Hot Topic: The Price to Pay for DLC

Hot Topic: The Price to Pay for DLC

Written Tuesday, March 23, 2010 By Martin Gaston

When 2K decided to lock Bioshock 2’s first DLC package - Sinclair Solutions - on the disc, they were almost definitely aware the move was never going to go down well with their customers. It never does: consumers cannot stand the idea of being denied content. And why should they?

Meet BioShock 2's Sinclair Solutions.
The main concern for most gamers, though, has very little to do with Bioshock 2’s surprisingly tolerable multiplayer mode. Most people haven’t even tried it, after all, and even the ones who have will almost definitely be playing something else by now. The hyperbolic worry, however, seems to be that the DLC issue is a slippery slope and that, if we as consumers, allow 2K (or, by extension, any publisher) to think that we find this an acceptable practice then it will become standard for the industry. The end result? Down the line, we won’t be able to load up our copies of Modern Warfare 9 without buying an additional 4200 point license for the multiplayer from Xbox Live.
It’s a bit of a complicated area. Just like with a DVD, when you purchase a game you haven’t actually bought the content but instead a license to use it - but try telling that to most customers. Who actually thinks of it like that when a shiny copy of a new game arrives in the post? Certainly not me.
Responding to the public outrage over Sinclair Solutions, 2K’s answer as to why they released the content on the disc was absolutely spot on: releasing it as a pack via XBL would have divided the userbase or, more likely, forced all users to download it to their hard drive regardless of whether or not they’d be purchasing the ability to use the content themselves. When you consider how many ISP’s have bandwidth restraints and that people with 20gb hard drives are unlikely to have megabytes to spare, it is, by a considerable margin, much easier just to have the content on the disc. 2K might be right then, but that doesn’t make it right to do it in the first place.
Sinclair Solutions, conceived from its beginning as premium DLC, was never going to be free. Which brings me to the second big thorny issue: when developers should be allowed to release DLC in the first place. The most common belief is that if the content is made within the game’s original development cycle it should be included - in an unlocked state, that is - on the disc when you buy the game.

Playing content that just wasn't ready for release. Result.
Ubisoft deftly dodged a backlash earlier in the year with their two ‘missing’ chapters for Assassin’s Creed II. Chopped out of the game (for quality reasons) in order for the title to hit shelves in November 2009, the levels were fiddled with for a bit and then released onto the DLC market to satisfy ardent completionists. This content would never have been released otherwise, so the community were happy to accept it.
When the whole process feels like paying for the milk when you’ve already invested in the cow, however, gamers sour to the prospect of spending their money. That’s why last year’s Versus DLC for Resident Evil 5 proved contentious, with Capcom burying a mode most fans considered unnecessary on the disc and asking for 400 points if they fancied a go. Exactly the same situation as Sinclair Solutions, basically.
It’s almost a guaranteed certainty that if 2K had forced players to download 60mbs of ones and zeroes there’d have been less negative sentiment. Ultimately, it’s all a case of consumers perceiving (or the opposite, as seems to be more often the case) value when buying products: being forced to download a hefty chunk of data provides a tangible sensation of exchanging goods.
Consumers perceiving (and attributing) value to digital products is still something that publishers are exploring, and I’d also wager the all-important sweet spot has still yet to be found. In recent years, for instance, the price of the average XBLA title has managed to leap from 800 to 1200 points, so when Perfect Dark showed up last week at 800 points, it’s largely regarded as a huge bargain. Microsoft told us at X10 this year that this raise in price was down to increasing production costs and an overall general improvement in quality.
We’ve also seen this questioning of value in the announcement of Modern Warfare 2’s Stimulus package. With 3 new maps and 2 ported over from Call of Duty 4, many gamers have declared the 1200 point asking price a little on the steep side.

Gee willikers! These Nazis get uglier every year...
Development rival Treyarch released their map packs (which would contain three maps and another for zombies mode) for Call of Duty: World at War at 800 points, likely imitating the price point set by Infinity Ward themselves with Call of Duty 4’s Variety Pack a year prior. That’s 200 points a map, but with the Stimulus package Infinity Ward has bumped up that asking price to 240. The biggest problem in the eyes of many users, though, is that they’re being asked to spend a combined sum of 480 points for two maps from the original Modern Warfare and they simply do not perceive this as good value.
The problem, of course, is that digital goods are intangible, so one of the more compelling ways for gamers to calculate their worth and value comes from comparing them to other digital products: have one item priced too high and it’s an anomaly, have everything cost that much and you’re just selling at the norm. The fear that customers might stop paying if too many goods appeared on the marketplace for free is likely one of the reasons Microsoft put their foot down and forced Valve to charge with their DLC packs for the original Left 4 Dead, for instance.
It’s a clever system of economy that, at its heart, is far more complicated than I could ever possibly hope to understand. What’s readily apparent, though, is that buying and publishing trends have definitely caused the market to shift in recent years: if a publisher had tried to charge for maps a decade ago they’d have been laughed at until they declared bankruptcy. It is on this point that so many people find themselves bothered over the issue, seeing their post-release content rising from free to 800 points to 1200 points and dreading the idea that it will continue to rise in the future.
What’s definitely worth remembering with the issue is that paying for content isn’t an inherently bad thing: it keeps developers in business and helps the games we enjoy stay lucrative enough for the businessmen with money hats to commission a sequel. The Stimulus Package might cost 1200 points, but if you’re an active Modern Warfare 2 player that money is almost definitely going to provide you with more hours of gameplay than if you’d have purchased a single-player game at RRP. Not that there’s anything wrong with doing the latter, of course.

Cure "Mapathy" by playing maps you played in 2008.
The real crux of the issue is this: only the individual can deduce what makes for a good investment for them. The first step to understanding the modern game cycle is to realise that premium DLC is here to stay, and after grumbling about it for a minute - which is perfectly understandable: nobody wants to spend money if they can help it - we need to open our wallets and decide what’s worth buying on a case-by-case basis. If you’re a massive fan of Bioshock 2’s multiplayer, for instance, then dropping 400 points on Sinclair Solutions doesn’t seem like such a ghastly prospect at the end of the day.

Ultimately, the best thing to do in situations like this is to vote with your wallet. If nobody buys Sinclair Solutions then you can be sure 2K would think twice next time, and if the Stimulus Pack doesn’t sell nearly as well as Activision are expecting, then rest assured you’ll see it reduced to 800 points in an Xbox Live Deal of the Week before long.

One man’s rubbish is another man’s Stimulus Pack, basically. Feel free to suggest some of the most flagrant rip-offs currently on the marketplace, too. Mine is the 1200 point map pack for Stranglehold, because at least people are actually playing Modern Warfare 2.

Editor’s Note: Hot Topic is an all new experimental monthly feature here on X360A, where we take one of the month’s talking points and discuss it until your eye-balls bleed through sheer delight. Now that's intense! How experimental you ask? If it's popular, we'll keep them coming.

Martin Gaston is a freelance writer and a long-term friend of the site. His work can be found over at where he spends most of his days weaving words into a wonderful illuminating basket of awesomeness (my words, not his).


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Forum Posts: 2649
Comment #2 by Eternal
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 @ 11:09:29 PM
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Trojan get out of here.

It's human nature, game companies get more money out of this, but it can backfire as well...

Forum Posts: 14
Comment #3 by CA1R3L
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 @ 11:14:27 PM
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my head tingles everytime i think about Infifnity Ward making a welcome surprise like making the DLC cheaper or even free. Either that or i should go see a doctor

Forum Posts: 277
Comment #4 by Redskinsfan26
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 @ 11:19:10 PM
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Nice article.

I felt the biggest DLC rip off I ever bought was the Epilogue for Prince of Persia, but I got it for 400 points because it was DOTW which was great. However, the content felt like it was rushed and really did not explain anything after the game's main ending.

The best DLC offer I bought, and is still probably one of the best offer out there, is the All Fronts pack for Gears of War 2.

Forum Posts: 119
Comment #5 by lu3mm3l
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 @ 11:21:14 PM
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Nice article! Hope to read more about other interesting topics in the future :)

Forum Posts: 768
Comment #6 by Fire Mage
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 @ 11:34:51 PM
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This is a pretty good article, I'd have to say. And I agree with most of it up here.

I've done pretty much what has been said in this article -- vote with your money.

I didn't buy the POP Epilogue. I didn't buy either of the episodes for Assassin's Creed 2 because they simply should have been on the disc; I'm not going to pay more money because they didn't want to put it there. I didn't / won't be buying Sinclair Solutions even though I love Bioshock because that's a scam. I won't be buying the Stimulus Pack.

I've stopped buying a lot of Rock Band and Guitar Hero songs too, and have slowed down with the games. While I love them, I don't think they're worth all that money.

And lastly, I haven't to date bought a single piece of avatar clothing or items. I think that the Avatar Ma

Forum Posts: 671
Comment #7 by pauly_27
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 @ 11:53:58 PM
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Good article. My butt is still hurt with regards to the whole Gears 2 map pack debate many months back - I bought the Combustible and Snowblind packs on day of release, only to get royally screwed when they brought out the "All Fronts" package later down the line. At that point, I realised what a scam this whole DLC thing is, and have vowed never again to pay for multiplayer maps. Chances are, you won't get to play them as much as you like anyway, as they split the community.

Forum Posts: 628
Comment #8 by its delicious
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 @ 11:55:55 PM
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Glad to see this issue getting called out, and I've always agreed with the ultimate solution: Send a message with or without your money!

The Stranglehold maps are a rip-off at 1200 points, because the game itself is now about the same price in dollars. At least they come with achievements, if that's something.

Forum Posts: 87
Comment #9 by Xenodolf
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 @ 11:58:12 PM
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paying to unlock disc content is and always will be a scam. i see all this bullshit about boo-hoo production costs and timelines. i notice is it usually from "a-list" devs, which to me is like steven speilberg or james cameron saying "well, i would have liked to have this scene in the movie but somehow in my sea of tens of millions of dollars I couldn't afford a few hundred thousand, or even ten thousand more".

to punish these devs who rip me off for my OCD completionist drive, I will be renting more games from now on and spending my money on devs who actually worked hard and delievered on their product.

Forum Posts: 12
Comment #10 by maskedaprentice
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 @ 11:58:44 PM
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Great article!

I can easily say the worst piece of DLC I've bought out of the few I have is Mad Moxxi for Borderlands. It was too challenging for high level players. It was too hard to play solo as a lower level.There was no experience to be earned for lower players. Most importantly, no loot!

Forum Posts: 87
Comment #11 by Xenodolf
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:00:28 AM
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also, the WaW Nazi Zombie packs were one of the few dlcs mentioned here worth the $10. if they would recognize that people mostly bought them for Nazi Zombies and not the online maps, it would have probably sold for $5. each of them offered at least several day's worth of effort and enjoyment to earn gamerscore assigned to them.

Forum Posts: 189
Comment #12 by Floodclaw
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:06:22 AM
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I've pretty much given up paying for DLC these days unless it adds a significant amount of gameplay. For example, I was one of the ones who held back on buying the Gears 2 map packs because I thought they were too expensive. Lo and behold, All Fronts came out. Now that pack is a good deal, I think. I'm gonna have to go with the pack on the worst DLC as well, seeing as I found the Limited Edition of Stranglehold NEW for $10, charging $15 for some maps is a huge ripoff. You could buy Perfect Dark or other fully-fledged games for that much.

Forum Posts: 307
Comment #13 by Metaphorically
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:14:04 AM
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In all honesty, this is the first article where I sit and read it fully on this site.
Now, if you look at Gears 2's DLC, even that I bought each DLC when it came out because of peer-pressure, any other friend of mine that wanted to buy it I advised them to wait until the big bundle came out and they ended up with a very nice deal. Same idea with Fallout 3, I waited until I got game of the year. Now, for the same reason why I have played Borderland is because the amount of the DLC and their prices. I'm definitely waiting until GOTY comes out (if that happens).
Some of the DLC are just not worth buying because of their content value. For example the Prince of Persia one. Same idea with the BioShock 2; I really love that game but I did not go and buy the DLC because I thought it offered no

Forum Posts: 122
Comment #14 by helterskelter
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:25:33 AM
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Good read. I really think it would be nice if companies would lower the price of older dlc. I don't like paying full price for dlc when it came out over 2 years ago, just like I wouldn't pay full price for an actual disc game that came out 2 years ago. Why should digital stuff be different?

How about Street Fighter IV costumes?

Forum Posts: 7
Comment #15 by Drjimbo32
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:27:58 AM
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Very well written, with many great points. Cheers!

Forum Posts: 2784
Comment #16 by EmporerDragon
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:32:39 AM
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It would be interesting to see what the overall reaction would be if instead of a 200kb unlock code, the download was instead 50mb of nothing with the unlock code buried deep within.

