We provide a Payday of Defiance via a Halo made of Worms

We provide a Payday of Defiance via a Halo made of Worms

Written Saturday, November 02, 2013 By David Creech
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Okay, that is a rather silly title, but the point is I was trying to incorporate titles of games into the title of a post about the games, and that should give me a little nerd cred, right? Right? Hey guys, come back...


Seriously though, we have a decent variety of games lined up for November's Community Gaming Events. Payday 2 starts us off with a bang, followed by the game that gets Gackt's vote as GOTY, Defiance. Once we are done with newer releases we double-dip into the past with Halo 3 and Castle Crashers, and then end the month with Worms 2. The dates for each title are below, linked to the threads with session information.

11/4 - 11/10: PayDay 2

11/11 - 11/17: Defiance

11/18 - 11/24: Replay Events (Halo 3 & Castle Crashers)

11/25 - 12/1: Worms 2

In other community news, a new Artist of the Month competition kicked off yesterday, so if you are artistic or merely funny, come throw your best efforts into the pile and see who wins! The Gamerscore League has just passed 800,000 gamerscore earned, with Capn Doug leading the MVP chase at almost 45,000 gamerscore and See You At The Finnish Line leading the team competition with 99,400 gamerscore. The cross-site competition only gets updated stats on Sundays, but as of the latest update X360A was only 119 achievements ahead of PS3T. Very close competition, so check out this thread for the latest updates.


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