DLC Added: The Pinball Arcade

DLC Added: The Pinball Arcade

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Comment #1 by The Pants Party [STAFF]
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 @ 07:07:01 AM
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Two table add-on pack #3 is available now for 400MSP.

"Gorgar™ (1979): was designed by Barry Oursler, a legendary designer who helped create many classics over two decades. His credits include: Pin•Bot, Cyclone, Comet, Space Shuttle, and Jungle Lord to name just a few. Gorgar was the very first “talking” pinball machine. With a vocabulary of seven words (Gorgar, Speaks, Beat, Me, You, Hurt, and Got), Gorgar is able to say phrases such as “Gorgar speaks”, “Me Gorgar, beat me”, and “You hurt Gorgar”. It has a magnetic Snake Pit that holds your ball captive as he thunders, “Me got you”. The audio also features a heartbeat sound that races faster and faster as the action of the gameplay builds up when the player is doing well. Over 14,000 units of this table were produced. Monster Bash™ (1998): was designed by George Gomez. The goal of the table is to get six of the most iconic Universal Studios Monsters® to form a band the likes of which has never been seen! If you can dig out the Mummy, he'll dust himself off and plug in his bass. Dracula will fly out of his coffin, dying to sink his teeth into a mean guitar riff. The Creature from the Black Lagoon will crank on his sax! Frankenstein will jump off his slab and jam on his keyboard. The Bride of Frankenstein will start to sing about her Ball and Chain and the Wolfman will give you a howling drumbeat. With the help of the PHANTOM FLIP auto-play feature, you can let go of the flippers and watch the game complete your shots! 3,361 units of the table were produced."

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Comment #2 by ShinobiSteve81
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 @ 07:09:40 AM
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Love me some Monster Bash! And Gorgar, but have that on disc already. Really hope with future dlc they go back to 3 cheevers per 5 high score is too easy. I want my ones for standard and wizard goals back!

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Comment #3 by Rafie
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 @ 07:17:34 AM
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I was one of the lucky ones that had the table 2 weeks ago, but I had to recover my gamertag for it to count. Anyway that Monster Bash is OFFICIAL!I agree with Steve here. It's best they bring back the standard and wizard goals. I wish it was just a top 5 for that Black Hole table though. LOL I hate that table.

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Comment #4 by VA5HtheSTAMPEDE
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 @ 05:27:59 PM
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The 30G I earned for playing these tables still did not stay even after the re-release of this DLC. I have earned and recovered my Gamertag four times because of this faulty DLC.

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Comment #5 by ShinobiSteve81
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 @ 05:35:06 PM
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I had no problem...just recovered, earned em, an they popped. Not faulty dlc, moreso slacking M$ for not updating the site when dlc has been released. This isnt the only game its happened with.

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Comment #6 by ShinobiSteve81
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 @ 05:36:22 PM
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You say after re-release, which was yesterday...did you try it today? Coz they wouldnt work yesterday since only added to today...

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Comment #7 by Rafie
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 @ 07:28:41 PM
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Sorry Steve, but I do agree with #4. I've had to recover my gamertag twice with this. I hate doing that. I guess you're right though. It's more of MS fault for not updating. Even after I recovered my gamertag still shows that I'm missing it, although the cheevos popped for me. This is ridiculous, but playing the tables is MAD fun. Especially Monster Bash. Gorgar makes me mad a bit because of the drainage in the outer lanes.

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Comment #8 by ShinobiSteve81
Thursday, August 30, 2012 @ 08:05:59 AM
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Hrm. Wonder why it's being wonky for some?

Monster Bash is totally awesome, though I hope they fix that Frankenstein nudging bug soon. I try not to nudge when that multiball is going on, but sometimes I do to save a ball from going down the hole. With a fix, hope they reset leaderboards too coz you know people are exploiting it. And yeah, that right outlane in Gorgar is a pain. Still love that table though.

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Comment #9 by bigsilentrob
Friday, August 31, 2012 @ 08:32:09 PM
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Sweet!!! Looking forward to Monster Bash. I never played it in the arcade.

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