Forum Posts: 104
Comment #17 by Kooky Cow 32
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:41:36 AM
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I like the idea of the monthly hot topic posts.
Keep 'em coming!

Forum Posts: 15
Comment #18 by FearKillr
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:48:22 AM
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hmm...great views..

Forum Posts: 53
Comment #19 by TokeTilYouChoke
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:48:56 AM
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in regards to the stimulus pack... they should release the old maps seperate for say 100msp and keep the normal ones at 800. thats one of the things i thought epic did really well was when it was finally available you could buy five (yes FIVE!!!) gears of war maps for GoW2 for only 400msp. thats less then 100 each so activision would still be making a larger profit and we all know that that's all they are in the industry for.

also just wanna say that i am now a huge fan of "Hot Topic".
this was very, very well written with alot of insight on both sides. thanks X360A

Forum Posts: 192
Comment #20 by PalmettoPanda
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:52:16 AM
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Well done. The locked content issue has always irritated me. If I remember correctly, it started with Beautiful Katamari and for that game, it was impossible to 1k it without buying the DLC. As for the rest of it, I'll always buy DLC for games I like, with Saints Row 2 being the best example of underwhelming content that I was nonetheless happy to play and pay for because I like the game (and story line) so much. I think #15 did bring up a good point about dropping the prices of old DLC. I still refuse to pay 1200 for the Stranglehold DLC when I can at this point buy the Collector's Edition of the game for $10. Occasionally making old DLC a DOTW mostly just annoys people who couldn't care less about playing old games, but a permanent price reduction might inspire completionists to give it

Forum Posts: 10
Comment #21 by Deathbeard 666
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 01:25:52 AM
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excellent article! i love the reading the monthly hot topic articles, very well done. i may be posting somewhat early on, but i really enjoyed reading everyone's responses and opinions to the articles, and i really enjoy how no one is bashing one another. thats how it should be here.
i really think the best way to put it is to vote with your wallet. if youre an avid modern warfare 2 player, the stimulus map pack might be a great buy for you, however if you dont play the game often or at all, it shouldnt be considered a ripoff.
i also agree that dlc for games that have been on store shelves for a long time should indeed drop in price. it only makes sense. would you spend $100 on a used gamecube console? no, you'd spend $30 because its been out for so long and there are newer and better th

Forum Posts: 10
Comment #22 by Deathbeard 666
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 01:26:18 AM
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are newer and better things in its place. its the same for games with dead online communities and the map packs made to support them.

Forum Posts: 90
Comment #23 by Trueflight
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 01:37:50 AM
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Very interesting! I haven't played Bioshock 1 or 2, and I didn't know about this happening before.
I actually haven't downloaded any DLC or games (yet). I hope to pickup Perfect Dark soon, but I can totally see why the frustration on fellow gamers. Of course there'll be some 'kids' that have free reign over what they can spend money on, but to those that every dollar counts... Hopefully they wait till this hits either a bargain price or don't bother with it at all.

Thanks for bringing this up mate!

Forum Posts: 132
Comment #24 by Udak
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:00:41 AM
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As the marketplace ages, they (being MS and publishers) need to come up with a better solution for old games. Stranglehold is a great example, but games like oblivion, the first overlord, etc... are 3 years old and bargain bin purchases wherever you go (if you can even find them).

If retail prices go down, then too should dlc where there is no included cost of manufacture (no disk/case/manual fabrication).

Hot Topic's probably shouldn't have comments enabled for them--perhaps a link to the forums where they can be discussed, but these will probably turn violent at some point.

Forum Posts: 1975
Comment #25 by RuYi
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:06:36 AM
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If the game provides enough gametime, and this locked DLC is worth the money, I have no problems buying it. That case, I won't complain either.

If the game, however, feels like it's missing a chunk or it's too short or something like that, then I don't appreciate their choice of locking it.

Forum Posts: 536
Comment #26 by StephenJ360
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:15:53 AM
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Hm, I complained about the RE5 Versus mode on this website once. I got completely flamed, and it got locked by the mods. Will this article get locked as well? Nope.

I love internet democracy :D

Forum Posts: 30
Comment #27 by Brockxz
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:16:34 AM
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*if nobody buys Sinclair Solutions then you can be sure 2K would think twice next time*

I am sure they will do next time the same. Why? Just because it doesn't cost them nothing not to do so. Even if this Sinclair pack will be bought only by 10k xbox live users, it's still just money+ to already retail price for goods they already sold. There is not extra work or additional expenses not to do that.
There is no way we can stop this. We can vote with our wallets and not to buy anything but there always will be fools who will buy. Average gamer doesn't read such posts and aren't informed about all this.

Forum Posts: 87
Comment #28 by Xenodolf
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:27:52 AM
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^ exactly why the gaming industry is headed toward a second crash. too many morons willing to shell out money for over-hyped titles that have had medicore investments of quality - while smaller IPs starve to death because they don't wring out 30 DLC packs to pay for excessive advertising.

Forum Posts: 894
Comment #29 by DaChiefOfOwnage
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:33:59 AM
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Just kidding :D
Awesome article, a great 10 minute read. I think what publishers fail to understand is that yeah, DLC and XBLA is going up in quality (most of the time), however people can't magically get higher paying jobs so they can shell out more.

And this crap about increased production costs - it's their own fault. They don't have to hire more employees in order to get the DLC/game out faster. They can take their time, with less employees, and also deliver a high quality product. I'm sure 90% of people would rather wait an extra four months for a game or extra two months for DLC and see the price get lowered by 25% than get the DLC/game instantly and pay 100% of the price for a lower quality product with less content.

As for me, ridiculously priced items on LIVE will

Forum Posts: 894
Comment #30 by DaChiefOfOwnage
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:34:38 AM
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As for me, ridiculously priced items on LIVE will never warrant a purchase from me - the most recent example being MW2's Stimulus Map Pack. 1200MSP for 3 maps and 2 old maps? I can buy a full arcade game for that - even though a full arcade game for 1200MSP is still largely expensive.

Forum Posts: 496
Comment #31 by EcT Felix
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:36:24 AM
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My biggest rip-off?

Hmm that have to be the Gears of war 2 DLC without even having the game. lol!

Forum Posts: 917
Comment #32 by tpb
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 03:05:13 AM
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Hmm the Dark Forest DLC for Dante's Inferno was a bit of a rip off... The various map packs for games like Modern Warfare, Halo etc were poor (although you could pick up most of the Halo ones for free with the extra games they released). The Halo Wars DLC was pretty disappointing... and I personally find some of the prices for songs for the likes of Rock Band and Guitar Hero are pretty poor...

But theres plenty of examples of how to do it right out there too... Bioware are pretty good with it for both ME2 and DA:O. And Bethesda did a good job with the Fallout 3 DLC (well most of it).

Forum Posts: 1805
Comment #33 by newbsicle
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 03:16:53 AM
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There's also an extra plasmid on the disc that I'm guessing later on they'll release as more disc locked crap. Gotta love it!

Forum Posts: 86
Comment #34 by adbailey18
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 03:44:24 AM
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I'm buying the DLC for MW2 on day 1. If I see it on a DOTW for 800mp anytime soon after I will be p*ssed!

Forum Posts: 1193
Comment #35 by Ozbaab
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 04:25:29 AM
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A very good article!

Forum Posts: 147
Comment #36 by Marnit
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 04:52:15 AM
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good read, and sure 400msp might not be that much, but still i think of dlc more as "stuff we decided to expand the game with after release"

Forum Posts: 189
Comment #37 by tsydrown
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 05:03:15 AM
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@35. You've pretty much summed up what people hate. You're willing to purchase it Day 1, but you'll be unhappy if it's lowered in price. You want it Day 1, you pay FULL price! No complaining later down the line, it's purely your own fault. I bought all Fallout 3 DLC on Day 1, at full price, and haven't complained about the GOTY/DOTW as I had the privilege of playing them immediately. If you want it Day 1, be prepared when it hits DOTW, and don't moan to anyone else, it's your decision.

Personally, i've had my fill of MW2. The SP, although fantastic, was far too short (i'm referring to Normal Diff.), half-way through Vet. and i'm bored of it. The Spec. Ops were great fun, but should have had more with DLC#1, and the online, WHEN I can get into a match with my friends (even on a 20MB conn

Forum Posts: 189
Comment #38 by tsydrown
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 05:03:36 AM
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connection I have to wait 10-30mins) all I end up seeing are the same things, lag, glitches etc etc. I'm moving on to BC2, which has been fixed, no lag/glitches (or not as obvious as MW2) and a Dev. who releases, wait for it . . . FREE DLC!

That's Post-Launch support for you!

I don't agree with the unlock codes, if it made it onto the disc, it should be available, simple as that, forget licenses etc, I paid for a game, which is on a disc, I want all the content made available. I'm amazed that companies get away with it TBH.

As for the price of DLC, it's funny how during a recession, DLC prices went UP, not down, yet most people are managing to get by, just, and companies put out half-finished DLC at a higher price. Being made unemployed just before Christmas, and still now, I see

Forum Posts: 189
Comment #39 by tsydrown
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 05:04:00 AM
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how hard it can be. It might only be £5-10 to some people, but to someone like me and my family, that's shopping/bill money for a few days.

And before I get the usual response, YES, I do buy games 2nd hand, or trade in (as will be the case with MW2 for BC2) I simply can't afford to shell out £40+ for every new game I want. Thankfully Blockbuster ain't too far, and usually have rental offers on as well as the £25 for MW2 if you buy BC2.

Great article, nice to know that the issues us gamers raise is taken into account by someone. Personally, it'd be great to see it done weekly as opposed to monthly as we have enough concerns/issues to run it once a week. Looking forward to the next issue! X-D

Forum Posts: 51
Comment #40 by Agent Mantis
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 05:05:19 AM
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I won't buy any DLC until it goes on DoTW. A little patience has rewarded me with cut price DLC for fallout, grand theft auto and mass effect.

Forum Posts: 2773
Comment #41 by jtr1gg3r
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 05:28:31 AM
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DLC is always going to get more expensive, so you cant complain, the only reason I got the WaW map packs was because of zombies and 800msp for those was a bargain!

but yh the point is if iyou dont like the price dont buy. simple. There not gonna hunt you down and torture you until you give in and buy there sh*t lol

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #42 by rob_subzero
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 06:22:52 AM
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Well said #22/23.........that really was a fantastic article and it really is nice to see that this hasn't descended into a flame war like it usually does with topics concerning DLC.

At the end of the day it's each to their own and some DLC will be bought whatever the price if people really enjoy the game

Forum Posts: 31
Comment #43 by Stevodude
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 06:24:29 AM
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Excellent article, very interesting read!

Forum Posts: 178
Comment #44 by Blue Thunder28
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 06:29:19 AM
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This reminds me of the good old days in Halo 2 when the maps went free ALWAYS after a couple months.. I just popped it in recently and was very worried I couldn't play because I got all my maps back then through the ultimate map pack disk and don't have it anymore.. But to my delight all the maps were free to download.

Forum Posts: 578
Comment #45 by Nutty Scouser
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 06:56:48 AM
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I Just get my 1000g then send it back - never used DLC never will -

Forum Posts: 20
Comment #46 by LetsWinWithTim
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 07:06:59 AM
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Street Fighter IV is a good example as well: I had to fork over 1000 points to get all alternative costumes even though they were already on the disc. And that was after sitting out and waiting for a complete package.

Although I understand the content is considered to be a bonus, it makes me worried that we can charge people for any content that is considered to be a bonus - even if it was already being created before the release date.

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #47 by rob_subzero
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 07:21:30 AM
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The other one that got me a while back as well was Namco with Beautiful Katamari.

The game itself had 1250 achievement points attached to it and the only way you could get those achievements was to buy the DLC. I thinkt there were a few other achievements attached to the game as well as there was no way that you could get a big enough katamari for the achievements unless you played the DLC courses.

That kinda took the piss a bit but happened quite a few years ago now

Forum Posts: 41
Comment #48 by soulinajar
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 07:27:38 AM
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Left for Deads crash course was the breaking point for me. I bought it, it was way short and the achievements were broken and never fixed. Not to mention the outrageous cost of 360 hard drives. I'm with Nutty Scouser - play for 1000, send it back.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #49 by JammyDodger93
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 07:31:05 AM
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this whole discussion is full of S**T

Forum Posts: 137
Comment #50 by Nck90
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 07:59:22 AM
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the entire problem with DLC and Arcade games is that the price never drops, games at retail drop in price take any Lego game they are 50 bucks when they first show up but before that year is out you know it's only gonna cost ya 20 bucks if you wait for it .. same goes for DLC instead of saying its 1200 points days and 4 years later its the same price how is that possible the longer something is on the marketplace the prices should drop as well and I dont mean with deals of the week either I mean permently drop in price there's no reason for it

Forum Posts: 10
Comment #51 by Jtpearl
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 08:07:45 AM
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@30.... The problem with this is that by the time you get 4 to 6 months in, a lot of gamers have already moved on to other games and won't always bother to go back, even for DLC.

