XBA & PST Full English Podcast – Episode 4: The One Where The Team Evolves Into An Isolated Alien

XBA & PST Full English Podcast – Episode 4: The One Where The Team Evolves Into An Isolated Alien

Written Monday, January 20, 2014 By Dan Webb
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Our podcasts are like buses… wait years for us to do one regularly and then 4 come along at once. Okay, not at once, but this is the third episode in the space of a week, effectively… well, it is if you’re a PSTer.

This is it though, everything is in place to do these regularly and get them turned around in a super quick time now. No excuses. This, for all intents and purposes, is the start of a new era, and the first time the podcast has been turned around in a matter of days making the content super topical – well, as topical as a fortnightly podcast can be.  The format that you’ll find in this podcast is effectively what you can expect now as the standard format. That said, we’ll have guests, do random things and what not, just to keep it interesting.

Enough about the future though, what are we talking about on this week’s podcast? Well, where do I start… we talk about Alien: Isolation after Lee’s hands-on recently, Castlevania 2 after Rich’s hands-on, we discuss the Evolve announcement, our most anticipated games, what we played over Christmas, about how Rich nearly got run over on the way to the podcast and more.

On the next episode we’ll be talking Titanfall, more on Evolve as Rich goes to check it out, and so much more. Episode 5 will introduce two new features as well, just to make things more interesting:

- Ask Us Anything – we take your questions at the end of the podcast, just tweet me (@_DanWebb) with your questions, with the hashtag #XBAPSTFullEnglish, and we'll select a few questions to answer on the next podcast.
- Our Bizarre & Random Video Game Facts – Each week for the forseeable future each of the team will present their random and awesome video game fact which you the users will vote whose is best. Loser gets a forfeit when the feature reaches its sell-by date. Simple as.

Thanks for your support thus far (and feedback), it’s been superb – so much so that in just over a week on iTunes we’re already 16th in the video game podcast charts. If you’ve not subscribed already, please do and don’t forget to rate and review us if you have the time.


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Comment #2 by DanFlyhight
Thursday, January 23, 2014 @ 07:55:59 PM
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@1 ....Really....? Really?
Audio quality is shit. But I like it nontheless

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Comment #4 by Zmoke
Saturday, January 25, 2014 @ 08:12:29 PM
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@3: Shhh! Don't reveal about it to everybody! :O


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