313Are You My Dady131 6205 98925055.12%United States United States
314Baki54131 4724 56729852.92%United States United States
315IXCrucifixionXI131 2615 58529448.79%Canada Canada
316ContePL130 9005 84423478.26%Poland Poland
317Hot Juicy Pie130 3124 96613980.79%United States United States
318DSTEW DAS130 1925 77422466.51%United States United States
319Fuzzmeister J129 0854 27714097.38%United States United States
320Mabus Incarnate128 3466 27156732.08%United States United States
321dAFKave813128 2085 66236947.72%United States United States
322KillswitchKyren127 9935 52720957.03%United Kingdom United Kingdom
323Acid Erosion88127 7206 18034054.35%United Kingdom United Kingdom
324Phrozenspite127 3055 08533544.24%United States United States
325Rowin Ocampo127 3016 03642637.08%United States United States
326i MooseJoose i127 2826 16120463.14%United Kingdom United Kingdom
327x352x pH127 1055 14521963.64%United States United States
328Atrolity126 7454 52024548.38%United States United States
329Exe the Hero126 4254 93120472.81%United States United States
330The Tropan126 3925 96224160.99%United States United States
331Richjn11126 2055 10619694.21%United States United States
332BrownyBaby7125 9105 33914972.38%United Kingdom United Kingdom
333EmporerDragon125 6245 31023659.32%United States United States
334RianBattle125 2876 43039643.08%United States United States
335OLOT125 1705 06014798.83%United States United States
336SuperbWang124 9654 35917073.92%United Kingdom United Kingdom
337SGT H0US3124 1425 25729240.50%United Kingdom United Kingdom
338Mr Fiddler123 7115 27116499.49%United States United States
339WHERES BILDO123 1385 31638748.05%United States United States
340ThyKingdomScum122 7605 51617064.61%Ireland Ireland
341TheOneTrueGlenn122 5136 73663434.19%United Kingdom United Kingdom
342Tunaleg122 4006 12827757.92%Canada Canada
343TVthePunisher121 8105 49724970.67%United States United States
344JohnAizen121 4955 55022180.83%United States United States
345Emivader120 9906 06326455.05%Mexico Mexico
346OMGLOL1111120 2904 39715096.19%Canada Canada
347Bleach XBA120 2655 32517381.01%Canada Canada
348WholeWorldBlind120 1866 18334643.94%United States United States
349Jephcote83120 1005 37311798.55%United Kingdom United Kingdom
350A Cerulean Sky119 8123 31112289.10%United Kingdom United Kingdom
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