Great artcle but I'm not sure about the name. Hot topic just makes me think of emo kids hanging out at the mall.

Forum Posts: 1534
Comment #52 by Dustinator
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 08:14:30 AM
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Another good Hot Topic article. Thanks :-)

I am conserving my money more now in an effort to stick it to companies like 2K, Capcom, Namco Bandai & Activision who charge (IMO) money for content that couldv'e been included on disc. Or just plain cheaper. End of story. Plus, I just don't have as much money anymore really

Forum Posts: 40
Comment #53 by SUTCLIFF 286
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 08:35:26 AM
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Glad theres other people in the world who don't just buy DLC for the sake.

There are some great DLC packs & arcade games - just choose wisely and avoid blatent rip-offs & price increases.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #54 by chitown420
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 08:44:15 AM
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buy it or not thats a easy solution they can do whatever they want with their games buy or not these people are the same people that waste theitr money on stupid avatar gear however they can make as much money as possible out of one product there going to do that its your choice to buy it or not or cry about it

Forum Posts: 305
Comment #55 by Will Daniels
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 09:09:01 AM
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Spot on in your assessments. It's my opinion that if something is included on the disc, you can release it, but only if it is free. I don't like the idea of basically pay for an unlock code for something that I already bought.

Secondly, I don't think 800 points for an expansion/map pack is unreasonable if you enjoy the game. But 1200 points is pushing it.

Forum Posts: 71
Comment #56 by solarhd
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 09:14:26 AM
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People are so full of shit. You can bitch all you want people are still going to buy it.

Forum Posts: 3
Comment #57 by I ARKLIGHT I
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 09:30:11 AM
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Worst DLC SCAM: The MP resident Evil 5 (seems like Capcom likes to screw players i.e. also Street Fighter 4 alternate costumes)

Cool Free DLC: Army of Two, the 2 free chapters (alternate ending and Russian subway) That was generous content.

Forum Posts: 533
Comment #58 by matty cheetham
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 09:40:14 AM
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Worst DLC is the Dragon Age Origins... Awakening, yes its a whole new campaign but 3200!
There is a comparable, the GTA DLC both TLAD and BOGT both cost 1600 MS points each and they were brilliant full length expansions, come on EA sort it out.

Forum Posts: 318
Comment #59 by THC BLUNTED
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 09:41:15 AM
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DLC is a good concept but some of the DLCs out there just ruin it for the rest of them. I think its lame that bioshocks DLC was already on the disc, but when a game doesnt come out for months and they are talking about what DLCs will be available is no different they just dont put it on the disc. There are DLCs like shivering isles that are worth every penny and then there are ones like in Dantes Inferno that arnt worth a penny. Also when the DLCs cost just as much or more than the retail game itself is bullshit.

Forum Posts: 32
Comment #60 by Chanens417
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 09:42:09 AM
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What I don't like about the Bioshock situation is that it changes the purpose of DLC. It is supposed to be after release content that could not make it into the original game without a delay. If it is on the disk, then they are just milking us for all we are worth.

Forum Posts: 178
Comment #61 by DWHFloyd
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 09:48:36 AM
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We just need to send messages to these jerkoffs by not buying rip-off DLC. So many games do it and its just gonna get worse.

Forum Posts: 9
Comment #62 by waterhead71
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 09:48:59 AM
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A couple weeks ago the Resi Evil 5 DLC Stuff came out and i bought them all. Just so a week later you could buy them all for a cheaper price or jist buy the Gold edition so it wouldnt take up harddrive space. Street Fighter 4 did the same thing with the costumes. I juts wish the developers would at least tell ua before they release a pack with all the DLC so we dont have to pay for them seperately and end up spending more money than we could have.

Forum Posts: 76
Comment #63 by blayde
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 09:50:01 AM
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@55 I buy avatar stuff but I'm trading MW2 in after the price of that DLC. Game is running an offer where you trade MW2 in and get BCBF2 for £9, YES PLZ!
Sometimes it's more what I think it's worth, I think there is nothing wrong with what 2K did in BS for example. it would've been impossible to get a match if they didn't.

Forum Posts: 76
Comment #64 by blayde
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 09:51:01 AM
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Forum Posts: 223
Comment #65 by Copyright
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 10:15:28 AM
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The only thing we can do is refuse to buy DLC that is already on the disc, no matter the price.

Forum Posts: 46
Comment #66 by Treflipin
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 10:18:38 AM
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more so than over priced games i think you get robbed alot more when you buy a game and then bam 2 days later its on deal of the week.

or what 63 said about dlc being combined into 1 pack and sold for less

Forum Posts: 4510
Comment #67 by antnie
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 10:32:59 AM
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Biggest waste of money... Two words.
Beautiful Katamari

Forum Posts: 7227
Comment #68 by Opiate42
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 10:46:15 AM
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Agree with 66, content delivery method is a huge bone here: if it's on the disc it's not the preference or tangibility of downloading something we're missing, it's the fact we're in essence paying twice for content we already own. No Thanks, I'm not letting that Sinclair Solutions pack out of it's cage, for the points it can stay there and rot.

LOL @ 64 I wish we had that MW2 trade-in deal in Canadian stores for BFBC2...I'd be all over that!

Forum Posts: 253
Comment #69 by 1337Pwner
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 10:59:11 AM
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We are all just a bunch of stupid whiners......sad day in gaming history I remember when we paid these prices for games and it was freaking just pong or something. Stop whining about nothing seriously.....

Forum Posts: 144
Comment #70 by TAXI DRIVER 420
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 11:07:52 AM
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Like this article, thought I've seen these type thins posted before thou. Keep em coming open up some peoples eyes, you don't have to buy eveything when it comes out and better deals await. I also agree with whoever said that about gears2 I bought both maps cause I was an avid gears player then they give hardcore gears players the shaft, wtf. Ripeoff all the time, btw this was very well writen there was only 5 words I have no clue what they mean. =P

Forum Posts: 42
Comment #71 by austen2k7
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 11:08:06 AM
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Only DLC I've ever bought is all the CoD5 map packs, and they were made worth it because of Nazi Zombies, Infinity Ward don't realise that's the only reason the CoD5 map packs sold, I don't have MW2 anymore but if I did I wouldn't pay £12 for their maps, I'd rather get something worthwhile with my money.

Forum Posts: 1729
Comment #72 by H0p3sfalL
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 11:12:08 AM
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i dont have a problem with DLC, just when game companies pull a Capcom(RE5)and with hold the content for more money. But when they do what they did for Fallout 3 and complety make form the ground up and new i have no problem buying it. Just hate being cheated out of my money all the time.

Forum Posts: 23
Comment #73 by AreUPokey
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 11:27:18 AM
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I don't have a problem with DLC in general...except in COD titles, simply because of how they are implemented. The new maps will go into the normal rotation (there's no separation between those who have the maps and those who don't) and if the game chooses one of the new maps that you don't have, you get booted from that lobby.

So you can be in a lobby, and the map listed is one that you do have, but right as the game is about to launch the map gets voted down, the game then selects and map you don't have and voila! - you get booted. And this is multiplied if you're trying to stick with a party where some have the maps and others don't.

Forum Posts: 23
Comment #74 by AreUPokey
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 11:31:57 AM
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So in essence, if you want to keep playing Modern Warfare 2, you'll have to give in and buy the maps, just to stop the frustration.

Activision is well aware of this, and for this reason their overpriced maps will be a success.

Forum Posts: 129
Comment #75 by skribla
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 11:33:46 AM
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The biggest problem is that half the cretins on this website encourage it. Anytime they see DLC they HAVE to buy it, regardless of whether the game has been out few weeks or a month.

I don't blame the publishers though. They can derive a lot more money from consumers by making them pay £30-£40 for a game, then releasing loads of content equating to the price of a new game (Borderlands & Fallout 3).

Forum Posts: 622
Comment #76 by montrossity
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 11:40:43 AM
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keep the hot topics coming!

Forum Posts: 31
Comment #77 by Sabre120
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:02:13 PM
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I thought the Stimulus pack was just outright extortion. They have made ridiculous sums of money from the base game, why to they have to steeply charge for the DLC? Why not reward the fans with good value for money, if it was 800 points I would jump at it, but because it is 1200 I will not be buying it

Forum Posts: 768
Comment #78 by Fire Mage
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:08:54 PM
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Man I didn't realize that I had been cut off.

But basically I said that the Avatar Marketplace is the stupidest thing ever. To pay $5 for a little lightsaber or something like that is about the biggest scam in the world.

I haven't bought a single avatar item and I don't know why people waste their money on it.

Forum Posts: 98
Comment #79 by B Rock3232
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:11:07 PM
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I have given my fair share of money to buy DLC since I have been on Xbox Live. And to be honest I will only buy DLC if they come with achievements. Unless I just really love the game. I loved playing AC2 but I didn't buy the DLC for that reason no achieves. Same with Force Unleashed. I bought the first two DLC cause they came with achieves but the Hoth one did not. Even though it sounds awesome.

Forum Posts: 98
Comment #80 by B Rock3232
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:14:57 PM
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Any game that sells only map packs for multiplayer is a rip off. Like in MW2 you could play 10 rounds and only play on the new maps maybe 3 or 4 rounds. Not worth $15 for maybe playing the maps every once in awhile. Map packs should be 400mps tops. The best DLC will be L4D2 when it comes out. If it has everything it says it will, it will by far be the best deal. Value is the best company when it comes to DLC. If everyone did what they do no one would complain at all.

Forum Posts: 1146
Comment #81 by xMidget_Furyx
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:17:44 PM
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if the stimulus pack really is 1200 points i won't be buying it til it's on sale. Or until i get the redemption code i won from monster energy drink.

the price of XBLA games and the DLC is quickly becoming to much of a price to pay. i refuse to pay 1200 points for any XBLA and my limit for map packs depending on how many are in the pack is 800. i won't be buying avatar items although the decepticon t-shirt was really tempting. as has been stated as a community of gammers we really need to stand up and fight with our wallets bitching about the cost while your buying the item really isn't going to get the publishers or MS to see our point.

Forum Posts: 1146
Comment #82 by xMidget_Furyx
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:19:39 PM
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@80 hoth is really to short to pay for just rent the sith ed. if you really want to play it. i bought the dlc for SW the jedi temple and even got it on sale and still felt ripped off.

Forum Posts: 1517
Comment #83 by tripleb2k
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:36:21 PM
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Biggest Rip Off on LIVE: Avatar Marketplace!!!
Avatars are free and it's become a large part of LIVE's identity. I really like them because it's a good way of personalizing yourself on MP. However if you want to wear something from your favorite game, you need to pay anywhere from 120 - 400 points. $5 for eye candy only a few people will see is a huge rip off. It's another one of those things; if you don't like it, don't buy it. if others buy it, it's their money but it just feels like a huge ripoff of the community.

Forum Posts: 1517
Comment #84 by tripleb2k
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:42:49 PM
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p.s. I've waited to buy DLC until there are reviews out there. I'm not going to pay for anything that's broken, short or not a 'bang for your buck.'

Forum Posts: 9
Comment #85 by marccookie13
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 12:59:35 PM
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i honestly love DLC if its worth it like oblivion, fallout 3, gears of war 2 or Burnout paradise. But when stuff is useless of stuff already on the disc and people still charge it does seem like being robbed.
Bioware have the right idea of a combination of free small things and some larger stuff as premium. However this may bacfire if the new character for mass effect 2 isnt as substantial as the free DLC that they are giving.

Overall i just want value for money when getting DLC which most games dont give

Forum Posts: 242
Comment #86 by JustAFriend
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 01:12:03 PM
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great article, it really annoys me getting ripped off by retailers. the first thing i can think of buying was the resi dlc. they shouldnt be allowed by microsoft to do it. then again bill gates wants more money

Forum Posts: 50
Comment #87 by Future13579
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 01:16:30 PM
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Halo's DLC was really worth it, but my friend complained about the price of Oblivion DLC and got it for free

Forum Posts: 98
Comment #88 by B Rock3232
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 01:16:33 PM
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@ 81

Whoops typing error I meant to say Valve.

Forum Posts: 117
Comment #89 by brayarg
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 01:39:07 PM
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the first time i felt ripped off was with beautiful katamri dlc, Going to have to estimate here as it was along time ago now. full game 10Gbp. dlc was something like 1600points? the full game = something like 50hours of gameplay, the dlc 10hours? how is that even fair or balanced for an old game. It needs addressing.

Forum Posts: 10
Comment #90 by shortpersonben
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 01:54:01 PM
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Great article!
IMO dlc prices should depreciate with the value of the game, i recently picked up oblivion for £4.99 and to get the shivering isles is 2400ms points?! thats equivilent to £18, over 3 times the cost of the game.

