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2 622 games
83 500 achievements, 1 894 375

Rank GamertagScore# AchGamesCompletionCountry
351ikuyoK116 0054 90314185.25%United States United States
352Sipuli9171 3753 39014153.28%United Kingdom United Kingdom
353Darth VeX66 4472 14714129.59%United States United States
354Fuzzmeister J129 0854 27714097.38%United States United States
355ShaZZa BFE66 6312 97314088.83%Australia Australia
356Joey The Dawg140 8305 18713986.09%United States United States
357Hot Juicy Pie130 3124 96613980.79%United States United States
358Shadow XBL93 7544 09413968.69%United States United States
359Floyd XBA85 7853 07913947.21%Canada Canada
360Futuramaforlife79 7103 29313852.41%United States United States
361Biggreen71947 8572 35413841.50%United States United States
362Pieville64 6203 18213447.71%Australia Australia
363Twiggy XIII51 8802 19613440.89%Australia Australia
364LickableLemons7105 2803 81013186.85%United States United States
365GamerPerfection58 8702 97613052.80%United Kingdom United Kingdom
366Knaussenheimer52 4202 68213057.09%Canada Canada
367v InFiNiTy i67 8842 95212746.36%United States United States
368Biomedical Fire64 9992 93812749.34%United States United States
369OdadjianActual111 3504 21912690.13%Canada Canada
370planet chuck95 6654 44112680.44%United States United States
371THE DEADLY DOG109 3603 65412477.76%United States United States
372Madhatters1356 1742 39412455.95%United Kingdom United Kingdom
373TassieTigerDave55 0281 77712445.29%Australia Australia
374MiloSuperSpesh41 2252 16212338.98%United Kingdom United Kingdom
375A Cerulean Sky119 8123 31112289.10%United Kingdom United Kingdom
376DRKR HALF86 9603 36512267.77%United States United States
377EnVy Trilogy67 6602 57912262.51%United States United States
378bithbheo108 4554 81912189.16%United States United States
379BSW198472 1053 21712074.88%Canada Canada
380Sm0keytrip0d68 1203 09912049.24%United Kingdom United Kingdom
381Spearmint Spaff90 0723 73011975.57%United Kingdom United Kingdom
382speedo model62 9402 53011748.06%United States United States
383Chaz Of Sparta77 6943 65511663.08%United Kingdom United Kingdom
384Son ALA110 9604 63311597.33%United States United States
385CyberPunch83115 5155 03011498.40%Canada Canada
386bigbear XBA72 0903 14011458.70%United States United States
387JBOND8878 0233 68511368.00%United States United States
388DonTrombone770436 7801 87211334.56%United States United States
389Darthpathfinder41 8252 08711252.90%United Kingdom United Kingdom
390burgerboyrye113 8004 97911097.72%United Kingdom United Kingdom
391surfingchimp63 3062 60611051.87%Canada Canada
392scottcool283 6053 30710885.17%United Kingdom United Kingdom
393time2munch7993 1054 35610797.45%United States United States
394Necrophage3390 7054 21610783.98%United States United States
395SpiralOut46and287 7452 73310765.23%United States United States
396Flame Sama46 6522 17610748.10%United States United States
397braniac1972115 1654 49110595.61%United Kingdom United Kingdom
398zasta 360gametv38 1651 58910530.51%United Kingdom United Kingdom
399Ryan D Stimo138 6905 451104100.00%United Kingdom United Kingdom
400diamondxinferno84 9053 94010494.58%United States United States
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