Game Added: Solitaire Collection (Windows 8)

Game Added: Solitaire Collection (Windows 8)

Written Tuesday, August 07, 2012 By

3 achievements, 40 points.
Submitted by: x360a


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Comment #1 by a hippyslayer
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 06:12:52 AM
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These look pretty tough. Hope someone gets working on a guide soon!

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Comment #2 by Infection Ftw
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 06:13:58 AM
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Yeah...this seems impossible to complete. What were they thinking making such an hard list.

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Comment #3 by Bum Commando
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 06:17:53 AM
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Why the odd completion? Gahh too many platforms to earn achievements on its wearing off the novelty of achievements =

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Comment #4 by littlejay
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 06:36:12 AM
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Ive been eyeballing the Surface. I wouldn't want Win8 on my desktop because I like Win7 so much, but it looks snazzy for tablet use.

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Comment #5 by Bistric
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 06:38:41 AM
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Guess we're getting to a new era of achievements:
- Safely eject your USB stick - 20G
- Use Powerpoint to make an annoying presentation with religious messages - 50G
- E-mail that presentation to at least 30 people in your Contacts list - 100G
- Have those people delete you from their Contact list - Priceless

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Comment #6 by conel33
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 06:41:32 AM
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40G is lame. There are so many different amounts now that count as completed games. Microsoft should start putting something to indicate a game is 100% when you look at peoples tags. Like changing the colour of that game or having it say 40/40. Preferably both though.

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Comment #7 by Auston53
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 07:26:14 AM
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My grandpa will do this for me.

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Comment #8 by SetoChaos
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 07:31:28 AM
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@3 I think it's awesome that the platoforms are expanding. Ideally, I'd love it if all platforms had Gamerscore. Not going to happen, but it would be awesome.

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Comment #9 by ShinyT
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 08:00:11 AM
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Think i have to settle for a 20/40 on this one :/

however... Do 360, WP7, Windows 8 and Games for Windows use different accounts? Or do all of them combine to one achievement-list? Like, having Bioshock on X360 and Angry Birds for WP7 show up on the same list?

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Comment #10 by segagamer
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 08:20:52 AM
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@3 + @9
They all share the same account. This is what makes Games for Windows Live, Windows Phone 7, and soon to be Windows 8 so awesome. Your gamer profile is used across all 4 systems.

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Comment #11 by JonahFalcon
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 10:57:37 AM
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I just wish Microsoft would extend the same courtesy to Xbox Live Indie Games.

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Comment #12 by duartejc
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 11:12:10 AM
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How can you install this game in Windows 8? My buy button is disabled.

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Comment #13 by CHIRUNO99
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 01:53:53 PM
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Can we boost these online?

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Comment #14 by BLQQDCQRE
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 05:39:34 PM
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I'm confused. How do I play these windows 8 games? Do I need that tablet that is coming out in october to play these? Or just simply need windows 8 on my computer. Also if I have windows 8 already on my computer, where the hell are these games. Thank you.

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Comment #15 by ConcreteSnake
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 10:21:34 PM
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I heard that the games wont be avaliable with chievos til windows 8 officially release which i think is october 26th or something like that

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Comment #16 by ElusiveOne96
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 10:35:55 PM
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Also why did they put the Xbox logo on the "box" cover for this since it is obviously not going to be played on the console? A Windows 8 mention alone would have been fine.

If they are going to have these little games sport achievements, they should follow the same rules as XBLA titles.

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Comment #17 by Arsenic 17
Wednesday, August 08, 2012 @ 02:25:31 AM
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These things are disabled on current released version of windows 8 (consumer preview). The final version has gone gold now and you could technically pick it up and start earning these achievements on August 15 which is when the final build is released to developers and large companies, though if you are in college you can prob get it from your universitys msdnaa account. Otherwise, most folks have to wait till October 26..

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Comment #18 by Blitz MMCCV
Wednesday, August 08, 2012 @ 07:13:25 AM
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Love easy achievements and @16 because the windows 8 games are now called "xbox windows" games. and @17 thats how i'll be getting windows 8 off my msdnaa account, thats how i got my legit w7 on my pc. Why pay when you can get it for free from college/uni

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Comment #19 by Junkdewd
Sunday, August 12, 2012 @ 09:35:10 PM
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I installed RTM last night and the achievements are live. Earned a few on a silver account I don't use much.

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Comment #20 by MEMANIAsama
Monday, August 13, 2012 @ 03:41:36 PM
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You gotta PLOWERHOUSE that shit.

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Comment #21 by DoNTM0CKME
Monday, August 13, 2012 @ 11:50:54 PM
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@#8 which platform does not at this point? im a 360 gamer no windows phone (and will more than likely never own one) will never start a comp based game with achievements either even if i do get windows 8 OS. i think its dumb and cheap, but hey thats my worthless 2 cents. my other 2 worthless ones are it compromises the integrity of gamerscore, but thats also a bold statement that would rub a few people wrong. cant go rubbing people wrong these days, they're quick to sue. and quicker to fix spelling and grammar

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