Forum Posts: 2143
Comment #91 by litepink
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 01:54:54 PM
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#74- Did you play COD 4? Apparently not, because that is NOT how it worked.

#80/#81- I have played Creek, Chinatown, and Broadcast hundreds of times. Also, when the Variety Map pack first came, there was a playlist just with these maps. And your going to hold yourself back from playing something that you think looks "awesome" just because of achievements???

Forum Posts: 40
Comment #92 by Buckster666
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:01:53 PM
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I found that DLC for Fallout 3 and Fable 2 were worth it, but to pay for stuff that is already on the disc is annoying.
Games like Borderland i'm holding off buying as there will GOTY edition sooner or later.
If games are gonna have DLC it needs to expand the games and not just add modes that should be there in the 1st place.

Forum Posts: 2044
Comment #93 by yamayamayaamaa
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:01:58 PM
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You either buy it or you don't. Not sure what bitching is going to get you... but that is becoming pretty common here.

Forum Posts: 98
Comment #94 by B Rock3232
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:17:45 PM
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@92 - Yes achievements are a huge deal. If I am going to pay 800mps or $10 then I better get more then just a couple of hours of play time, like with the Force Unleashed DLC. When it comes with achievements at least I am paying for something that has some lasting value by adding to my gamer score.

Forum Posts: 38
Comment #95 by BackSlash4040
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:24:07 PM
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This was a great article in my opinion and I hope that the site can continue with these! My least fav dlc's were the gears debate and the RE5 versus. I got every gears map day it came out, only to have the all fronts pack shoved in my face. I actually say a GOTY version for $40 that had all the dlc maps on it, really annoyed me. The RE5 versus was stupid, since it was supposed to be on disc, and because the content was pretty stupid as well. My favorite DLC had to be the GTAIV dlcs. They were expensive, but to me they were worth every cent and then some. They were like miniture versions of the game and I had a blast playing them!

Forum Posts: 95
Comment #96 by BrutishMuffin
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:25:47 PM
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Dante's Inferno - Dark Forest. I knew it was short before I bought it, but for 400 points I was hoping to get at least 15 minutes of content. I think I paid about a dollar a minute playing it.

Forum Posts: 117
Comment #97 by brayarg
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:52:20 PM
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@94 probably nothing, but unlike retail games, there is no competion here, we cant look at the price of a dlc item, and say its to expensive, im going elsewhere. Retail games over time lose value, until the point we pay more for dlc than the full game. An example would be gta4 and its episodes, Im sure if i shopped around i could pick that disc up for 15Gbp the full game about the same, so 30Gbp for everything. Just the dlc is 3200points, if you buy your points at M$ thats about 28Gbp for a full 50hours less of entertainment, And you think we shouldnt complain??

Forum Posts: 97
Comment #98 by tommat12
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:53:41 PM
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My personal problem with this was never really just the fact it was on the disc, but more the content of the DLC. I mean, it's 10 more ranks, a few new masks and a character... why the hell are they charging us for that?! It's like Activision charging MW2 players for prestiging and unlocking a gun (don't give them ideas). Coupled with the fact it was on the disc, meaning it could have very easily enhanced users' original experience with the MP, rather than being a fairly pointless bit of "extra content". Maybe if they put a code in new copies of the game (ala Mass Effect 2) to unlock it and charged people who brought second-hand, then people would prob embrace the idea. After all, the Cerberus Network seems to be very succesful.

I think Resi 5's Versus was a bigger rip-off than this, lu

Forum Posts: 97
Comment #99 by tommat12
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:54:13 PM
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ckily I brought it on DoTW... now just need to get round to playing it...

Also, DLC should have price cuts, very much in the same way the retail game does. I mean look at the Stranglehold DLC (as mentioned @8), or even the Puzzle Quest DLC. It's 700MS DLC for a 800MS game... I would prob snap it up if it dropped to 400MS, but now it's stuck at that unwarranted price.

*Inserts 2¢*

Forum Posts: 99
Comment #100 by JohnnyRock84
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 02:55:39 PM
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It's worth considering the model that BioWare used with Mass Effect 2.

Buy the game new and get the Cerberus Network for free along with little tidbits of free DLC.

Purchasers of a used copy are going to have to splash out 1200 points for this DLC so they are going to have to get a pretty cheap deal for the game for their total purchase price to be less than the RRP (i.e. $60/£40).

I'd be happy for more games to follow suit with this sort of model.

Take Burnout for example, they could include a Criterion License (or something similarly named) with every new copy and offer the occasional new car or decal etc.

If they released something big like Surf Island, License owners could perhaps get it at 800MSP whereas those who buy the game used (no license) would pay 1200MSP.

Forum Posts: 99
Comment #101 by Halfhoot
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 03:33:23 PM
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I am a bit less enthusiastic about DLC than I used to be because of rising prices. Most of it tends to be only a few hours long and simply isn't worth the 10 to 15 bucks. And oh how it hurts to later on see it for half price or bundled for less.

I think my favorite and most worth the price DLC so far has been Borderland's Secret Armory content. There is a TON of gameplay there, new levels, new equipment, and achievements.

I think my most disappointing so far has probably been the original Mass Effect DLCs both of which only added an hour or two of play. I loved the game so I really didn't mind donating them money, but that's what it felt like... donating money instead of actually buying something worthwhile. From then on I've been much more selective of my DLC purchases.

Forum Posts: 219
Comment #102 by nicky6314
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 03:35:48 PM
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Love these hot topic articles, keep them coming! I agree with most everything written. Will never download another map pack (unless it's free like Gears 2's Flashback or Halo's Heroic) because I don't think it's worth it. Why pay $10, now $15 just a few new maps? I mean, I would pay for new gameplay, that's why I have no problem with DLC for GTA for example. I agree with #100, DLC should have price cuts (very few do) like retail games. But knowing M$, this will likely not become a reality. Expect prices to increase steadily.

Forum Posts: 434
Comment #103 by frank9080
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 03:36:59 PM
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I feel like all DLC should work like the Gears 1 maps did. The avid fans(like myself)could purchase the DLC from the day it is released for a price, but after a set time, 6-12 months, the DLC would either be significantly reduced or free.

Forum Posts: 4
Comment #104 by TNT LotLP
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 03:39:40 PM
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Very interesting article, and I really, really agree. I do not agree with the "increase in quality" on most XBLA games, and believe that the increased price is justified, if the only difference, really, is some included avatar awards. Besides, 800 points for a decade-old game isn'st really a bargain. But I won't be spending money on maps just yet, luckily for me, I won all of the WaW mappacks on some website or another. But charging money for maps is still not the way to go for me. Unless they introduce interesting new gameplay elements with a variety of uses that can actually alter the current style of gameplay yet keep it in balance. although it is difficult to do, it's hardly something that I would spend 1200 points on. 800, on the other hand....

Forum Posts: 53
Comment #105 by ChocoDK
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 04:24:30 PM
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Very good article and it was interesting to read most of the comments of gamers opinions.

I think the real issue with DLC is the content that you are getting. I think the two best companies who handled DLC from games I have played were Bethesda (Fallout 3) and Rockstar (Grand Theft Auto IV).

When I bought Lost & Damned at the end I felt that was the best DLC I have ever purchased and it was worth every cent. I even got the Liberty City Episodes just to have it on disc.

I rarely buy DLC so the worst DLC I would have to say I purchased would be Protoman for Mega Man 9. Not that he was horrible to play as but I think he should have been included in the game.

I hate Capcom and their DLC model. People may complain about EA but to me Capcom has been one of the biggest culprits th

Forum Posts: 200
Comment #106 by xdiamondxinfernox
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 04:30:45 PM
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Forum Posts: 604
Comment #107 by Ray5555
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 04:33:35 PM
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I don't mind paying for the DLC. I do mind paying for DLC that is already on the original game disc. I.E. Versus mode for RE5. I wasn't going to pay $5 to unlock a mide that was locked on the disc. I was more than willing to pay 160 points for ME2's costume pack. I paid 560(or was it 1200) points for the Warden's keep DLC for Dragon Age on Release day.

I'm more than willing to pay for DLC but not when that content is on the disc, and locked out. So I check every DLC. if it is more than 10 MB I'll buy it. If it's less(unless it's a new weapon) I will just pass on it

Forum Posts: 985
Comment #108 by Dr Popodopolus
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 05:05:45 PM
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I choose you!

Forum Posts: 225
Comment #109 by Hoebagger
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 05:16:33 PM
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Forum Posts: 522
Comment #110 by Arenazombie
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 05:27:45 PM
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Yeah most people say that if u buy a map-pack for 800M$ or even 1200M$ u would get your moneys worth out of it but I'd still call it a rip-off.
Its like I cooked a few houndred steaks in my frying pan over the years so I would've got my moneys worth out of it if it costs 200€ but its still a frying pan and to make a frying pan just doesn't cost that much.
I think pricing should be more related to the efford it takes to make that. Otherwise u could also argument like when I'm driving a Porsche for like 1000hrs and it costed only 50000€ its still 50€ per hour of fun but u'd call it a bargain.
I just think you can't always compare gameplay and content length to price.
Thats why I bought MW2 really cheap and didn't bought Bioshock2 because these games where next to no efford compared to th

Forum Posts: 202
Comment #111 by Killbomb
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 05:28:38 PM
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I rarely purchase DLC to begin with and I'm surely not going to buy something that's already on the disc. If it's done and on the disc, it should be included in the purchase price.

Forum Posts: 522
Comment #112 by Arenazombie
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 05:32:35 PM
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their prequels.
You basicly just get new maps and gameplay tweaks.
Nothing justifies this one being the same price like the prequel.

Overlord sold a lot less copies than MW2. Overlord got a map pack with 6 maps and the legendary mode for campaign for 400M$ and they still made profit.
MW2 gets 5 maps for 1200.
Even 800M$ for a map pack is a huge rip-off.

Forum Posts: 54
Comment #113 by Grimm Tim
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 05:37:39 PM
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1. Hot Topics is a great idea. Definitely keep this
2. The New maps are way too overpriced at 1200. 800 at the maximum. Not a point more...
3. The worst DLC i think was The Force Unleashed's Tatooine level. $10 for literally 10 minutes of play... Achievements? Yes. Entertaining? Not so much...

Forum Posts: 4
Comment #114 by Fata1Stryke
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 05:49:48 PM
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I'm with #104

Forum Posts: 33
Comment #115 by superjw701
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 05:53:26 PM
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I was hoping to add something unique to the comments but everyone has said just about everything that came to mind.
Keep on coming with these articles though, they are great!

Forum Posts: 522
Comment #116 by Arenazombie
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 05:54:15 PM
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I think thats more of a general problem in games these days.
The games should be designed to entertain for a longer time in first place.
Most times u just get about 10 or less maps in a new game. How the hell do they think anyone would stay on a game with just that low amount of maps.
Compare Halo Wars to Age of Empires2.
AoE had 4+1totourial campaigns each one more time consuming than Halo Wars one + you get a heckload of more different units and stuff.
Games like this lasted and where fun to play for over years. Nowadays games are fun for a couple of weeks and get old very fast.
I mean just release a game with 30+ maps and bring on a mappack like after 6 month with an additional 10 maps or even no DLC at all but why release big games that last long since the audience is just b

Forum Posts: 209
Comment #117 by barbour99
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 05:55:15 PM
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Enjoyed the article. Keep them coming.

I've bought very little DLC. The Crackdown content was a good deal as it let your friends use it for nothing too. I also bought the Gears DLC collection and got a lot out of that so was happy to pay as I'd not bought any of the old packs. Other than that I've not bought much else, purely as I don't think it warranted the price and I'm a bit tight up. As for the 1200/Stimulus issue, they might have got away with it more if they included 5 new maps. Halo's map packs were 800 for 3 IIRC, but two old maps takes the biscuit.

Forum Posts: 522
Comment #118 by Arenazombie
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 05:59:42 PM
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buying based on graphics.
2001 we had Serious Sam at budget price (pretty much the same price XBLA SS costs now ;-)) and people where complaining how increadily short it is even if its longer than most shooters today and also has awesome coop and MP stuff.
Now gaming doesn't really evolve its more like make it shorter make it simpler make it based on MP so we just have to design a few maps to get a few hrs of gameplay.
Nearly every new game is inferior to similar games from about 1999-2003 except graphics.

Forum Posts: 53
Comment #119 by playmore
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 06:04:21 PM
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Sadly we haven't got the luxury to vote with our wallets. Tell me how many multiplayer mode is supported in Halo 3 without all the DLCs?

If I play an AAA title with my friends for months and the publisher decides to release a few maps, the majority of the community will buy it REGARDLESS of the content. And if I want to play with my friends I need to buy it too. There isn't any vote or choice.

The bigger problem is that Downloadable Contents rarely getting cheaper. I know there is the deal of the week but that is only a week and to tell the truth it's just 52+ offer a year and we already have more than a thousand item s to download. Most games are actually cheaper than their DLCs.

