GRID 2 Awards and More As We Roar Into July!

GRID 2 Awards and More As We Roar Into July!

Written Thursday, June 27, 2013 By David Creech
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Remember that one time, when we were at band camp, and the good Mr. Webb helped the folks at Codemasters come up with an achievement list for this game, and it had cars in it, and they went really fast? Well, okay, I never went to band camp, but since the site had a bit of input on the list it just seems fitting to have not just a community race week involving GRID 2, but a forum award for it as well! Starting this Monday, if you race with a staff member in GRID 2 and let them know your profile name here on x360a, then you can ask for the GRID 2 forum award as soon as you have all the achievements in the game. We thought about making it so you had to beat the staff, but figured that wasn't really fair, right? I mean, some of the staff are pretty good at racing games. Not I, of course, I tend to drive like a handicapped pensioner scooting along in the bike lane on my trusty motorized wheelchair with an orange flag waving above me. Really, I do. My wife hates it.

We have other games planned for later in the month as detailed below, but since this is the first opportunity to earn the GRID 2 badge, don't miss out!

Click the links below to go to the individual threads for each game and find a session that will work for your schedule.

July 1-7: GRID 2

July 8-14: UNO

July 15:-21: Assassin's Creed III

July 22-28: Halo 3

Bring your mic and we will see you on LIVE!


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Comment #1 by YaBigGoose
Sunday, June 30, 2013 @ 07:05:45 AM
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OOoh, would be keen on UNO but I neither have a headset nor want to use one ha..damn.

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Comment #2 by Jardinho
Thursday, July 04, 2013 @ 02:47:42 AM
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Use a Live vision camera. I'm sure everyone would love to see "Furious Sausage" on camera. :D

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