Finally there is the achievement factor. If the content includes some achievements I will buy it for

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #120 by ChaosPhoenix7
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 06:15:38 PM
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The biggest problem with DLC is that if you want to buy, say a 100 point item from the Avatar Marketplace, you hav to pay for many more points. Have a pay-as-you-go system and I bet many players, including myself, will maybe spend more on DLC.

Forum Posts: 7
Comment #121 by almightylou
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 06:46:28 PM
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has anyone mentioned fallout 3? Probly my favorite game of all time. I purchased ALL the dlc for a hefty $50 (if memory serves me correctly) then I see a GOTY edition with all dlc for $60. Great game just kind of feel ripped off. Can't wait to see what the left 4 dead 2 and left 4 dead dlc is going to cost.

Forum Posts: 323
Comment #122 by zslux
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 06:48:17 PM
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Standards for dlc should be matched to Zombie Island and General Knoxx. They felt like its worth the 1200 points for the download and I feel that more people have spent their money because of it. The developers need to stop trying to cheap us out of money for maps that are costing what multipul major campain/co-op missions should cost. It makes the company look cheap and loses clients/gamers in the long run. Look at the big picture.

Forum Posts: 32
Comment #123 by Ishiyumi
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 06:51:11 PM
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soon we'll see this
>buy game
>arrive home
>see intro
>reach first door
>you need to waste 1200 points to buy the next room . would you like to buy the next room for 1200 points ?
repeat for the whole game

Forum Posts: 60
Comment #124 by Le Hooch
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 09:30:39 PM
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One thing I'm surprised no one (pre-post 60ish, stopped reading) mentioned the Fable Pub Games dlc as a huge rip off. I pre-ordered Fable 2 but the GS didn't get the blister cards with the promo code so lo and behold if I wanted to get completionist and my 1k I had to shell out 800 msp for a crappy arcade game? Granted the issue was fixed (due I'm sure to the outcry) with the later dlc, but it still should never have happened. Doesn't MS have a rule where all achievements (on ship date/1k) must be attainable on disc w/out having to get additional content?

Forum Posts: 60
Comment #125 by Le Hooch
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 09:37:28 PM
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Since DOTW was initiated I've had a really hard time buying new content when its released because I know in 4 months its going to drop by at least 33%. Great article, really am enjoying Hot Topic. (Last rant) Also why do Games on Demand cost more than buying the game brand new on disc? Ex: Just got Shaun White for $10 brand new at Target, yet the GOD is $30? That feature needs to radically adjust its business plan, ie be cheaper since there's no material cost, it would make sense to adjust prices to match those of a used copy, and also help devs get into the re-sale pie which makes up the majority of the industry and they currently make no money off of it.

Forum Posts: 39
Comment #126 by Rodeo Legend
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 10:27:58 PM
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@104 has the right idea.

6-12 months after a game is released the cost of the game goes down. why shouldn't DLC follow that same trend. for example, i love Mirror's Edge, and I wouldn't mind playing the DLC, but it's too expensive. If the price where to drop now that I'm sure no one is downloading it, then I might reconsider.

Forum Posts: 30
Comment #127 by SINCITYLOCAL777
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 10:44:05 PM
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I don't know if anyone has mentioned the Shivering Isles. It is a really good piece of DLC. $30 bucks (2400 points) for 30 hours of gameplay, that's a buck an hour. Most $60 games don't even have 10 hours of gameplay (..cough..MW2 or ODST..cough). That there, I think is the definition of a great deal. The worst DLC, by the way, has to be Saints Row 2's dlc packs (even though the game was good).

Forum Posts: 159
Comment #128 by Dusk Firewall
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 11:07:16 PM
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Would you like to activate achievements for this game? Yes (1200 MSP) No (400 MSP). /shudder..

Forum Posts: 2161
Comment #129 by mjc0961
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 11:41:54 PM
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Well, Saints Row 2 had some pretty bad DLC deals... At least they did come down in price for the second one, but still... >_>

That whole "locked content" thing is a pretty hot issue for Mega Man 10, but people who support it have a different spin for it. They were saying that they could have unlocked all the content to you from the start, but charge $15 or $20 for it all instead. Buy making you pay $10 for the initial game and letting you buy the extras you want to play for less, you can save money. It's an interesting argument for a digitally distributed game, to say the least.

Although, I'd like to know what the hell happened to unlocking extras just by playing the game...

Forum Posts: 2161
Comment #130 by mjc0961
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 11:47:06 PM
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Erp, what I meant was they were saying that if you don't want all the extras in Mega Man 10, you can pay less overall. So instead of paying $20 for the game + all the extras unlocked from the start, you could just pay $11-$12 dollars for just the main game and to unlock Bass if that's all you wanted to do.

Forum Posts: 2044
Comment #131 by yamayamayaamaa
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 12:44:29 AM
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I'm just saying that no one cares (especially MS) if you complain because so many people buy it anyways.

I personally just wait for stuff I want to become deal of the week.

Forum Posts: 562
Comment #132 by MakoBallistic
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 12:52:03 AM
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its rare for any content to be truly worth it, id say the GTA IV DLC is the only truly price worthy content available since DLC has really taken off.

But even though i say that, ive still bought shit loads, all the Fallout 3 DLC on release, all the Borderlands DLC on release, all the WaW map packs on release, none of them were quite worth the price but im still glad i bought them when i did.

Forum Posts: 38
Comment #133 by Bl4nkShot
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 12:55:18 AM
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anyone for a $timulu$ map pack boycott to $end a me$$age to micro$oft lol :)

Forum Posts: 401
Comment #134 by ReD S1X
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 01:22:12 AM
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price cut that is all i care about

Forum Posts: 10
Comment #135 by ERIKDOTCOM
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 02:37:07 AM
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I would prefer to pay 800MSP instead of 1,200MSP for the Stimulus Pack, but it's still gonna be a day-one purchase for me, because I enjoy MW2 so much. I'm actually really glad to be able to use MW2 guns on COD4 maps. I think the MW2 maps are rubbish compared to COD4 maps.

Forum Posts: 10
Comment #136 by Mr llama64
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 03:24:07 AM
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It's cos the whole iw suing activision thing that iw aren't gonna make another cod so they might as well milk the community once more for what it's worth, and besides they know that millions of users are gonna buy it on day one regardless of the price

Forum Posts: 29
Comment #137 by brodieman36
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 05:59:46 AM
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This will so get lost in the thread,

But what websites such as this should start doing is reviewing DLC. (A large undertaking for even just the popular DLC) I know I've seen some thoughts on some of the major DLC. But the Arcade Games, and all the medium tier content is left for us to find out on our own. So we buy something, then realize it was a mistake because its horrible content.
Also, I almost never buy DLC. I absolutely loved Lost Oddysee, didn't buy it. Loved GTAIV. Didn't buy the episodes. (Which from what I hear, was well worth the price) Eventually I'll get it, maybe, but we should also step aside from the idea that we NEED DLC. We went without it for 20 years. Instead of extra levels for Super Mario, we got a whole other game. Sounds good to me.

Forum Posts: 216
Comment #138 by noddegamra
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 07:25:45 AM
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Great article. More people do need to vote with their wallets. It's the only way to fight stuff like this.

Forum Posts: 1027
Comment #139 by Thorpe
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 08:12:27 AM
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I think MW2's map pack is a complete rip-off at 1200. They're doing this because even though some will not pay that price, there will be a good majority who will just pay anyway.

So...what's stopping them, if people can't stop paying these stupid, greedy prices?

Forum Posts: 187
Comment #140 by Jabbawocky
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 09:00:12 AM
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Star Wars The Force Unleashed is quite overpriced. 800 points per DLC level which maybe lasts an hour at best each.

Forum Posts: 435
Comment #141 by Mtld
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 09:49:55 AM
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My favorite DLC were the extra co-op maps for GRAW2. My worst DLC was Mass Effect 1: Bring Down the Sky. Pointless...

Nice article!

Forum Posts: 118
Comment #142 by Dannyb01y
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 10:02:09 AM
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I dont mind buying DLC if it is well priced and offers some additional achievement points but the MW2 pack is only 3 new maps and 2 old ones without achievements and is over priced to begin with. Trouble is people will pay in their droves for it... doesnt help that deal of the weak is usually some terrible or old DLC that no one gives a flying fluck for... How many times has Fallouts dlc been on DOTW - most people with common sense will buy the gamne of the year edition when its reasonably priced...

Forum Posts: 115
Comment #143 by Billyraye
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 10:11:27 AM
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Nothing much new to add, I definitely agree that DLC on the disc is bs. If you got it on the disc, then it was ready for release. Also agree that I don't like companies discussing DLC 4 months before game is released. True I spent 50 dollars on Super Mario bros. 3 back in the day, but at least I knew for my $50 I was getting a complete game.

Forum Posts: 270
Comment #144 by muffinmastergw2
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 10:20:58 AM
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I have a few gripes with some DLC

I agree with Webb on the stranglehold DLC remaining at 1200, even though nobody plays that game anymore. If a community is basically dead, they should drop the price of their DLC to try and revive it a bit.

Epic Games is another culprit with their DLC pricing. I paid 800 points each for snowblind and combustible map packs, so that's $20 bucks right there. When dark corners came out, people could download ALL of the DLC for $20 while I had to pay another 10 bucks (or was it 15?) for 1/3 of the remaining maps. what a crock.

Finally, some of the older arcade games are still outrageously priced... these games are from as far back as 2005 and should be dropped to 400 from 800 or whatever they cost.

Forum Posts: 9
Comment #145 by xSimpleDesign
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 10:39:58 AM
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Great article.

Forum Posts: 9
Comment #146 by marccookie13
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 02:19:58 PM
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@145 yeah but it its good for some who havent got the game or only recently just like the GOTY version. I picked it up for £12 yesterday which is a huge bargin. They should but in a system where if you have some of it the rest is available at a reduced cost

Forum Posts: 272
Comment #147 by T.B.R.M
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 02:57:49 PM
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there so many comments i didnt read through them all, but does anyone member the Oblivion horse pack that was like 400 MSP =0!

Forum Posts: 77
Comment #148 by L3DDERS
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 03:06:59 PM
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Nice article keep them coming,

Your right the consumer needs to vote with their wallets and judge for themselves what is good value.

I won't be buying the stimulus pack or sinclair solutions, because i dont play either multiplayer anymore, but it still annoys me one is overpriced in my opinion and the other is content that was finished before release and sold after release.

Forum Posts: 80
Comment #149 by ultratog1028
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 03:16:30 PM
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certain packs are alright. Gears of War 2's All Fronts pack is one of the best deals ever.

However I find myself Annoyed at DLC already on the disk. We already paid $60 USD, and now we have to pay $10 more?

Bioshock 2 DLC is more understandable. It is only $5. But when a game is released with on disc DLC that costs $10+, That is when i start to get annoyed.

Anyone remember Last june in Halo 3? Where it required DLC to play anything? that was bad. I think in Total, I spend $145 USD on Halo 3 total, only to have them finally remove DLC restrictions in January.

The worst DLC is currently the Chromehounds DLC parts, which for some reason, still available for purchase, even though the servers are down, and they are completely unusable.

Forum Posts: 2139
Comment #150 by pined5551
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 06:33:16 PM
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Keep the hot topics coming please :)

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #151 by Nymfatamine
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 06:36:21 PM
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Fantastic article. A+

Forum Posts: 11
Comment #152 by General LiWar
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 06:49:05 PM
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"Anyone remember Last june in Halo 3? Where it required DLC to play anything? that was bad. I think in Total, I spend $145 USD on Halo 3 total, only to have them finally remove DLC restrictions in January. "

oh yeah, I remember... I had to buy all the maps to just play, then ODST comes out with all the maps (a game that wasn't supposed to have the $60 price tag but did because of the inclusion of this disc) making me pay for the maps twice.

also, how about LOTR Conquest... The map pack is still 800 points even though the online servers have been shut down...

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #153 by I Mrbojangles
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 07:43:30 PM
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its true we are getting taken for a ride as far as dlc goes. its rediculous that dlc can be released at the same time as the said game or special edition games have codes in, that other consumers cant access. but as said numerous times above. the only way to stop sliding down the slippery slope is to vote with our wallets. but at the end of the day thee are enough suckers out the to make the dlc worthwhile for the developers. sadly we just cant win :(

Forum Posts: 674
Comment #154 by TheUglyCasanova
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 07:53:22 PM
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Awesome article. The rising prices in games is getting quite ridiculous indeed. For a game like Shadow Complex, I had no problem shelling out $15 bucks for it.

Now I am a bit iffy on dropping 1200 points for the Stimulus pack, but as I play MW2 online with my real life friends quite often, it doesn't seem as bad. Especially considering I never played the original, so those 2 rehashed maps will be new to me. So 5 new maps for 1200 isn't horrible.

I know gamers tend to be a bunch of cheap asses, people like @82 who refuse to pay 1200 for a full XBLA game show that. Sure if you wait half a year, you can pick them up at a 33% discount, and it doesnt matter much with a game like Shadow Complex where there is no online aspect except leaderboards. But that was a game I fully supported and g

Forum Posts: 674
Comment #155 by TheUglyCasanova
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 07:57:18 PM
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Oops, also I think releasing DLC on the day of release or even a week after is just retarded and pretty much telling the people who buy their games to kiss their ass. DLC is supposed to extend the game play a little bit down the road, not make you end up paying 70-80 bucks for a game a week after it's been out. That doesn't extend anything except the developers wallets.

@154 You say suckers, I say people who aren't begging their parents for cash. I mean if that $5 difference in the MW2 map pack is REALLY that huge of a concern to you..then jeez.

I'm not saying I love to throw money around for no good reason, but like ANYTHING else in the world..if you want it when it's new, you will pay extra to have the chance to be using/playing first.

Forum Posts: 46
Comment #156 by sansot
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 09:32:08 PM
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I absolutely love this article. I also find that I couldn't agree more with your conclusion: if you don't like it, don't buy it; vote with your wallet.
You even nailed the fundamental issue with intellectual property law. Kudos, my friend!

Forum Posts: 3
Comment #157 by VENOM-ZX
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 09:36:57 PM
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lol, I like how the first comment is always gone by the time i read articles on this site.

anyways, i think DLC is ruining video games. there are very few things available that i think isnt stuff that we shouldnt have to pay extra for. remember back when we got all the playable characters, alternate costumes, arranged soundtracks, alternate game modes, all difficulty levels, all stages, all weapons, all cars, etc. on the disc and didnt have to pay extra for it? yeah...

and things that are locked on the disc and/or developed at the same time as the game should not be allowed. ever. same goes with releasing stuff day one or soon after.

Forum Posts: 3
Comment #158 by VENOM-ZX
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 09:47:07 PM
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i couldnt DISAGREE more with the conclusion. a lot of people dont stop for a second to smell the BS and just buy up everything without even thinking.

meanwhile the rest of us just watch as the quality of video games goes down the toilet.

Forum Posts: 93
Comment #159 by TreFacTor
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 10:04:24 PM
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Some companies are being greedy while others are offering real value for downloadable content. GTA IV the Lost and the Damned was the best DLC purchase I have ever made, and in my opinion the best ever created. I have purchased map packs for Gears of War, and GRAW 1 and 2. TLAD and TBOGT were almost stand alone games, so $20 was just a drop in the bucket to me. As for the map packs I purchased they were pretty much a prerequisite for being able to join online matches with any type of success.

We as consumers have to take a stand, and let the game companies know to come correct or don't come at all! The versus mode for RE5 was an insult to the loyal fanbase that made the series a success. Assassins Creed 2 with it's 2 missing chapters is another instance of a slap in the face. The game

Forum Posts: 300
Comment #160 by toonsage
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 10:07:25 PM
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excellent article tc =D keep em coming

Forum Posts: 246
Comment #161 by samjustsam
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 12:23:47 AM
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i understand that if you dont like it dont buy it. but it is still like a smack in the face to the people that pay full price for a new game and then if they want content that should have been released with the game they are asked to pay extra. thats a low thing to do to the consumer. if its been like 3 months to a year then they release dlc its not a big deal. but otherwise it looks like they are trying to rip the consumer off.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #162 by Bismarck23
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 02:32:04 AM
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I know its business but screw these companies. IW can shove it it for their poorly made game. Paid 60 bucks for a good campaign and a poorly made Beta, hahm i mean multiplayer. The map packs price is alot but it wont stop ME or the majority of the community from buying the map pack. Thats the world we live in. Prices go up and the quantity goes down.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #163 by Bismarck23
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 02:33:51 AM
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Sry for doulble posting. I know i'm contradicting myself with buying the map pack. So you don't have to say it.

Forum Posts: 9
Comment #164 by Xlr8 xd
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 07:49:26 AM
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this is so stupid if they were going to put the content on the disc they could have at least made the DLC free.

I mean paying 400 mp for content that is already on the disc is just worng.

Forum Posts: 412
Comment #165 by MathGuy42
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 08:27:31 AM
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The craziest example I know is Samurai Warriors 2 DLC for 2400 MSP. You can find the game used for $7.

I'm annoyed they don't lower DLC prices when a GotY or Platinum Hits version comes out. I got Halo Wars in December. A month later, PH comes out with free DLC codes. But buying the DLC separately is still 1600 MSP.

Forum Posts: 51
Comment #166 by Joshi 82 AT
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 12:11:36 PM
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Very nice arcticle. I like this part the most "you bought a license to use it". Well I bought the licenses for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 + 2 DLCs and now they have been removed by Activision, claiming it was only meant to be temporary. So what about the 1600MS points I have lost due to erasing the content (when I buy the license I buy the right to download/delete the content whenever I want.) when I wanted to save time to copy from 20GB HDD to 60GB HDD. MS itself said it often enough. Buying from the marketplace ensures you to enjoy the game on any xbox using your gamertag... blabla. All very strange.

Forum Posts: 4
Comment #167 by mp2531
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 12:56:22 PM
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The main thing I don't get with DLC is that it doesn't seem to get cheaper as the game the DLC is for does. For instance, Prince of Persia is about a 20 dollar game now but the DLC is still 800 points. And I highly doubt anyone buys that anymore. So the price should go down because the demand for it is low. But that doesn't happen. All DLC pricing stays the same except for during deals of the week.

Forum Posts: 289
Comment #168 by phenominality
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 01:04:28 PM
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I'd like to make that girl suffer from more than just Mapathy!

Forum Posts: 82
Comment #169 by Drewbles
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 01:42:41 PM
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1200 is to much for MW2 esp with two older maps. I know alot of ppl will hate it but wait for them to be deal of the week or if its anything like last yr, wait til Mw2 comes out and the same wk WAW had there map packs alot cheaper.

Forum Posts: 37
Comment #170 by TirelessFiver
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 02:11:50 PM
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I like how this article is written in such a way that the author starts out making this sound like an editorial then, by the end, states no opinion of his own.

IMO - if the content is done at launch and is on the disk it should be included with the $60 price of the game. The price of the games are inflated enough! As for AC2 - cut out chapters of the game to meet a deadline is unacceptable. It's nice to see 6 months after launch that retails now for $30 at many places. DLC should add more features, stories, playability, content to FINISHED games. Look at the developers that are doing this - EA TakeTwo - companies that are already known for being money grabbing whores!

Forum Posts: 37
Comment #171 by TirelessFiver
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 02:14:32 PM
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"The main thing I don't get with DLC is that it doesn't seem to get cheaper as the game the DLC is for does. For instance, Prince of Persia is about a 20 dollar game now but the DLC is still 800 points. And I highly doubt anyone buys that anymore. So the price should go down because the demand for it is low. But that doesn't happen. All DLC pricing stays the same except for during deals of the week. "

This is a great point. There is no reason that the DLC for older games stays at the same rates as the more recent/higher demanded DLC out there.

Forum Posts: 13
Comment #172 by 360gameking
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 05:07:33 PM
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if they want caod to last longer why dont they put the far cry map editor into, but tone it down a bit that would be sweeet

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #173 by FreeMSPoints
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 06:56:19 PM
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Want FREE Microsoft Points From Amazon?


MW2 Map Packs for FREE :D

Forum Posts: 663
Comment #174 by Atarii
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 09:54:46 PM
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loved reading this article, Martin - keep up the great work! :)

Forum Posts: 290
Comment #175 by D412k Kn16h7
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 10:16:51 PM
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Out of the DLC I've purchased, my favourites would have to be Knothole island (Fable II), See the Future (Fable II again), along with the Jedi Temple, Tatooine, Hoth and Character Pack #2 (All Force Unleashed). I really like this DLC because I love the games and appreciate new content for them. Halo 3 map packs, Gears of War 2 map packs were all somewhat worth it (more achievements), while the Resident Evil 5 DLC (Versus Mode) I've never even played (it was DotW and I had MS points laying around)...completely ruined my achievement complete on RE5.

Forum Posts: 96
Comment #176 by Aliasalpha
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 11:44:42 PM
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Big DLC expansions like GTA4: Lost & The Damned: Awesome.
DLC like Gears Of War 2 map packs: Good if you play MP enough.
On Disc "DLC": Greed. Greed never changes

Forum Posts: 34
Comment #177 by pdjto420
Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 11:53:00 PM
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I agree with most of what you guys are saying. Great article once again. I think the biggest rippoff would be Samurai Warriors 2 2400 for a game i bought brand new for 10 and cannot unlock all cheevs till i shell out for dlc on a game most people have not even heard of. I thought the DLC for fallout 3 were well worth the price and had no problem paying full price for all two weeks before DOTW sold them at half. I think this website needs to get a reviewer for DLC so that say we as consumers can decied or not with an imformed decision from a site at least I trust. I was almost going to buy metro 2033 untill i read your review and would of never even looked at Darksiders except for the review and i love that freakin game.

Forum Posts: 3
Comment #178 by SwimChamp714
Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 02:27:11 AM
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I hear everything has said about DLC. some are worth it some arent. I know someone will bring up the $10 Plan. BUT BESIDES that.. I think that Mass Effect 2 is doing a good job having a lot of free content so far. I have yet to purchase any for it or download free ones, but for me, some games i do not mind buying things for if I enjoyed the game a lot and if the game was worth it. ME2 was well done i thought and i do not mind spending money on it because somewhere along the road money will return to them and I feel they should be rewarded for the good work they have done as well as the money may or may not be used towards creating further works that impress me. I look forward to ME3 simply because of they work they have done.

On the other hand some dlc was not worth it. I can say the on

Forum Posts: 3
Comment #179 by SwimChamp714
Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 02:28:54 AM
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*I can say the only DLC I buy a lot is for Rockband. I do not mind spending money for that simply because the money goes to the bands and Harmonix. I can enjoy the music as much as I want. Its like buying a song from iTunes.

Forum Posts: 1295
Comment #180 by UCB Disco
Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 02:34:40 AM
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I feel like Bungie is one of the only companies that has been pretty trustworthy with their DLC. Honestly, I still think it's priced a little too high considering the ratio of how much money is spent ($60 for a 6-hour campaign and 14 multiplayer maps is a lot better than $10 for 3 maps, in my opinion).

However, at least they put a lot of effort into the disc release. You get what they claim you are getting. After that, you can expect them to be working on content to keep the online community alive for as long as possible. You do realize that Halo 3 has been out for 2.5 years and it's still one of the most played games online? Bungie does a great job of marketing and spacing time between the releases of their products.

As for other games, particularly Gears 2, there were map pack re

Forum Posts: 1295
Comment #181 by UCB Disco
Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 02:35:58 AM
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*releases every couple months! At 800MSP to boot! It just felt like such a ripoff, especially when they released the All Fronts for 1600MSP after everything else had already came out. Boy, did I learn my lesson about DLC there.

Forum Posts: 758
Comment #182 by PANIC ATTACK 10
Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 06:41:22 AM
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first let me say great article, now as for dlc. i am 43 and find this an outrage. we pay for a full game and instead get half of it. we pay for the game and content on it, just like a dvd movie. this is getting out of hand and needs to stop. it's up to us by not buying dlc period. i also cant believe they want to charge us fot demos. so what are we paying for with live? pretty soon nothing will be included and we'll have to pay for everything on live. very dumb MS, time to stop being greedy. i'm thinking of getting a ps3 now. they will be bringing out mmorpgs, which is anouther thing that bugs me about MS.

Forum Posts: 758
Comment #183 by PANIC ATTACK 10
Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 06:47:55 AM
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i am disgusted by this and it needs to stop now. things are getting out of hand now. payingbmore money to play a game i already own the rights to. also paying for a demo now,pretty soon we'll be paying for everything on are no different tha dvd dont see dvds doing this.

Forum Posts: 93
Comment #184 by VampireViking
Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 07:15:58 AM
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To be honest i dont see why people are complaining about this whole "the data was already on the disk!". You bought the game knowing full well that the game had this this and that, yet you complain when you find out that you were "denied" a few maps. Yea fair enough if they said "oh by the way were only going to give you 5 maps now and make you pay for a few more that are already on the disk" but they didnt. So you spent your money on what you knew it had, not what it didnt have.

Forum Posts: 99
Comment #185 by blkalleykat
Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 07:18:39 AM
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As with anything that seems too expensive if you don't buy it companies will think twice about the dlc price point. When it doesn't sell "as expected to."

I'm sure the mw2 maps, even if its been bumped up to 1200 msp will still sell like hot cakes and gamers won't think twice about buying it.

So you can bitch and moan about the price point but at the end of the day you will give in to the dlc and shut up if you like the game enough and find the price "worthy." Just don't buy it if you feel pressured to...

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #186 by Fleshpuppet
Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 10:38:34 AM
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so how come nobody is mad about GAMES on demand. i think it is ridiculous that they sell a virtual copy of a game at high prices (Like perfect dark for example) and then want to sell you DLC that 3 years old on top of that. when a games gets to the platinum hits or games on demand then all the DLC should be free. i mean seriously by eliminating the actual physcial item being sold shouldnt the price be less? how much money are you really going to lose by giving me the gamer pictures and themes when i buy sonic tennis for 20 bucks.

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #187 by Fleshpuppet
Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 10:48:38 AM
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and you cant tell me it doesnt cut production cost to not actually have to produce anything. i except that microsoft or whoever is going to want to make money. im willing to pay them a substantial ammount of my disposable (and sometimes not so disposable) income i jsut ask for them to sell me something worth buying. YOu can have my 5 or 15 or 20 bucks but earn your money buy giving me something of at least minimal quality. give me 5 or 15 or 20 bucks worth of virtual product.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #188 by FreeMSPoints
Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 01:16:29 PM
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Want FREE Microsoft Points From Amazon?


MW2 Map Packs for FREE :D

Forum Posts: 298
Comment #189 by Gottle
Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 09:02:41 PM
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@17 I agree with you.
Every DLC that adds multiplayer is a rip-off.

Here we have a developer that puts DLC on a disk, so you don't even need to dl rubbish data.
Do you prefer when developers fools you, releasing $DLC after few months?! If so, you deserve to be fooled...

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #190 by FireFist94
Sunday, March 28, 2010 @ 04:19:38 AM
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Infinity ward should be embarrassed for doing this map pack at 1200 mp with all this glitches and lag and bad host migration.

Forum Posts: 45
Comment #191 by pinkfluff1
Sunday, March 28, 2010 @ 06:24:41 AM
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DLC is worth what your prepared to pay for it. Thats it really. If you think it's a rip off then don't buy it. Some DLC i think has excellent value - GTA IV for instance but others like 1200 msp for 3 new maps and 2 old ones is ridiculous, you can by full games for that, plus the original game has issues that need addressing first. Give us 6 new maps and a lag free, glitch free game and I might be insterested.
I do think DLC is awesome mind you, Fallout 3's was a great way to expand the game more post release development can only be good.

Forum Posts: 3115
Comment #192 by laundryman
Sunday, March 28, 2010 @ 10:21:40 AM
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I thought that the Fallout 3 DLC packs were a bit overpriced.

Think about it. 5 pieces of DLC for 800 points a piece. That's $50. That's 5/6 of a full game. The content was nowhere near that level. There was plenty of content, but it was barely half of the content that the original game had.

The only two that I think were worth 800 were Point Lookout and Broken Steel. The rest, maybe around 560 or 400 points?

I absolutely enjoyed every piece of DLC (except Mothership Zeta) but it felt like Bethesda wasn't honest with how much content there was. That's the tricky thing with Single Player DLC (which I hope to see more of, personally). With Map Packs, you know what you're getting. With Single Player, they advertise a certain # of hours worth of content. That's all depen

Forum Posts: 4
Comment #193 by Bobbert01
Sunday, March 28, 2010 @ 12:00:22 PM
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I really don't understand why people are complaining about the BioShock 2 DLC. So what if it's on the disc? They could have easily made it a full download and that means more memory used up on the HDD.

Ultimately it's the developer's decision whether or not we have to pay for the DLC. I probably won't buy it simply because I'm obsessed with achievements but come on! They knew from the start it was gonna be premium DLC might as well decrease the time spent waiting for the Download + memory used up right?

Like it says in the article, you don't actually own the game you own a license to use whats included on it. They didn't want you using that part of the disc until you pay. It's only extras anyways it's not like it's the whole MP game your paying for or new maps/modes/achieveo's so d

Forum Posts: 169
Comment #194 by The Globalizer
Sunday, March 28, 2010 @ 12:33:22 PM
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Nice article. I come down on the "vote with your money" perspective as well. Some people will simply want to have more maps to play on (or, in cases of DLC with achievements, GS or completion %) and it's up to those users to determine if it is worth it to them.

No one forces anyone to buy DLC, or the underlying game itself. The issue here is of expectations, and 2K/Ubisoft/Activision/Capcom are listening with every article that is posted and every time they look at sluggish sales numbers on underwhelming DLC.

Forum Posts: 27
Comment #195 by DirtDiver31160
Sunday, March 28, 2010 @ 02:51:12 PM
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I love these monthly Hot Topics, keep them coming.

As for the issue of dlc, I can't agree more. If gamers don't want to be treated like mindless cattle then they should exercise some intellegence and some self restraint. Not buying content that they feel should be free or is not precieved as the correct value versus what they will gain intriniscally should send a message to Microsoft, developers, and publishers.

Basically we are talking simple economics here. If we don't like the price then not buying said content will cause the price to come down until supply and demand give us a market value that is more appropriate. Be smart consumers not impulse buyers.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #196 by Acid Mother
Sunday, March 28, 2010 @ 05:12:56 PM
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#21 Beautiful Katamari falls into a grey zone. Yes, it came shipped with DLC and DLC achievements, but there were 1000g allotted to on-disc content, with the extra 250 being for DLC (Astronomical Katamari, all presents and all cousins = 250g). Actually I found that I didn't mind paying for BK's DLC; I loved the core game, and was proud to support a franchise I love. BK was also released at a discount price in my country ($50, instead of $70), so the game paired with it's DLC would've roughly cost the same as a typical retail game.

Frankly if MS did away with the stupid MS points and let us see how much everything is in our countries' currency there'd be a lot less kids impulsively buying garbage off the marketplace. I don't think most people realize that 800msp is actually more than $10

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #197 by Acid Mother
Sunday, March 28, 2010 @ 05:13:41 PM
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...considering surcharges on your credit card when you charge it over XBL, and applicable taxes when you buy a point card in the store.

Forum Posts: 11
Comment #198 by TDOG9117
Sunday, March 28, 2010 @ 10:25:40 PM
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agree cant afford all dlc these days

Forum Posts: 72
Comment #199 by AngelsDontKill
Monday, March 29, 2010 @ 03:26:05 AM
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i had no idea that microsoft got to choose whether people have to pay or not, i guess thats just money grubbing.

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #200 by FuzzyMuffin311
Monday, March 29, 2010 @ 05:12:56 PM
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Nobody wants to feel like their initial purchase of a game was incomplete, imperfect, or unfair. However, this notion of 'withholding content' or creating 'premium content' to be released later, feels like that's exactly what we get nowadays.

Your $60 investment in a game is typically not the end of the money you'll be spending on it, especially if it's a game you really like, or more importantly if its a game that LOTS of people like, (GoW, MW2, or L4D2 for example).

What we end up with is a vastly imperfect marketplace for purchasing and selling (in the case of video game developers)games and content, where the consumer has to decide which content is worth it and which is not. This idea applies to the initial purchase and subsequent DLC purchases.

I come from a generation wh

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #201 by FuzzyMuffin311
Monday, March 29, 2010 @ 05:14:54 PM
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where every new video game that came out cost $50, and that was all the content you were gonna get out of that title. You knew what you were gonna get and what it was gonna cost you. Sequels for Games were not spit out every year by the same company (cough cough Valve, cough) in what can only be viewed as a two handed smash-n-grab for the community's money. (It doesn't help our cause since a large chunk of the video gaming community seems to be impatient, ADhD achievement whores.) Instead games were well planned out, fully completed, and at the end of the day the consumer knew this was all that the game would cost.

Contrast that with today's model of releasing incomplete (Beta, in some cases) games with a DLC to make up for their unwillingness to develop, enhance, debug, and polish

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #202 by FuzzyMuffin311
Monday, March 29, 2010 @ 05:15:33 PM
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their original product. It becomes pretty sickening to the consumer to know that ultimately you may have purchased an incomplete game or purchased a game that you love so much that it's going to cost you $100+ to full enjoy all its features.

The internet era and particularly online game have brought us ever closer together as a gaming community and expanded our capabilities and options for gaming. However, in that same breath, it's also brought video game companies much closer to our wallets, selling us games in pieces at a greater long run cost. Buyer beware!!

Forum Posts: 25
Comment #203 by todddeman
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 @ 04:36:51 AM
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I don't think content should be locked on the disc, i had resident evil and when i payed 560 for an unlock code i promptly took the game back! Although i don't mind paying for content i am going to use, each to thier own i say, by the way top notch article! Once again proves this site is by far the best site for info and discussion on all xbox related topics, even if some of those topics distend into child like arguing. lol

Forum Posts: 39
Comment #204 by Pink Devil Fish
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 @ 06:27:46 PM
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If its on the disc you paid for it and should be allowed to use it. One day there will be a big lawsuit and they wont be making games anymore.

Forum Posts: 7
Comment #205 by innerWrAiTh
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 @ 08:11:40 PM
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I dont care if I want it and its good I will buy it maps extend my online play and single content is for nothing more than fun and achievements.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #206 by KungFuLoLCat
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 @ 09:23:15 AM
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LOL @20gb hardrives

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #207 by killtech
Friday, April 02, 2010 @ 10:45:50 PM
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this works for me but may be pointless to everyone else. i just wait till a game of the year edition or something of the likes gets released. Same price for all the content. It doesnt work all the time of course. What I feel was a big rip off was the halo franchise. Ive bought all the maps before, only to find out i needed the odst disc to play all the maps. Then when i play online, about 93% of the time i only get to play on the original maps and none of the maps i paid for.

Forum Posts: 127
Comment #208 by shulamm
Saturday, April 03, 2010 @ 12:39:00 PM
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A great article, indeed. I haven't read the previous replies, so maybe I'm repeating myself.

You ask for rip-offs? Just a name: Ubisoft! Do you remember the epilogue of "Prince of Persia"? Yes, they can call it "epilogue" but for sure it should be named "real end of the game". That's right. Do they expect me to buy the end of a game apart from the game itself? Answer: no.

In Ubisoft's line, as the author noted: "Assassin's Creed 2". I remember have read in Dtoid the comment that a Ubisoft CEO or developer told aboult the issue: "We though you have enough content in the game". F*ck you. Do you think I have enough content for almost 70 euros that you have to rip the story apart to sell it to me in pieces? F*ck you twice.

Seriously, this trend is condoning piracy. Keep the good gree

Forum Posts: 200
Comment #209 by Music-My-Savior
Saturday, April 03, 2010 @ 08:05:46 PM
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Very good article.

I have to say I agree with most of what was said and have read a lot of the comments here too. I think its all about what consumers prefer to pay for and what they don't, for example, I enjoyed POP2008 enough to buy the DLC, but I won't buy the Bioshock Sinclair Solutions even though I like the game because it's not something I play online alot.

Putting content on the disc already though, that's just beyond un-cool. I see DLC as an extension to a game for those who enjoyed the experience that much that they want to play more - not something that already exists, but something that's created for entertainment AFTER the fact. DLC was and SHOULD be an extension to the game AFTER the fact, not during its creation or minutes after it's release.

Forum Posts: 37
Comment #210 by MAKAIMURA
Sunday, April 04, 2010 @ 04:05:53 AM
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I don't know if you have the same feeling, but in my language, we're "milky cows" (thanks to give me an english expression ....).

Consumers have to do something. I decided to buy DLC during blow out time, because I'm fed up with those respond about quality or development time (do yo really think you need time to release oldies like PERFECT DARK or GAME ROOM games? No way, it's just an EMULATOR like MAME).
Sure, the unlocking achievement ratio donw and you've to keep your game on HDD longer but finality is the same, you will unlock your 1250 GS or more to the end.

Don't forget few DLC are cheapers on PSN.....

Forum Posts: 37
Comment #211 by easteregg
Sunday, April 04, 2010 @ 05:43:20 AM
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Forum Posts: 3
Comment #212 by Jowlah
Monday, April 05, 2010 @ 08:17:21 AM
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Sometimes the best solution to the DLC issue is patience. Example:
I live in NY. I bought the PS3 collectors edition of Fallout 3 from the now defunct Virgin Megastore in Manhattan for $40 bucks the year the game was released, thinking it was a bargin. Played the game, 30 hrs. worth. Had fun. I knew the DLC was coming. Didn't know the game was getting a Game of the Year edition until months later, with ALL the DLC on the disc! I didn't get any of the DLC from the PS Store for lack of HDD space.

Same thing happened with Oblivion and Mass Effect. At some point, all the DLC will be released on the disc for a much lower price. Now most of us want that hot new game now. But if you can wait, all the extras will be there, with the added value of the DLC.

Forum Posts: 21
Comment #213 by Berserk Orc
Tuesday, April 06, 2010 @ 02:22:05 AM
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Hello Everybody as some of you know bioware is a holding an online auction tommorow and if you could click/enter in my referal link it would get me some extra tokens to use, id greatly appreciate the help, heres the link once again thank you very much!

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Comment #214 by pye024
Wednesday, April 07, 2010 @ 09:18:49 PM
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I have to say that I have bought my fair share of DLC in the past, some good (GTA, Oblivion), some not so good (SF4). In the end its all down to personal choice. I welcome DLC. I think that some of the older packs should come down in price, hopefully it would get people to play some of the older, long forgotten games.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #215 by pye024
Wednesday, April 07, 2010 @ 09:34:29 PM
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On the topic of Bioshock, the 1st game had free single player DLC with achievements. Maybe this whole locked-DLC business is down to the company who made the multiplayer part of the game, not 2k themselves. Maybe, maybe not...

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #216 by Robert12
Friday, April 09, 2010 @ 10:12:15 AM
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how do u put ur xbox live gammer tag on this web site can somone help me do that plez?

Forum Posts: 69
Comment #217 by superandyt
Sunday, April 11, 2010 @ 03:46:59 AM
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I agree with pye023...surely after a game is x-months / years old the price of DLC could be dropped I can think of a few games I'd revisit and download some extra content for if it wasn't still as expensive as it was on the day of release.

Forum Posts: 228
Comment #218 by Doctor Cortex
Friday, April 16, 2010 @ 06:31:23 AM
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By far the biggest rip off in terms of DLC in my eyes is the 'SAMURAI WARRIORS 2 Xtreme Legends EN' for 2400 points. It brings nothing extravagant to an incredibly mundane game and i would question anyone who buys it as to why.

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #219 by XvJIMBOBvX
Saturday, May 29, 2010 @ 04:21:20 PM
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Horse armour for Oblivion, need I say more?

Forum Posts: 6
Comment #220 by EdgeJ
Saturday, May 29, 2010 @ 05:14:58 PM
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I think the Stranglehold DLC is a bad example, because not only does that include 250GS, it also includes 10 maps (which I imagine have a lot of destructibility to them, that's kind of the point in Stranglehold!) and 21 new characters for 1200MSP, whereas Modern Warfare gives you 5 maps with no new achievements, perks, weapons or character skins.

Now, obviously 1200MSP on a map pack for a three year old game with a dead community would be a wreckless purchase (and I agree with muffinmastergw2 that M$ should lower the prices of old DLC to reignite dead communities), but if Stranglehold was released at around the same time Modern Warfare 2 was, the Stranglehold map pack would represent a lot more value than any of the Modern Warfare packs.

Forum Posts: 238
Comment #221 by nobodieshero
Saturday, May 29, 2010 @ 09:26:34 PM
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Who hear owns a PC and thinks paying for a map or DLC release is criminal.. A lot you xbox fans might think I live in a fairytale world wear premium maps and constant game updates are free. But truth is PC gaming has been shooting DLC for a lot longer then consoles have and if you asked a Half-Life owner if he would ever pay a couple model skins or maps or a mod they probably would laugh in your face. Given CS, Portal, TF are all technically mods that we now pay an initial price for they are frequently updated at no cost. Its the console monopoly that's really the issue here. Microsoft charges out 1200msp for the portal additional maps.. Guess what its absolutely free on steam.

Forum Posts: 1837
Comment #222 by Pearson
Sunday, May 30, 2010 @ 08:06:56 AM
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This article is spot on, it's ridiculous what they charge for DLC now. If it was something along the lines of Bioware's Dragon Age Origins: Awakening DLC/Expansion pack, then I'd say yes then it's worth it. Then after a year or two they keep DLC at the same price that it came out is a little obsurd as well. At some point in time they need to lower the price as the content gets older.

Forum Posts: 54
Comment #223 by BuddyRusso
Sunday, May 30, 2010 @ 12:30:42 PM
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Street Fighter IV anybody? Extra costumes on the disc that Capcom decided the consumer should pay to use. Then, one year later, Super SF4 with more costumes that are locked on the disc. This is my vote for the worst DLC (although Beautiful Katamari sounds bad, but I didn't play it).

Forum Posts: 19
Comment #224 by wickedclowns95
Sunday, May 30, 2010 @ 03:51:44 PM
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@11 While I know what you mean about the difficulty thing. Mad Moxxi's Underdome does have loot. Every time you finish a round loot appears in the center of each of the arenas.

Also, dear god this is a lot of posts...

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #225 by pituces
Monday, May 31, 2010 @ 12:01:30 AM
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people hold the power...but there is no organization..that is the problem
if we all got together and boycotted xbl for a good enough time..i bet we would see changes...but how many people are actually willing to do this? it has to be eithere all or none

Forum Posts: 14
Comment #226 by mini ak47
Monday, May 31, 2010 @ 10:15:49 AM
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thay should all be 800ms points and halo was the worst 800 points for each map pack only to get them all in odst

Forum Posts: 883
Comment #227 by i got squeezed
Monday, May 31, 2010 @ 12:26:23 PM
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Yeah I seen couple map packs for COD2 worth 800 points over like 4 year old game and there expecting people to play that. I also agree with the MW2 DLC 1200 for 5 maps like really? I was the moron who bought them long with millions of other gamers, and the next one touches down this thursday which im not buying.

Good read though, really enjoyed it :)

Forum Posts: 29
Comment #228 by ezdoesit510
Monday, May 31, 2010 @ 03:04:41 PM
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Good article. I understand dlc is here to stay, but shouldn't the pricing of dlc be similar to games. Who would pay $10 on dlc for a 3 year old game the cost only $5 to begin with.

Forum Posts: 11
Comment #229 by Assasin6367
Monday, May 31, 2010 @ 10:42:03 PM
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Forum Posts: 8
Comment #230 by Lainders
Tuesday, June 01, 2010 @ 09:53:50 AM
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Very good article =)
More hot topics please!

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #231 by Kerethos
Tuesday, June 01, 2010 @ 08:07:54 PM
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Great article on a subject I think most of us have opinions about. The paid for DLC market is still rather new so when companies test new things I guess there's bound to be some backlash, but it’s in the end primarily up to us customers to decide what is acceptable or not.

I've bought a fair amount of DLC and my rule is that I want what I buy needs to feel like a fun addition to the game, rather then something that should have been included from the start. It's when developers start releasing content that was “cut to meet deadlines”, thus making us feel like we’ve paid full price for an incomplete product, or distribute it on the disc and asks us to pay extra for content we already physically possess that I think most of us feel ripped off.

I guess the best thing we, as the ones paying for it, can do in such a situation is to let our wallets do the talking. It’s also a nice trend that some critics now review DLC, as it puts some pressure on the developers to release solid DLC content and helps people decide what might be worth paying for.

So… more DLC reviews for the people, please?

Forum Posts: 7
Comment #232 by HonoredReaper
Wednesday, June 02, 2010 @ 07:59:49 AM
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Very good article.. they definitely should drop the price for DLC

Forum Posts: 7227
Comment #233 by Opiate42
Wednesday, June 02, 2010 @ 09:59:43 AM
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DLC price + game general awesomeness + replay value x enjoyment = X
Beer cost + beer brand awesomeness + drinking situation x enjoyment = Y

If X is greater than Y I'll grab the DLC. Mass Effect 2 for example is pretty much always in that category. If not then I'll enjoy the beer more (MW2 comes to mind...).

Forum Posts: 15
Comment #234 by Jack Flak
Wednesday, June 02, 2010 @ 11:31:33 AM
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MW2 is trash. Stimulus is trash. the resurgence is most likely trash. 30 bucks for only 6 new maps. 5 bucks a map!!!! Think about that people!!

Forum Posts: 4676
Comment #235 by hydrosugar
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 04:37:06 AM
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i don't actually care about the stimulus cause i don't play cod. but 600 points for a tiger 10 golf course sucks - what sucks worse is that i was gonna buy one, but considering i bought pgr 3 for $4 the other day it kinda puts that $9.90 golf course in perspective
i spent my points on south park and lazy raiders arcade games for 400 points a piece
btw is there any game for 200 poins - i think its dotw ones that were already 400 like uno

Forum Posts: 238
Comment #236 by nobodieshero
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 01:55:14 AM
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@234.. That equation applies to just about every purchase in my life.. Does that make me an alcoholic?

Forum Posts: 206
Comment #237 by GHLougar
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 07:55:15 PM
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MW2 map packs will probably hit deal of the week but not anytime soon, making it completely pointless to even purchase it because they're just 5 maps that you probably wont take interest in the future cause of some other game that came out. other than that i like the views of this hot topic

Forum Posts: 118
Comment #238 by DivineDreams
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 10:45:45 PM
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Even if they do hit deal of the week, which they most likely won't anytime soon, it would be pointless. 800 points for 5 maps, 2 of which are re-used? Fuck that. 1200 is WAY to pricey.

What I'm trying to say is the only reason MW2 is at 1200 points for a MEASLY 5 maps is because they KNOW people will buy them. Too many fan boys.

Forum Posts: 270
Comment #239 by fivebyfive200
Saturday, June 05, 2010 @ 10:45:01 AM
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I'll buy DLC but only if its worth it, 3/5 of the fallout 3 DLC were really good (sort of regret buying op. anchorage) and played the alien one on my mate's ps3. But the other 3 were worth it and still would of got them without extra achievements.

The reason for shit or rip off DLC is some will buy anything related to their fav game. Have not played the Awakening DLC due to my mate not buying it but the rest were average to utter shit (darkspawn chronicles) Bioware know people will buy anything with the D.A. name. Have not played the Kasumi DLC for ME2 although I liked the game a lot, I could wait till it drops on DoTW.

As for "the DLC is still in their infancy argument" its companies being greedy. The stranglehold maps is a great example, maybe if they dropped their DLC prices permanently, gamers will go back to the game.

If they are doing this with DLC, imagine what they do when the games go digital only.... 3 years old games for around full price still. No thanks

Forum Posts: 292
Comment #240 by StumpyDan360
Saturday, June 05, 2010 @ 01:18:35 PM
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it doesnt bother me as long as its a game i love like halo and cod...but keep the price down...

Forum Posts: 871
Comment #241 by II OE II
Saturday, June 05, 2010 @ 08:34:17 PM
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DLC, i believe, should drop in price as the game itself or the DLC gets older. I agree 100% with trying to reboot old game communities as well. I also believe that there should be more of a choice for the DotW items. Half the time i don't even pay attention because there is usually one thing at discount (lamesauce). But there was one week that there were 4 or 5 arcade games (i think) listed.

MW2 map packs i wont bother.. 1200 points for a game that i dont play online. Pass.

DLC that has to be "unlocked on disc" is a very very retarded idea IMO. Makes people not want to play the game i bet, and companies to lose its customers.

On a general note: i believe arcade games should be very cheap (400 points or 200 points) only because most people could just emulate them, or get the super cheap. I just got today a handful of games for $2.50 each new. HAWX, DMC4, SC4, Bomberman Zero, Chaotic. Ive also gotten plenty of other games for about $5 each as well.

So yes, not to rant and rant... DLC and arcade titles should be cheap in general, because i for one am not willing to spend more money on DLC for a game than the game itself would cost day one. (or close to)

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #242 by Ganondorf
Monday, June 07, 2010 @ 05:48:28 PM
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When I first got into achievement hunting it really annoyed me how they would add the possible achievements for downloadable content to your games even if you haven’t bought it. Just another way to get some extra sells.

There are more rip-offs for download than I can name at once, of the more recent, I picked up super street fighter IV (being a long time street fighter fan) and saw they’re charging 320 points for just extra costumes for only four or five characters. I’ve played fighting games a long time and something like that would always be just an unlockable already in the game. What next charge to continue to the next level of a game!? Likely we’ll continue to see increasingly ridiculous DLC in the future, unless gamers stop buying so much of this garbage.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #243 by gigsy14
Friday, June 11, 2010 @ 05:03:05 PM
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DLC is good but sometimes it can be very pricey

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #244 by VegetaD66
Sunday, August 01, 2010 @ 09:12:50 PM
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I hate DLC.
It almost always ends up costing more for the DLC then the game, or at least as much.
Case and point.
I bought Mass Effect cost 20 bucks, then bought the DLC which really only added maybe 1-2 hours and that cost also 20 bucks.

Forum Posts: 9
Comment #245 by tophat
Monday, August 16, 2010 @ 06:49:13 AM
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Unfortunately the developers that seem to want to keep their games cheap and affordable just get forced by Microsoft to up their price. You know you're getting screwed when Bungie wanted to make ODST for $40 and Microsoft made it $60.

I think EA and the makers of Alan Wake got it right though by making a free dlc if you bought the original game. Gamestop has become a real bloodsucker with their used game prices. Game stores used to have decent prices on used but now Gamestop sells them for just $5 less than new and your trade in for that game is total shit.

Forum Posts: 420
Comment #246 by Optomistic
Saturday, August 20, 2011 @ 05:25:48 AM
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paying for content already on the disc? rip off

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